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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzeus, Sep 5, 2018.

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    • Moor Al-Malik

      Moor Al-Malik Starship Captain

      Great, I am looking forward for this awesome game! I think this game could be the next great game that Chucklefish has ever released!

      So, I have a question, does this game features a LAN multiplayer? A multiplayer where we play together from two or more PCs that are connected with LAN cable.

      By the way, happy birthday to SamuriFerret. And one more thing, I think the floran Greenfinger needs a wider mouth, like the other floran. No offense, but they look more like a regular oldman with a green skin and a beard made of leaves with a mouth like that, and not like a Floran.
      • Pythonx25

        Pythonx25 Space Hobo

        Soooo by finishing do you mean almost done because I've been following it since the trailer Nintendo put out and that was a long time ago and Guess I'm just wondering if we could expect it this month or next Month
        • Shadowfax5721

          Shadowfax5721 Yeah, You!

          Don't be silly, Python! they aren't going to answer a question about a release date!
          • Pythonx25

            Pythonx25 Space Hobo

            Worth a shot

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