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    Hi everybody !

    So I don't have a lot of experience modding. I know how to mod dialogue and portraits in Stardew Valley, and I'm learning a little bit of C#?

    But I'm trying to make a functional crafting object, a pottery kiln that functions similarly to the furnace, and takes 5 clay as a starter and then 1 ore/mineral to determine the pottery produced.

    I asked for some pointers a while ago, and someone told me that what I was wanting to make was already made, and it was called "Ikebana mod" and was on Nexus mods. That was not what I wanted at all lol

    But anyway, I figured since they used the custom farming redux tool on Nexus mods to make their Ikebana mod, I could use it to make my pottery kiln mod.

    No! I have no idea how to use custom farming redux and I can't get anyone to help me.
    Honestly I probably don't have enough skill to even use this tool to make a mod, but it would be nice to at least be told that so I know for sure.

    I've already made all the sprites for the pots and worked out what it would require to make each one. I know the programming part is going to be harder than that but it was still a lot of work and I don't want to give up yet!
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