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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by ToddAndChips, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Hi all (again),

    So I've been having a quick peruse of certain files in the assets directory in the hopes that I might be able to tweak the way some of the controls work. I'll explain myself below and everyone can marvel at how weird I am.

    I am a W jumper. Yes, I know, it's unnatural and I've been told before... but I just prefer W as my jump button. Just makes sense to my weird fingers I suppose.

    Now the issue that I have is this (and this might take a little explaining so bear with me):

    - W works fine bound as jump and move up when I'm on foot.
    - W and S are awkward to press together to drop through platforms, so Space is also bound to jump; this way I can press Space and S at the same time to drop through platforms.
    - All the above is completely fine, right up until I get into a mech, because the jump button (on foot out of mech) becomes the "airbrake" button in a mech, which overrides the "move up" command, thus meaning I can only fly sideways or downwards.

    So as it currently stands, my controls would be as so (perfect for when I'm not in a mech):

    Move up: W
    Jump: W, Space

    To use a mech I have to change the controls to this:

    Move up: W
    Jump: Space

    It's a bit irritating to do every time, and I've just been kinda dealing with it for now, but it really breaks up the pace of the game if I want to change between comfortable control sets. I've been getting really into modding and I thought maybe there's a way around it. However, I'm not sure if there's any way to sort of re-write any of the controls as they function, as I don't seem to be able to find relevant files within the assets. The closest I can find is the keybindingsmenu.config, which allows me to change what the menu looks and reads like. I've found the jump line in there, which is this
            "label" : "Jump",
            "action" : "PlayerJump"
    I'm just not sure if I can do anything with that...

    So my solutions (before knowing how possible or practical they could be) are this:

    1. Somewhere in some file presumably outside of the assets folder, add an extra bit of code that creates a command that functions as the mech airbrake, and separate that from the jump key as an entirely new bindable key (possibly impossible, definitely confusing, but I'd like to try if it's within reach). I say entirely new, but I can live without an airbrake and I don't really care for the 12 or so options of different facial expressions (or whatever I found down in the controls section), so it could replace one of those if needed.

    2. Make a mod that adds a little button somewhere on screen (even if it's within my inventory or something) which basically is a one-click shortcut to remove W from the Jump control keybinding (probably more doable but I'm not sure how to go about this). This could even be considered "control profiles" of sorts, so switching between profiles would work fine!

    3. Make a mod that detects whether I'm in a mech or not that automatically adjusts the control scheme based on this (seems a little far fetched and probably not possible, not experienced enough to know.).

    4. Learn to play the damn game with the damn space bar I suppose... :p

    I really would much prefer to avoid option 4, but if it is the only way I'll have to take it and just spend a while dying before I settle!

    Ideal solution would be if I was able to bind a separate button to airbrake, or even separate the way the airbrake "borrows" the jump command. This way, I could have jump AND move up on the same key, and then airbrake could be whatever else, thus allowing me to move freely on foot and in mech without any fuss!

    I know it's a bit of a long shot and it's probably such a trivial thing to be asking, but I figured it might present a nice challenge. And stuff like having to constantly open and adjust the settings takes about 10 seconds each time with the mouse lag and slightly clunky UI that Starbound has, which just kills game momentum for me.

    If anyone is able to help, please do let me know! (And if anything needs explaining better, don't be afraid to ask - it's late here so I'm having to force my brain to stay engaged!)

    Many thanks in advance to any willing folk.


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