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Closed Possible stupid question from non-techy person.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Sim2k, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Sim2k

    Sim2k Big Damn Hero


    I pre-ordered Starbound many moons ago when I was living in a house with wireless super-fast crazy broadband, and was hoping that I would still be there when Starbound came out. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (baby) happening, I have now moved out, and will not be getting an internet connection for a long long time. (I'll still have internet via my phone so I'll be able to check up on you fellows on here though, making sure you're not getting up to mischief and such).

    Anyway my question is: When the game/beta is released will I be able to, say, take my netbook (which has no gaming ability whatsoever, just a word processing thing) to a family member/friend who has the internet, download my copy of Starbound, and transfer it over to my desktop at home that has no internet? Is that a possible thing to do?

    If not does anyone recommend another way of getting my copy onto my computer that will actually run it?

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but my brain is not good at this stuff! I really hope I'll still be able to get Starbound when it comes out.
  2. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Totally man, Starbound isn't 'always online'. Obviously if you want multiplayer you'll need either internet or some friends on your local network, but you can play the whole game offline if you so desire
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  3. aknot

    aknot Master Chief

    If you have a wireless network card in your desktop you could probably connect it to your phone and download it that way. Might be slow but it would work. Or instead of taking your laptop to someones house that has internet you could always take a flash drive and put it on that. Or a blank DVD.
  4. Metalsand

    Metalsand Industrial Terraformer

    Thats true, I forgot that modern phones can go into Ad Hoc mode. :O
  5. aknot

    aknot Master Chief

    Yep just download an app called Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Well that is what the android version is called not sure what type of phone you have. Or another way is talk to someone on here if you have friends that might be able to burn it to DVD as well.
  6. aknot

    aknot Master Chief

    However one thing I am not sure about with the way this game will do its verification. Some games need you to connect one time to register your code. Other games don't. So that might be another problem but that would be able to be solved with connecting your phone to your desktop.
  7. Sim2k

    Sim2k Big Damn Hero

    Yeah I was worried about the whole verification thing, because I was worried downloading the file and moving it around might mess with that whole thing. I forgot that phones could be modems! I have a windows phone though so its probably much harder to do than on other phones...
  8. aknot

    aknot Master Chief

    Just look in the windows app center (not sure what its called since I have android) for a program that does hotspot. And some games you only have to verify once and it puts a file in the main directory. Or some games don't even need an internet connection to register it can be done offline. All depends on how they do it.
  9. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie Cosmic Narwhal

    It's been stated that the game is going to be DRM free, so there won't be any kind of verification (as far as I know).
    So you'd be fine downloading it on your netbook and then transferring it to your desktop.
  10. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    You don't need a special app if you have a newer android, it should have the ability to broadcast wi-fi built in.
  11. aknot

    aknot Master Chief

    He has a windows phone.
  12. I think the only "verification" they were really considering was user identification for multiplayer servers so that, for example, if Tiy joined the server you'd know it was actually him and such.
  13. Sim2k

    Sim2k Big Damn Hero

    Ok, thanks guys I feel happier now knowing I'll still be able to easily get this game when the time comes :)
  14. DeadlyLuvdisc

    DeadlyLuvdisc Oxygen Tank

    No question is ever a stupid question, since questions are how we learn and learning is never a stupid thing to do.
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