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RELEASED PREMADE MOD AND TUTORIAL 0ld/Homemade Ships as Main Ship/Modify Your Ship

Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by BobdaBiscuit, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. WickedWitch

    WickedWitch Big Damn Hero

    Glad you picked up on that, will have to take note when if I redo mine. :)
  2. Greasymullet

    Greasymullet Intergalactic Tourist

  3. BobdaBiscuit

    BobdaBiscuit Big Damn Hero

    Oh booger, will do.
  4. BobdaBiscuit

    BobdaBiscuit Big Damn Hero

  5. MonthOLDpickle

    MonthOLDpickle Void-Bound Voyager

    Anyways to host the pics at a different site? I think imgur hates Taiwan and the ONLY way I can see pics from there is if I go to their site..regardless on network or device I am on.
  6. BobdaBiscuit

    BobdaBiscuit Big Damn Hero

    Really sorry, this forum seems to hate my uploads and I don't have the time to get another host :(, try opening the thumbnails until one works.
  7. Jamber

    Jamber Space Spelunker

    Yeah, sure.
    The flares are still not there for me. It looks like the same thing except you moved the Tech/Printer panel.

    Update: My bad - I made a mistake on my part, flares works just fine. Anyways I saw a few graphical errors so I polished it up and hope that this can be the final version of the ship. Have fun :)
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/f6zswl6kwzgcmci/Jambers 3 Floor Human Ship BobdaBiscuit Fix.zip
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
  8. Rainshine

    Rainshine Poptop Tamer

    Hey all!

    I am currently working on given the Avians a bit bigger ship and though it still is a work in progress I would adore to give it a test.
    Sadly, my mind is shutting down at the moment and I cannot figure out in how far the ship image and the shipblock image fit together and would adore if one of you guys could help me with the blocks.

    Here's the ship, Lower section is definitely not final yet.


    thanks in advance
  9. WickedWitch

    WickedWitch Big Damn Hero

    Once you get the hang it it's rather simple.

    1 pixel in the dropshipblocks.png translates to 1 full block in game (with the exception of devices like the 3dprinter).

    Which is about 16x16 pixels visually.

    The minimum height require to characters to pass through a passage way, is 4 full blocks, which is 64 pixels.

    If you have a lengthy passage which you want to create the collision dimensions for in the dropshipblocks.png.

    Then measure the distance of pixels and divide by 16. If it comes up with a decimal like 7.1,
    then the passage way is slightly too large and will have a gap when you place blocks in game.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    Actually it's more like 8×8. Cos that's what the ship graphic uses. The game just renders twice as large.
  11. WickedWitch

    WickedWitch Big Damn Hero

    *sigh* I feel stupid now. Forgot that part, was just going to the screenies I had.
  12. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    Hey guys, I just thought of something that will improve the vanilla ship mods substantially.

    As you are all likely aware, the human is the only race that currently has more than one vanilla ship, (see the space-station and larger ship mod)
    Now, this is cool and all if you're human, but if you play another race you end up having to essentially install custom backgrounds which means it no longer works completely in vanilla.

    In my Sandbox ship mod, instead of giving the players ship assets, I instead only gave them a ship save file that they can rename and give to each character.
    I made sure my mod worked properly with races other than it is created with before releasing it.

    It just hit me while I was sipping coffee at my desk a moment or so ago.
    The .structure file is only used when creating a new character and doesn't get used as an asset at all with existing ships.

    Basically, I have a theory about the save-file system that I'd like someone to test for me while I'm at work. If I'm right, then you will be able to use ship from other races, including the larger human ships without having to install custom assets to the ship directory of the other races. (completely vanilla compatible of course!)

    Simply create a new character with the vanilla ship you want, Ei: A human with BobdaBiscuit's Space-station mod.
    Quit the game and go to the player folder, there you will see the ship save file named with that new character.
    You can rename this file so that it works with any character of any race.

    Gosh, I hope I'm right on this.

    (apologize in advance for typo's I didn't proof-read)
  13. WickedWitch

    WickedWitch Big Damn Hero

    This method works.

    Swapped Human with Hylotl ship, and vice versa.

    HyInHuShip.png HuInHyShip.png

    When you learn to save scum, you learn to Master the Universe!!!...of gaming.
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  14. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    Hell yes, this makes vanilla ship mods so much better.
  15. WickedWitch

    WickedWitch Big Damn Hero

    The possibilities of this game are endless, I just takes time and practice.
    Thanks to the devs coding the game in a relatively easy code language. The power is behind it's simplicity.
    Anyone can mods this game, even people like myself who have no to little experience or knowledge of coding language.
  16. BobdaBiscuit

    BobdaBiscuit Big Damn Hero

    While that works, it most likely does not work with blanket multiplayer support.
    What you can also do however is not use generic names for the image files, and put them all in each race folder, giving the game access to all modded assets, allowing you to use it in multiplayer with someone else even if you do not want to use the mod and they do.
    Also people are talking as if I didn't put the images into the Space Station one, I'm sure I did, can someone confirm?
  17. Rik

    Rik Industrial Terraformer

    It does work in multiplayer actually, when you overwrite you ship's savefile, it still is tagged with the original dropship.structure file which came from the human folder. So what race you play is completely irrelevant as the savefile draws from that asset folder rather than the folder of the race you're currently playing.

    I really see no need to have modded assets for each race when my method is far more efficient.

    Also, after reading your post, I get the feeling you misunderstand what I'm trying to say.
    I'm not talking about replacing anything in the assets/ship folder at all with the exception of the dropship.structure file, leaving all the rest of the original assets completely intact. Instead, you replace the SAVE FILE of the character's ship to that of the alternate human ship.
  18. Rainshine

    Rainshine Poptop Tamer

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  19. BlastRed

    BlastRed Spaceman Spiff

    Lost my shipship.png file while modding, can i have a download link please?
  20. NDroid

    NDroid Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been running into a problem.
    The ship texture doesn't line up the collisions (as expected), but whenever I change the x and y values for the image placement...

    "backgroundOverlays" : [
    "image" : "dropshipexample.png",
    "position" : [8, 10]
    "backgroundOverlays" : [
    "image" : "dropshipexample.png",
    "position" : [4, 7]

    -nothing happens! Everything is still where it was - in the wrong place...
    Do I absolutely need to make a new character for the game to recognize that the values have changed?

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