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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by theforgottenone, Jun 16, 2014.

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    i was just wondering when pre ordering will be available if at all, and how much its gonna cost. also is there any bonuses planed. its only 3-4 months till fall depending where u live. i assume your going threw steam again in witch case i understand it may take sometime to sort out since they like doing things at their own pace. any sorta rough idea would be great
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      Yes, Fall of 2014 is the ETA for the beta release. The way it'll work is if you preorder the game you will get a beta key. This will all be through Steam as the game is already set up and working through Steam. How much that would cost would depend on the way they do it; if I knew at one point how they will do it I don't anymore, but the cost will likely be in the $10-15 or your native equivalent range. The only variance is if you wish to donate which is the part I'm not sure if they will implement; paying more for little goodies like Starbound did.
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