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  1. SuperAnina

    SuperAnina Master Chief

    Hiya! Me and my boyfriend have been playing Stardew like crazy lately and were discussing a lot of things we love and would personally change about the game. Alongside things I see plenty of people post about like updates regarding children, cooking etc, there was something both of us personally would love to see a bit of expansion for.

    It's no surprise the villagers in Stardew Valley aren't all the happiest people in the world, like for example Lewis asking your character if his work is even worth it, or George's disability that clearly bothers him. A lot of characters have issues, big or small. But, unlike the issues with the marriage canidates, these aren't exactly 'fixable'.

    When you for example marry Sebastian he finally feels appreciated, or Alex who tells you he accepts the fact he won't be a great sportsman. The characters somewhat get their issues 'fixed'. But for other villagers this isn't the case. Of course that very thing has it's own 'charm' so to speak, but it leaves.. a hole in some way. I personally think it'd be very nice to have an update in which you can help the other villagers out more. For example, help Clint with his awkwardness, Sebastian and his stepdad with their uncomfortable relationship, Lewis with his loneliness (Perhaps something regarding him and Marnie?), Kent with his war traumas, Pam and her alcoholism, heck even Willy and his deceased father, etc.

    I'm not saying they have to become the happiest people with no problems at all, but more so events and sidequests and leave a feeling of satisfaction regarding the happiness of some of these villagers. Our character isn't some hero who can fix all there problems, surely not! But they could be a character to be there for the villagers and just hear them out and comfort them, marriage canidates or not. :)

    Sorry for the block of text! If anyone at all is curious to more ideas or whatsoever, feel free to leave questions, because we're bursting with ideas!
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    • Enlist Maru to make a walking exoskeleton for George.
      • SuperAnina

        SuperAnina Master Chief

        Haha that's not exactly what I meant, I don't mean fixing their problems, but more so events that show villagers showing more acceptance and peace of mind.
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        • Lintton

          Lintton Guest

          I would always love to see more events. I think the pace, along with the cutscenes and choices, are what make the villagers special. would I know just how many there shohld be per character? Nope, but I do know more can only flesh out some of the one hit wonders like Marnie and Caroline.

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