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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by tigerfestival, Jul 22, 2022.

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    Long Story short, I'm trying to get custom dungeons to work by having them spawn on certain planets. One for Tundra planets and one for Ocean planets. One of the dungeons only spawned ONCE on a Tundra planet and will not spawn on anymore, meanwhile the dungeon spawns on the Ocean planet, I'm able to beam down onto the ocean planet and find the dungeon and fight the boss in the dungeon, but for some odd reason, I get beamed back to my ship, when attempting to beam down to another ocean planet with the same dungeon, which makes no sense since I was able to beam down onto an ocean planet with the dungeon on it. So I'm perplexed by this. Anyway here's my log and mod and hope someone is willing to help me out here....

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    ok first, please only have your mod enabled, it's confusing to tell which one are your mod errors.

    second, that dungeon crashing thing could be because your encountereyeboss has one of it's projectile files unreadable (an error) file is greendelayedplasmaball.projectile, the log says "should be ',' or ']' at 5:20" and I am assuming you know what that number means.

    third, the dungeon not spawning could be because the log says that there are duplicates of the objects you used for the dungeon in the files, were you trying to apply patches or something?
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    Thanks for your help, but I kind of squashed the problem by simply reducing the spawn rate of said dungeons, the beam ups still happen, just not as frequently as before. Thanks anyway though.

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