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WIP Precious Stones Mod!! ADDS ORES!

Discussion in 'Other' started by Jake.n, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Jake.n

    Jake.n Tentacle Wrangler

    Precious Stone Mod

    So, this mod implements more than just the stones themselves but creates (so far) three whole new ores. Now because I am not the best at pixel art (they will get nicer looking). I have had problems designing the next phase of this mod but I will explain that later on!

    So to start with I will tell you what I have added so far and then give you some ideas on when I plan to put these for download (will be later just working on weapons and stuff right now), so at the moment i have implement the spawning of Ruby, it will not spawn on the surface, neither will it spawn in the deepest part of the world but it will spawn in all other places. I have done the same as well for both Emerald and Sapphire!
    Now when these are mined they will give you their respective dust, i.e Sapphire Dust. This on its own, is useless. Howevern when you put 8 in a furnace you will get (at the moment) either a Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire depending on the dust you have put in there. Now I may change this at a later date and make it so that it will give you a shard and then you will combine 4 shards together, the reason for this I will explain now.

    So I plan in the near future to make weapons and armor sets for all three of these precious stones and I will be adding more as well. But I also want to give the ability to be able to harvest pixels slightly easier but still with the aspect of it being time consuming in mind. I will do this by allowing for the full precious stone to be put into the refinery to gain you some pixels just like you can with other ores.

    So now I will give you some other ideas as to what I want to do but for this, I may or may not need help.

    So I want to, in the distant future, be able to do a list of things:

    Add some techs such as Ruby shell, this will allow you to be protected from attacks however you will not be able to move while you do this. I also want to do something which will enable the user to be able to activate the tech and be able to give off light while in a cave.

    Second, (and probably the hardest) I want to implement the Precious Protector. He will be a golem-esque creature that will hit you with his fists and fire gem projectiles at you.

    Third, I want to be able to implement some dungeons such as a massive mine shaft that will have oil lanterns and other things in it too, this will enable an easier find of ores and such.

    Finally I want to be able to add decorative blocks to this, now i know this is a lot easier than the others and will most likely be done before the tech and the boss anyway but the idea of the tech and boss seem more appealing am I right? and im not the best at pixel art any way.

    (I also want to work on finding a more stable way of running the mod with less crashes)

    So I will leave you with three snaps of some quick ore veins I have found and will get back to work!!

    Suggestions are appreciated, as well as constructive criticism, but don't lay it on too thick. :)

    If you are good at pixel art and/or have any ideas on how to do the techs or boss please tell me down there!





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