Possible Factions and Commanders' passive, long list.

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    Hello everyone,
    just like everybody here, I'm very excited about this game. I found out about this game , about a week ago. I did play AW: Dual strike (my favorite) and AW: Days of the Ruin. I really enjoyed the former as the diversity was great with COs' passive (units would have different strength, with different bonuses that were available only to those COs. I thought, what if Wargroove had the same thing, so I wrote down some passives (while at work, it wasn't busy, I swear.) Let me know of what you guys think. Took me a long time to come up with a lot of these and try and balancing it out, would love to hear everyone's opinion.

    First of all, Factions would have the standard passive then their Commander's passive, I will sometimes put the TOTAL as such eg: Total = 10%.
    Attack= A , Defence = D , Movement = M

    [​IMG] Cherrystone Kingdom

    Faction bonus: All units gets + 5 % to Defence.

    Note: Looking at the faction as a whole, they feel quite armored and ready to hold down forts and such. It would fit them to have this Defence bonus.

    Mercia: Land units gets +10 % A but costs +10 % more. (+ faction bonus, +5% D )

    Loyalty: Swordsman and Pikeman don't get the cost penalty. It would still be 100 gold for a swordsman instead of 110 gold.
    eg; if you were to buy a knight it would have 110 % A, 105% D at the cost of 660 gold.

    Emeric: All units gets -10% to attack and cost -10% less. (+ faction bonus, +5% D )
    The reason I went for this passive with him is that I think him being a mage, he would lack combat knowledge and his army would suffer from that.
    eg; A swordsman would have 90% A, 105% D and cost 90 gold.

    Alchemist school: All Alchemists gets +10 % A and heals other units better by 5% (Total=25%), the heal ability costs 250 gold rather than 300 gold.

    Caesar: +5 gold per building a turn. ( Doesn't seem like much but it adds up, eg; you own 5 buildings, you get 25 gold a turn, nice!)

    Who let the dogs out? : Get a unit of Battlepup (strength of 5 out 10) after capturing any building (except buildings in the sea)

    Alpha Male: Battlepups, Harpies, Merfolk and Sea turtles gets +10% A.
    Note: I didn't want to give him strong passives, as his ultimate is quite strong.

    [​IMG] Felheim Legion

    Faction bonus: All units gets -10% A and -10% cost.

    Note: As you will see below, these guys will be slightly weaker, but cheaper, the reason is, some of the passives that I gave to their Commanders are quite nice compared to other Factions.

    Master Necromancer: -5% A and -10% cost (+ faction bonus, All units gets -10% A and -10% cost)
    Total = -15% A, -20% cost.
    Dreadsword, Dreadspear and Dreadbow regenerates 10% of Health a turn.

    Note: Valder is quite adept at using magic, it would make sense for him to be talented at raising the dead.
    Not a fighter himself, he lacks combat knowledge and gets a further Attack penalty. While the health regen seems overpowered, only 3 units have this ability and the entire army suffers a -15% A.

    Ragna: (+ faction bonus, All units gets -10% A and -10% cost)
    Raiders: Dreadsword, Dreadspear and Deepfolk lose the -10% A penalty and gets +5% chance to Critical.
    Note:Each units have certain conditions to meet to get a crit, with this passive, if you happen not to meet these requirements , you will get +5 chance to crit just by fighting normally.

    Pillagers: Only land units plus Deepfolk, can convert 10% of an enemies health into gold. eg: if a Dreadknight attacks and kills a Swordsman unit, the player would get 10% of the unit's cost, Swordsman cost 100 gold, Ragna gets 10 gold.

    Seafarer: All Sea units gets +1 M and don't get the -10% A penalty.
    Note: I feel like Ragna is the viking of Wargroove, I wanted to give her passives that reflects that. Pillager is great for aggressive players, getting income while fighting.

    Sigrid: (+ faction bonus, All units gets -10% A and -10% cost)
    All land units gets +8% to lifesteal, except for the hero, the extra health would be added as extra life to a maximum of 125%.
    Note: the lifesteal would only be unique to her army, this is great for her "feel", she gives vampirisms to all land units.
    Queen of bats: All bats gets +20% A and +1 M.
    Note: the +20% A looks huge, but actually with the penalty it's only 110% A, and this is her signature minion.
    Recycle: When you lose a unit (0 health), you get back 20% gold of that unit's cost.
    Note: while this seems a lot compared to Ragna's pillager, her army isn't as damaging.

    [​IMG] Floran Tribes
    Faction bonus: All land units gets +1 M, but get a penalty of -10 A% and - 10% D.

    Killing units (0 health) gives essences or fills up a percentage at Headquarters, once it fills up, the player will have a choice of summoning a land unit for free. By default the Slasher (warrior) will be selected, can be changed by the player, higher cost units takes longer to fill up.

    Greenfinger: (+ faction bonus, land units +1 M, -10% A and -10% D )
    Thorn: All land units have Thorn, deals back 5% of damage dealt before counter-attack (Defender) or after being attacked (Attacker). Thorn works on his ultimate.
    Note: While 5% doesn't seem like much, it adds up, on top of others attacking his ultimate. This is the only passive he gets as I think if he were to get more, he would get picked more than others.

