Prehistoric Mayonaise

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    -If you place an Egg into a Mayonnaise Machine, you get Mayonnaise.
    -If you place a Duck Egg in, you get Duck Mayonnaise.
    -If you place a Void Egg in, you get Void Mayonnaise.

    But if you put a Dinosaur Egg in, you just get regular Mayonnaise.

    Let's complete it all with Prehistoric Mayonnaise.

    Prehistoric Mayonnaise
    Artisan Goods
    An odd substance that resembles cement. Probably doesn't taste very well.
    -100 Energy

    Base Sell Price -
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    • Kurachi84

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      hahaha, that would be funny :)
      -100 Energy would fit, since it's not edible, i'm sure.... in reallife, i mean
      maybe the price would be 1000g max, but i wouldn't mind seeing it being 2500g
      i always keep 1 dinosaaur in the coop anyway, so once in a while when they produce one, i'm a lucky guy
      everytime i get the first dinosaur egg on each character, i put it in the coop's incubator, since it will produce one over time, and the first i get through that, goes to gunther... unless i found another one by chance

      if it's imbalanced (which i doubt, but many people use that word with each bit of "more money gained"), it could be like mixed seeds with the seed maker, and be a very small chance (1-5%) for dinosaur egg to become Prehistoric Mayonnaise (luck affects it?)
      also, since Caroline is the only one of the older grownups who dislikes mayonnaise, she should at least like this one
      and the dwarf should love it :rofl: maybe Krobus and the wizard too, since they are pretty old, i think

      anyway, i just had some variations of it, but if it's just like you said, it's ok with me.... it's just that some want "balance", which might be bad, so i gave some examples, before a "nerf price to 100g (or price of normal mayonnaise)" would show up

      i'd prefer your own way, but gave some ideas in case, that's all
      • SSShakuras

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        A chicken ( which is easy to access ) give an egg once a day which turned into mayo gives 190/285 g/day, which translate into a 1330/1995 g/week.
        A dino gives an egg per week, which translate to one mayo per week, so it wouldn't be anormal for it to be much more pricy than standard mayo.
        factorying that, i'd say something between 1500 to 2000 per mayo would be balanced, depending on how much the rarity of the dino is valued.
        • Zosa

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          i'd be down for it X''D
          • Kurachi84

            Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

            i didn't exactly know how long it takes them, but since it's like that, you are right
            then i wouldn't mind getting some more, extra money while using chicken eggs for cookings, sounds nice
            weekly eh? that's like getting pocket money.... was like that when i was a kid, just less, haha

            anyway, so i think it's safe to do, then :)

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