[Poll] Your favorite spouse (female)

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Who is your favorite marriage candidate?

  1. Abigail

    58 vote(s)
  2. Haley

    54 vote(s)
  3. Leah

    52 vote(s)
  4. Maru

    22 vote(s)
  5. Penny

    56 vote(s)
  6. Emily

    21 vote(s)
  1. Jack Of Shades

    Jack Of Shades Pangalactic Porcupine

    That's a deal breaker for sure. I enjoyed Abigail's heart events.
    • Lilliput

      Lilliput Oxygen Tank

      I'll just take Leah off your hands, madame. I'm willing to bear the burden, no, no, you needn't thank me, it's my willing sacrifice. Think nothing of it. :poke:
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      • ellindsey

        ellindsey Space Spelunker

        Leah is thoroughly awesome, and if I wasn't planning to marry Abigail, I'd marry Leah. I'm also fond of Maru, but I think she has a bright future ahead of her working for whatever the equivalent of NASA is in this world.
        • Jerev

          Jerev Pangalactic Porcupine

          That's what I never understood: why is marrying you considered the kiss of death for all ambitions or life dreams of some spouses? Especially for Maru and Alex. In my opinion for Maru it must be a good thing to marry a super rich farmer who can fund her research so that she doesn't have to work at the clinic and focus more on her research.
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          • Minimanta

            Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

            I don't get that either. You don't have to work on a farm or be a stay-at-home spouse just because you married someone with a farm. You can have a life and a carrier outside of the farm too. Easily.
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            • Fuzzyman

              Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Divorced Penny. She then goes to zero hearts and is labeled as, "ex," as opposed to, "spouse." While an ex will refuse to speak to me. I forgot to try to give her a gift but presume she wouldn't accept. Then go to the witch's cave for the amnestic event and after that she will speak to me, accept gifts and no longer has the label of, "ex."
              • Venatio777

                Venatio777 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                I was torn between Abigail and Leah. So then I asked myself, theoretically speaking:

                "If my male farmer were drafted to fight in the war between the Ferngill Republic and the Gotoro Empire, which spouse would be most able to take care of the farm, your kid, and herself?"

                For this, I am assuming none of the potential spouses are particularly interested in planting whole fields for a harvest - they are not a farmer like you. I mean, they can become a farmer like you (Mr. Ex-Joja Employee) but for the sake of this post we are looking at what they do in the game. And yes, for this exercise I am assuming the farmer is male unless the Ferngill Republic is really into gender-equality and has the draft for women as well.

                For me, in this lineup, the answer is Leah - with Maru coming in a very close second. Both have trades and skills that would allow them to pay the bills in your absence. In Leah's case she is an artist and sculptor who can sell her works for good money. She is also a hard-worker and likes the outdoors so she could at-least take care of the farm animals on the side and tend to any trees you planted to supplement her earnings.

                Maru is an avid intellectual who was able to make
                a freaking robot with little in the way of funding or resources (unless she was selling all the gifts you were giving her to do it). She also had a job in town as a nurse, but not even the sky is the limit since the robot she made in her cellar could step outside and blast off into space!
                That said, I don't see her being very interested in maintaining the farm (at-least not more than Leah).

                As for Abigail, I would put her third on such a list. She's a hard worker (also takes care of the animals and farm like Leah) but otherwise the only other useful skill she brings to the table is her adventuring prowess. Which is to say she gets better with a blade and occasionally sells monster loot. Not the most ideal alternative if she were rendered a single parent left in charge of a farm however....

                But that's my take on the matter. Do you think this criteria is proper?
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                • ViolentOtter

                  ViolentOtter Aquatic Astronaut

                  My vote still goes to Leah. I love her artsy personality. I love Abigail's purple hair, which initially drew me to her, but her personality just wasn't anything special compared to Leah's (That's my opinion at least). A lot of people seem to love Penny, too. I felt that Penny's personality was a little flat, honestly, but she really is a sweetheart. I'm also probably just insane to read so much into these characters.
                  • Sky2020

                    Sky2020 Space Hobo

                    For me it's Haley. Originally married Leah as I heard she was a popular choice and I liked that she had her own cabin. She seemed really independent. However, I didn't like that her 10 heart event was basically about meeting her Ex. and I didn't like that after we got married most of the food she gave me was all wild forage or a salad... so I divorced her and wiped her memories HAHAHA

                    Haley for me is literally the southern bell in the game. Pretty, blonde, and after you get to know her she loves working on the farm. She's also into photography and made her own dark-room so shes obviously pretty smart too. She cooks high quality food for you that actually has some bonuses and is always at the form so you know where she is. I kinda imagine if she were real shed be making a catalog or Instagram full of photos of life on the farm making us famous As for the rest of the choices, Emily seemed a bit too out there for my taste. Abigail has a lot of the same interests as me but I've always been more drawn to people who are completely different. Penny seems nice but doesn't really grab my attention. Maru is smart but lives so far away that making the pilgrimage to give her strawberries gets old.
                    • Corylea

                      Corylea Void-Bound Voyager

                      Wow, not a lot of love for Maru here. Huh. She's brilliant and kind, plus I love geeky girls. Well, you can all go chase after the pretty ones, if that's what you want; I'll take the brainy girl every time!

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