    Nuru: (+ faction bonus, land units +1 M, -10% A and -10% D )

    Growth: All buildings are reinforced by +2 instead of +1 (normal for everyone is +1).
    +8 gold per building.

    Long Bows: Snipers gets +1 Range, but can't do criticals.
    Note: I think her ultimate is quite strong being able to summon a unit close to her, I gave her more supporting passives, rather than game changing ones.

    Sedger: (+ faction bonus,land units +1 M, -10% A and -10% D )

    Master Spy: All land units during combat gets +5% chance to critical. (similar to Ragnar's one)
    Connections: Air, land and sea transports can carry 2 units, but has a Total of 10 M, instead of the 12+1 Faction Move.
    War Ready: Instead of the -10% A and -10%D penalty, his land units gets -5 A% and -5% D.
    eg;A Slasher would have 95% A and 95%D instead of Nuru's Slasher of 90% A and 90% D.

    Note: Connections is great for him, as a spy he would know a lot of people and being able to transport 2 units instead of 1. Critical chance is quite low, but this gives a surprise to you and your opponents when it happens, just like getting stabbed in the back.

    [​IMG] Heavensong Empire
    Faction Bonus : All units gets +5% A, but costs +5% more.

    Note: Having that Samurai look, I think this passive is great for them, favoring offense over defense.

    Tenri: (+faction bonus, All units gets +5% A, but costs +5% more.)

    Protect the Empress! : Adjacent units to the Hero, gets +15% D.
    Note: As she is Empress, this would be a great passive to give her.

    Scientist: All upgrades takes 1 less turn to upgrade. ( What the ? What upgrades? If upgrades gets implemented into the game, this passive would work well with her.)

    Tactician: All ranged land units and Harpoons gets +5% A and +1 Range, but cost +15% more (Total = 20% cost).
    Eg; The Hawkbow would have 110%A (Faction plus this bonus) , +1 range and would cost 600 gold instead of 500 gold.
    Note: Tactician gives a great incentive to play her, and I think she would get picked just as much as the other two Commanders.

    Koji: (+faction bonus, All units gets +5% A, but costs +5% more.)

    Rich: Removes the +5% cost penalty, and upgrades are cheaper (if Upgrades ever come to the game).

    Mass Productions: Boats, Sea turtles and all air units are -15% cheaper , but do -15% A damage.

    Bamboo Street ( Wall Street) : HQ makes +15 gold a turn, if the player has more than 5 units.
    Note: The gold bonus really fit with his background, he has a lot of money coming from home.

    Ryota: (+faction bonus, All units gets +5% A, but costs +5% more.)

    Discipline: All Units gets another Attack boost of +10% A (Total = 15% A) and gets +5% D as well. but cost of all units are 20% more. This includes transport. (Expensive, ouch!)
    Note: his army is top quality but it comes at a price.

    Trader: If no enemy units are withing 5 squares of the Hero, he gets +25 gold a turn.
    Note: when he is not fighting, he is an expert trader. (Who knew?)
    The reason that he gets more gold than Koji, is that he is more likely to get into fights, and won't get the bonus as much. He will get gold at the start, or when he needs a breather.

    Ok, that's everyone done.

    I also have more ideas for land transport for all the Factions.
    I wanted to give transport another role, as in AW, I would often have the APC doing nothing, this could entice people to use them more. In AW, you could at least use them to give fuel and ammo, but in Wargroove it's just your everyday transport.

    Cherrystone: Heals adjacent units by 10% a turn, land units only, no Heroes, won't cost anything to heal.
    Note: 10% is low, and the player wouldn't just let 5 units idle.

    Felheim: Can create 1 unit of Dreadsword every 2 turns for the same cost as the barrack.

    Note: Dreadsword are the weakest units in the undead army, I thought this would go well with their image to have a lot of Dreadswords. It seems powerful, but if we look at an example, Turn1: Transport drops off a unit, Turn 2: Pay 90 gold, make a Dreasword, Wait 2 Turns, Turn 4, Pay 90 gold, make a Dreadsword. As you can see, it took 4 turns 2 make only 2 Dreadswords while still paying for the cost. (But I can just make more Transport, duh!)
    Well no, each army will have access to 1 Transport who can make Dreadswords, the next ones will be normal.
    It can have a coffin sticking out, to know which one it is.

    Floran Tribe: Can heal 1 Adjacent unit for 30% health a turn, but only has 3 charges, to recharge pay 300 gold.

    Heavensong: Their transport comes with an crossbow man, shoots the nearest unit within a range of 4, low damage and automatic. Shoots a unit after it drops off a friendly.

    Thank you for reading this much, let me know what you think. You can always change things here and there.
    It would give players a more meaningful choice. Sorry for any grammatical errors, wrote this in one go.

    Wargroove, woooohhhh!!
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      As much as I like passives, I think having so many layers would be a little overkill. Good game design is keeping things simple. So I'd say either just faction-wide passives, or commander-only passives as in Advance Wars.
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        I like how Days of Ruin did it, i'd favor that approach used in Wargroove instead, honestly.
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