[Poll] Who did you marry/plan to marry?

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Who did you marry/plan to marry?

  1. Alex

  2. Elliot

  3. Harvey

  4. Sam

  5. Sebastian

  6. Abigail

  7. Haley

  8. Leah

  9. Maru

  10. Penny

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  1. Lanx12

    Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

    Hmmm Well I like all the girls but my main gal is Leah But you know playing the feild and all I got all 5 on their own saves :p for the gals at least
    • spring_onions

      spring_onions Master Chief

      I plan to on my next playthrough. I was already married when I was made aware of this possibility.
      • sim2016

        sim2016 What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

        Alex, felt sorry for him after the cut scene about his dad and i love his grandparents. Don't get the fascination with shane, he's far to moody lol
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        • Sevidra

          Sevidra Existential Complex


          You clearly haven't been to the Northern Kingdom in Vermont....
          • Sevidra

            Sevidra Existential Complex

            Lol you finally gave up on Penny, eh? *tease* :)
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            • Kaperoo

              Kaperoo Space Hobo

            • Tamorr

              Tamorr Supernova

            • Dougl07

              Dougl07 Pangalactic Porcupine

              You homewrecker, how could you?
              Also, notice that Demetrius is at 0 hearts.
              • FayeSynthe

                FayeSynthe Space Hobo

                Elliot was my first choice, and so far the best, ive had 3 playthroughs, with sebastian and sam, but elliot best and hottest, long nicely kept hair <3 yumm and plus hes all romantic, the only hate i have w elliot is when he complains about my house being cluttered which he does alot, he gets no duck feathers that morning:( wonder what he does with all them feathers anywho. i found out tho even though you edit out leah as his love interest he still hangs with her at every partay:( so yeah Elliot all the way:D hes slightly stuck up seeming at first cause hes so hard to shop for at the beginning, but he is pretty awesome, Sebastian nearly never cooks for me or waters crops or anything, so myeah hes a dud, and despite popular opinion on his looking goth, i think he does rather look more emo than goth, but myeah. And Sam never friggin gets out of bed to do anything.

                and well uber plus Elliot looks so very much like my irl bf:D so yay:D
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                • Tamorr

                  Tamorr Supernova

                  Probably the feathers are for making a quill? maybe... Then begs the question how much squid he gets for the ink, then again ink can be from many things. :nurutease:
                  • Kaperoo

                    Kaperoo Space Hobo

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                  • Tamorr

                    Tamorr Supernova

                  • Aurora Paradox

                    Aurora Paradox Astral Cartographer

                    Right now its a toss up between Leah and Penny.
                    • RobertRevenge

                      RobertRevenge Pangalactic Porcupine

                      Abigail, because she's such a cutie patootie
                      • SmaugBaggins

                        SmaugBaggins Existential Complex

                        I love Sam and i love Leah so i am bipolar in popularity i guess :rofl:
                        • Rhuenkun

                          Rhuenkun Void-Bound Voyager

                          Before I even started playing, my intention was to go for Haley. Yeah, she's snobby and irritating, but I really liked the idea of her loosening up and starting to fall for you. I also considered Sebastian because he sounded like he had one of the better story lines.

                          After playing through two seasons and basically trying to raise everyone's hearts, I'm very much leaning towards Alex now. He's the only boy I can ever find, and his whole thing about living with his grandparents really touched me. His grandparents are even some of the highest on my list! I didn't want to follow the Abigail trend, but she's my second highest, and I'm kinda liking her, too.

                          As for non-marriage candidates, I started liking Shane, too. There's something about him personality wise that's really interesting to me! I would also marry Emily in a heartbeat if she ever became available! I personally like her A LOT better than her sister!
                          • M.Car

                            M.Car Space Penguin Leader

                            Playing a guy, am a guy.

                            Initially I was gonna go for Sebastian, but then I couldn't decide between him, Sam, and Alex. I feel like Alex just needs some sympathy and love. Sam is just freakin' adorable and a bit of a dork, whose love of pizza rivals my own. But in the end I picked Sebastian, because his love of board games and general attitude about life more closely meshed with my own. Little squicked that he smokes, and I will admit it's what initially made me falter, but he seems to have quit now that we're married. A little bummed I didn't get to be with Sam though, if only because his dad's military and now I can't stop picturing Sam in a uniform.

                            • Trifoilum

                              Trifoilum Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Somewhere between Alex and Harvey.
                              Elliott just doesn't ...make me interested, and Sam and Sebastian..I just want to help them in life and be bros with them.

                              Alex gets the lust and Harvey gets the cuddlelust-- but at 8 hearts:

                              Alex's pro goals just sound......uh, dude, I want to stay in Pelican Town forever and I don't want to trap you in a life you don't want, kay? I know once we get married he'll be happy and all marital bliss and such but I cannot help but think "UH I AM HINDERING YOUR GOALS HERE, YOUR GOALS THAT YOU CLUNG ONTO AS A WAY TO COPE WITH YOUR BAD CHILDHOOD".
                              But at the same time I cannot help but feel Alex has missed his time to shine and I just feel bad about it (he probably should go to a bigger town much earlier) so maybe it won't matter much?
                              And yes, it's based on lust. Which is....I'm afraid it will be fleeting.
                              But compared to Harvey I feel like he opened up better (in fact I think Alex opened up and grew the most between all Bachelors-- perhaps second only to Sebastian). And he's definitely more.....attached to me?
                              But what if he ends up going pro? Will it remain that way?

                              With Harvey... I think he's already stable and comfortable and it's appealing. A lot.
                              And his struggle is much more relateable and down to earth.
                              but also...at 8 hearts and it feels like a lot of his events felt like me stumbling and seeing-- and not -telling-.
                              It doesn't feel like I'm involved in his events in contrast to Alex (and Sam, and Sebastian)
                              And I really don't think marrying is the best solution to his problems....hmm.

                              POLYAMORY!?!? dundundundun

                              I'm definitely thinking too much about this.
                              • Micarus

                                Micarus Space Hobo

                                Hmm, from this thread, if I am to understand correctly, it would appear that the candidates lose their personalities after marriage?
                                I was gonna go for Abigail (I don't care if I'm on a bandwagon. She eats everything I give her, has weird dreams, and plays instruments with me in the rain... plus graveyards... I think the only cutscene I didn't like was the last one...)

                                However, now I think I will go with my original intention for Alex.
                                I also noticed I could give bouquets to as many people as I wanted...
                                Is there some sort of drawback to doing that?
                                • Jumboshrimp

                                  Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

                                  I got married to Alex, I like dumb musclehead, and I named my dog Danse, my horse MacCready, and our first adopted kid was named Shaun. Not sure where I got these named from. :p

                                  I don't like Sebastian, not a fan of long haired and emo, Elliot has the long hair, and I hate long hair, Sam looks like a porcupine, Harvey is cute, so I was a bit torn between him and Alex, but I choose Alex since he was pretty sweet about how he was going to take care of me once he goes pro.

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