Possibly the Earliest Iridium (Legitimately) (Fishing) (Spring 8th 1st Year)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GrimmTroupe, May 27, 2018.

  1. GrimmTroupe

    GrimmTroupe Orbital Explorer

    So on Spring 8th, I decided I should level up my fishing skill. I saw a treasure chest, and decided to go for it.

    By complete luck, 1 iridium ore was in the chest. I thought "Wait, is this the earliest ore?" I found that someone found it on the first year of Summer on the second day, but mine is earlier.

    All I did to edit this photo was to add my name, nothing else more.
    When I recorded on that specific day to show proof of the year, it didn't show the year. So I decided to do it as soon as I could, the next day.
    I hope this is good enough proof.

    I'm not sure if this is the earliest ever, or if someone has gotten it earlier, but I just wanted to post this because it was interesting.

    Earliest Iridium Get (Year 1 Spring 8th).jpg
    • Git Gud Fox

      Git Gud Fox Star Wrangler

      That is definitely some early iridium. Ironically, it's only worth for a while will be literally for making a post about it as 1 iridium is not enough to have fun with.
      • GrimmTroupe

        GrimmTroupe Orbital Explorer

        It's still very early. I don't care if I can't use it, only the fact that I have it. I'll probably just get more later TO use it.
        • ladymurasaki

          ladymurasaki Star Wrangler

          Ship it. At least use it to fulfill your shipping achievement.
          • ShneekeyTheLost

            ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

            Yea, there won't be a need for iridium for a couple seasons yet, but hold onto it, because when the need for iridium does show up, you're going to need it in plenty, if you are wanting to save some cash and make the iridium sprinklers for your greenhouse instead of buying them one at a time from Korobus. So that'll be six iridium you'll be wanting pretty much as soon as your greenhouse unlocks (or maybe a seasons after it unlocks, if you are doing the fruit tree tactic).

            Still... kudos on your early iridium find! I think the earliest I got was when I had a meteor hit in spring, and I had to rush to an early summer Gold pickaxe to break it because it was right where I was wanting something else to go. So you got me beat by a full season.

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