RELEASED Portraits Mods by einari [41/41 ALL Villagers done]

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by einari, Mar 10, 2016.


I'm curious... Which Haley in my style do you use in game?

  1. Normal Haley

  2. Haley with less lips

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  1. einari

    einari Space Spelunker

    lol Thanks
    That's what I reaching for, I'm so happy I finally did it :nod:
    • radynaraya

      radynaraya Subatomic Cosmonaut

      awesome! Cute witch? wow, i cant wait it.
      • xnoirel

        xnoirel Big Damn Hero

        WELL DONE! Congrats!!! :rofl:
        • gotlnwza182

          gotlnwza182 Void-Bound Voyager

          Thank you
          • xnoirel

            xnoirel Big Damn Hero

            Did you rename Harvey's filename? It has to be just Harvey.xnb
            All the files worked fine for me, so I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the file itself.

            Edit: You have to rename the version you want, and replace the old file with it. Don't put the other "Harveys" in.
            • Savannah94

              Savannah94 Void-Bound Voyager

              Awesome job! Congrats on finishing this too!!!! These are by far my favorite set for sure.
              • Caudyr

                Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                That Maru without SO freaking cute...

                Also, I REALLY like this version of Haley.

                I'm so torn between this and the other "anime" style portraits mod sets done by Bunnerz, Lump/Space, and toonyoza (they're all using a similar style, heh).

                I might mix and match, since I like some of these better than theirs, and some of theirs better than these...might look a bit weird, though...with the mismatching styles and everything.

                SO TORN! =x

                Also, great job on the artwork! ^^
                • Cimeni

                  Cimeni Phantasmal Quasar

                  This is my favorite portrait mod and you don't know how happy I am to see that you've finished all of them. Everyone's done such a great job, I'm so happy to see all of these coming together.

                  *bows* I hope you continue to do such amazing work in the future.
                  • Caudyr

                    Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                    Here's hoping we see some awesome new characters from these artists once the ability to add new NPCs, areas, quests, etc. is put in (and not just modding the existing areas, etc.)! ^^
                    • numerodeux

                      numerodeux Space Spelunker

                      These are amazing. <3
                      • notsnufffie

                        notsnufffie 1.506591884928...

                        Holy molly! You did all of them! Amazing!! Your art style is super cuutee!! You make them all so adorable!! <3
                        • Ingway

                          Ingway Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          One minor thing. I kinda want to turn Jody and Harvey around so they face left, everyone else faces to the left except for then and it's kinda bugging the hell out of me for some reason. What program can be used so i can turn then around and repack then into xnb files? Or maybe you could do it if you don't mind?

                          Sorry for bothering.
                          • bouffie

                            bouffie Void-Bound Voyager

                            I love your art style! thank you for taking the time to make all the portraits for the villagers!! <3
                            • Walknoot

                              Walknoot Tentacle Wrangler

                              Amazing drawings!!! :)
                              I loved all the portraits
                              And already used in my game, nice work ^^
                              Like all villagers style, but I was wondering if you could change the color of Maru's hair to brown? (like her sprite in game), can keep the glasses xD
                              Please =)

                              Obs: Poor Robin with her sleepy-face (just kidding)

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                              • einari

                                einari Space Spelunker

                                Thank you you all for supporting me! I'm so happy, Your comments mean so much to me :love:
                                @Ingway - Ok, I'll flip Harvey and Jodi but I have something to do first so please wait tomorrow ^^
                                @Walknoot - Oh, OK I'll try change her color :kawaii:
                                • buttification

                                  buttification Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Your art style is beautiful ^_^ I especially adore how cute Penny looks, and I'm super glad that Harvey has options, his mustache was annoying me, I just can't stand facial hair xD but awwww Penny! A more natural haired Maru would be amazing (try google image search Amandla Stenberg because her hair would be perfect, but in a colour that matches the sprite, maybe darker at the roots or something? Iunno), wouldn't need a glasses-less version, just something I'd love to see though since her dad appears to have more natural hair, although I'm not sure how difficult that'd be. Speaking of, maybe darker skin on Demetrius, closer to his sprite and a more obvious curl to his hair. Either way, still using these they're absolutely lovely, thanks for sharing!
                                  • Zenri

                                    Zenri Space Spelunker


                                    thanks for your amazing portraits!!! <3
                                    • mazdaspeed

                                      mazdaspeed Big Damn Hero

                                      Thank you. I love this mod !!
                                      • angelto

                                        angelto Intergalactic Tourist

                                        Lovely <3 Thank you
                                        • skomega01

                                          skomega01 Tentacle Wrangler

                                          umm Einari sensei, do you take request ? i rly like your arts style, but if i may request

                                          could u add another version of Abigail ? maybe like "Slimmer" version of her and maybe add some age to her, i think the current abigail looks kinda too young.

                                          thank you, by the way great job u did there rly..

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