Story (Poorly illustrated): Winter Customs Over The Galaxy

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  1. By a strange coincidence, almost every species in the known space have some traditional winter celebration, festival, or holiday. Let us observe the most famous of them.

    (Note: All of the following entries are the result of the author's sick imagination and can not be regarded as a canonic lore.:))







    (As you may know, Engrish is not my native lang, so if you spotted some error or incorrectness, feel free to notify me:alien:)
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    approve of festivity
    one single day
    door, giving presents to obedient children and taking away
    hope this helps
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  3. Thank you, kind Mr./Ms. I.N.Cognito!:D

    Also, an update!:V
  4. Another update[​IMG]
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    ...There's one :lod:

    ...Yes I know that was a joke...
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    This is awesome! Probably my favorite. Keep up your good work, Blind Sniper! :DD
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  7. Thank you guys for all your support!:)

    Here's the last major update, maybe I'll be slightly inactive till next year;)

    Merry Christmahannakwanzaakuh to all!:lolwut:
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