[Poll] Who did you marry/plan to marry?

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Who did you marry/plan to marry?

  1. Alex

  2. Elliot

  3. Harvey

  4. Sam

  5. Sebastian

  6. Abigail

  7. Haley

  8. Leah

  9. Maru

  10. Penny

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  1. Godot

    Godot Big Damn Hero

    Saying that they lose their personality would go too far, I think ...
    I married Abigail ... she still has her Guinea Pig and cares for it (often getting up early to feed it)
    and she often say she loves it on the farm ... she also still likes to eat everything I give her as present :D

    What she doesn´t do anymore however is, going out to paly flute (at least I didn´t observer doing it anymore ... although, on some days she just seemns to be gone during the day ... maybe at these times she actually goes and plays flute) ... and she also doesn´t do videogames anymore (although her game console is part of the things she took with her).
    • Micarus

      Micarus Space Hobo

      It was actually those two scenes (video game and duet) that reeled me in. The graveyard scene was even more awesome. It seemed to set up a lot of things that you could do with her and made her fairly different from the rest.

      If the spousal activities get expanded on in the future, I'll start a new game and choose her.
      • Caudyr

        Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

        Heh, yeah. Penny still does her tutoring/teaching (though she doesn't appear to go and do the bench sitting she used to do). I imagine Maru probably still works at the doctor's office on tues/thurs. Haley and Leah didn't have "jobs" beforehand (Haley being who she is and Leah being a sculptor so it's still something she can do from where she's at in your home).

        However, Abi appeared to have the most potential (at a glance, that is) for things that could be done post-marriage. I'd definitely pick her if even SOME of those things could still be DONE (heck, just being able to play flute/harp with her again, even if it's on your front porch, would be awesome, heh) post-marriage.

        As it stands, though...I'd probably pick Leah, heh. I like girls like her, as well. :3
        • M.Car

          M.Car Space Penguin Leader

          I really liked Sebastian's character arc. If you haven't done it I won't spoil it for you but;

          I love how at first he's always telling you how he's saving up to leave, working on his coding and feeling like his JOB isn't respected by his friends or family. Then you find out he's pretty handy with a wrench when you find out he has a motorcycle, and he offers to take you for a ride one day.

          It culminates beautifully, where he finally makes good on that offer and in doing so admits that he used to see the city as an opportunity, but now it feels like he's pulling away from what's really important. And he admits that he has some pretty strong feelings for you.

          He also gets so mushy and adorable if you give him a bouquet, like jeez he's so closed off from everyone and then he acts like a kitten around you. He's just so sweet when you're dating... :)

          Then you marry him and his dreams seem to die as he hangs out on your farm and... I don't know, reads books? You never see him on the computer anymore, I'll tell you that much!
          • Jumboshrimp

            Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

            Poor Harvey, no one likes him, is it the mustache? :p
            • meatpardle

              meatpardle Star Wrangler

              Pretty much yeah
              • spring_onions

                spring_onions Master Chief

                That's definitely NOT from a post-apocalyptic game. Does your dog wear a certain kind of armor?
                • Jumboshrimp

                  Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

                  No, I'm still waiting to buy some dog armors for 4.99 dollars.
                  • spring_onions

                    spring_onions Master Chief

                    I believe dollars won't be accepted; you'll need caps.
                    • Enilorac

                      Enilorac Master Chief

                      Harvey is the cutest.
                      But I was between Leah, Elliot and Harvey.
                      • Trifoilum

                        Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

                        After some internal roleplaying I think I'lll pick Alex as it is.
                        • gilwing

                          gilwing Master Chief

                          Maru is love, Maru is life. I was originally choosing between her and Abby but Maru completely won me over with the stargazing cutscene, goshhh. If I had known Leah was an artist I probably would have gone after her too, but she looks so similar to Jodi and she was never around so I kept confusing the two and didn't realize she was romancable lol.

                          Thankfully I don't think marrying Maru is as personality-destroying as some of the others, even though I can definitely tell when shes reciting vanilla spouse lines. She gets up early most mornings to stargaze and hopes you don't mind if she works on her own projects that day, and of course she still goes to work. It's really cute when you walk in during her shift and she's like "Hi honey <3"

                          Sims is probably the only other life simulation type game I've played that lets me be my gay self in it, Stardew makes me so happy ahhhh
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                          • Jumboshrimp

                            Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

                            I can never see Maru in a romantic light, she's just too "pure" and little sister kind of way to romance. At best, there is a kiss on the cheek rather than full on make out like other romance or have sex in bed with Sam.
                            • Llamatic

                              Llamatic Space Hobo

                              I married Elliot ≧◡≦ It was a long hard journey considering I wasnt allowed into his house for a while. But i waited outside, like a stalker does, and it all worked out. We havnt had kids yet though. I liked Sam but him and all the other bachelors are very "teen" to me, and Elliot was more manly. I think if i do another playthrough ill try Sam though. Hes nice.
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                              • Jumboshrimp

                                Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

                                To be fair, Harvey is the oldest one out of everyone, and he's very cute as well. He's scared of height but want to go on an air balloon with you because he feels more brave and confident with you around, he hangs tight to you the entire time while on the balloon was pretty cute as well. I'm into jerks, so I married Alex, but Harvey was pretty adorkable as well, so maybe I'll make another file for him once he release more contents for dating and marriage. I'm a bit sad that Harvey was so unpopular though, moreso than Elliot.
                                • Croaker5

                                  Croaker5 Space Hobo

                                  really wondering why do people like abigail? And here i thought that i was the only weird one..
                                  • Lil' Mini

                                    Lil' Mini Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Elliot is more manly eh? What you need is a bachelor with a beard. To bad there isn't one, I would dump Leah for a beard anytime. :viking:
                                    Speaking about beards, even though you are a lass, you wouldn't know if there's some sort of fertilizer for my chin do you? :cry:
                                    • Godot

                                      Godot Big Damn Hero

                                      She is Goth, she likes computergames and swordfighting -> every geeks dreamgirl ;)
                                      • Tamorr

                                        Tamorr Supernova

                                        Well... for myself she reminds me of me to some extent, almost too much. Adventurer, Gamer, and quite quirky weird (Gonzo).

                                        I am sure there are more things of her that I don't know yet that will set apart and be different from myself, but is what I have seen so far; since I am after Leah with my first character. :nurutease:
                                        • Llamatic

                                          Llamatic Space Hobo

                                          I thought Harvey was pretty neat too! Hes a doctor which is niceee. But the way he looks when he walks around just weirds me out xD An air balloon date sounds pretty awesome though.

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