[Poll] Who did you marry/plan to marry?

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Who did you marry/plan to marry?

  1. Alex

  2. Elliot

  3. Harvey

  4. Sam

  5. Sebastian

  6. Abigail

  7. Haley

  8. Leah

  9. Maru

  10. Penny

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  1. Zebles

    Zebles Seal Broken

    I was in the same boat as Maiden's Tear. I wanted to go for Penny ;n;

    Instead, I went for Elliot or Leah but I'm leaning towards Leah now.
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    • Indigo Rose

      Indigo Rose Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Abby is clearly old enough that no-one in town is surprised or bothered about her getting married. Also old enough that she doesn't run into any problems adopting a child. So whatever age she is, she is clearly of legal age as far as the laws of the Ferngill Republic are concerned. Honestly, the one I kind of wondered about is Maru. Maru seriously looks like 14 or something, and it's reasonable to assume she's at least a few years younger than Sebastian, given their family dynamic. But since the above logic covers her as well, I don't really mind much.
      • Nazja

        Nazja Pangalactic Porcupine

        She's also working as a nurse, so... yeah, I'm pretty sure that they're all supposed to be around your age, with the doc being the oldest.
        • christhekiller

          christhekiller Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I gotta admit, Maru had me as soon as we went through her telescope event tbh
          • Afterscore

            Afterscore Weight of the Sky

            I wasn't planning on marrying anyone. I asked my girlfriend to pick one for me and she picked Abigail. Now I have to kiss Abby every morning or she gets mad at me.

            10/10 just like real life.
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            • DiscoJer

              DiscoJer Intergalactic Tourist

              Maru, though I kind of feel guilty because as her father points out, she's really, really bright and probably would have a better career than simply being married to a farmer.
              • vDominai

                vDominai Tentacle Wrangler

                Originally intended to go for Abigail, then somehow ended up romancing Penny.
                • k8bit

                  k8bit Seal Broken

                  Sebastian on my main file. I can relate to a guy who spends all day cooped up on his computer. :p

                  Possibly Elliott on my male file, I dunno.
                  • Star Girl

                    Star Girl Big Damn Hero

                    I plan to marry Sebastian, he's the only one I can relate to.
                    9/10 hearts so far.
                    • Incendax

                      Incendax Lucky Number 13

                      The game is... a little funny about that.
                      On one hand, you are apparently old enough to 1) Have an office job. 2) Get married. 3) Own property. 4) Rock a full crazy man beard. 5) Have worked long enough at your office job to grow miserable with it.

                      On the other hand, everything else in the game acts like you are a plucky 16-18 year old. Including making most of your dating options be teenagers. (Older options = Harvey/Leah. Middle Options = Elliot/Haley. Then the teenagers).

                      Shane/Emily are mysteriously missing and obvious contenders. I wouldn't even mind having Wizard/Sandy or Linus/Pam. Or Krobus. Krobus would be hilarious.
                      • Ghostly Fox

                        Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                        So basically he acts like most parents when it comes to their child's suitor never being good enough? Because, to be honest, the PC can get to the point they are makings hundreds of thousands excess funds they don't have to put back into the farm- which would realistically mean they would probably be quite happy to give Maru money to buy supplies to experiment and invent to her heart's content. I mean, yeah that's not shown in game, but there's nothing to say that you can't assume that is how things would go, if it is what you want. Compare to what work and thus pay/funds gets currently- a few hours at a clinic in very unpopulated village- and regardless of PC humble occupation, they would have the means to give her a much better boost to sate her desires than what she was working with prior.

                        Actually, for all of the love interests, financially speaking, marrying the PC seems to be a benefit for all the romanceab!e characters. Breaking it down leads to something like this:
                        Completely Unemployed: Haley
                        Student: Abigail
                        Volunteer Employment: Penny*
                        Freelance Employment, Infrequent Pay: Leah, Elliot, Maru**, Alex
                        Freelance Employment, Frequent Pay: Sebastian, Penny*
                        Structured Employment, ≤ 15hrs/week: Sam, Maru**
                        Structured Employment, ≥ 15hrs/week: Harvey

                        *I don't interact with Penny enough to know if she receives some form of payment for her tutoring and supervision of the children. If she doesn't receive pay, it can be assumed that she and her money live off a system set up either by the town or a larger government body. Though, unless the government permits the purchase of alcohol (and thus other drugs) using their equivalent of financial aid, there would have to be some kind of cash flow into her household for Pam to sustain her habit.
                        **Maru, as far as I can tell, is the only dual-employed citizen of Pelican Town.

                        From what I've read and played, Haley and Sebastian seem to be in the best financial situation, with Abigail and Elliot maybe being the next best off. In fact, it seems that the character who works most (Harvey, who according to my math has a work amount of 30hrs/week) seems to be in one of the lower financial excess brackets due to the cost of operation versus the amount of patients and illness and injury among said patients.

                        So all of the LIs could be said to actually benefit from marrying the PC, if only in the finacial department, despite Demetrius' artempts to guilt trip the PC. As long as you can stretch your imagination to side-step the issues with how CA handled post-marriage life, you can pretend that the PC would fund their spouse's hobby/career, or at least not stop them from participating in it.

                        (Apologies for any incoherence and/or typos, as I am currently very sleepy. Or general "what in the name of hell is this guy blathering about" feelings. If it is really that awful, I'll edit and review it after some sleep, once I actually manage the sleep thing.)

                        Edit: In regards to the PC's age despite their back story, it could be that the minimum age for being allowed to work could be much lower than the age than we assume. For all we know, Joja Corporation could hire people as young as the years old.
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                        • caggles

                          caggles Space Hobo

                          Abigail's a sweetheart and I was gonna go for her, but then Sebastian showed me his motorcycle :p
                          • OriSein

                            OriSein Orbital Explorer

                            Originally planned on marrying Penny, I loved her story and goals, very modest but extremely important. Then I met Leah (honestly didn't know she existed until I saw her in the saloon :speechless:) And with Leah, I saw a mod that changed her sprite and portrait to one of a fox-ish girl. Absolutely went nuts over it, because it reminded me too much of Spice & Wolf. :rofl: So that ended up being my choice.
                            • idiotequed

                              idiotequed Aquatic Astronaut

                              I always go for the dudes with glasses. On a related megane note, I was also tempted by Maru (esp after that telescope event!), but I also feel badly about her life being derailed by it. Like, especially while the current state of marriage reduces the spouses so much. (Though I haven't married Harvey yet, I assume he still goes to work as the town doctor... I hope... otherwise I guess I need to have some compunctions about that.)

                              I was actually surprised by how much I liked Elliott as his events go along. I've only seen two, but my interest is way up. I think I've seen three for Sam, by virtue of a hella sweet birthday gift, but even at six hearts it's hard to get interested. He's nice, but I only felt anything from the one about his dad & Vincent. Thus far, I'm a little disappointed that overall, the girls seem to get more romantic events sooner -- like Harvey was just doing aerobics at six and Sam skateboarded, while Maru showed me her telescope and Abigail and I had that duet at *four*, and you can watch a movie with Penny at six.

                              Granted, the latter two aren't necessarily romantic (and I'm wondering if I somehow got Maru's eight heart event at six instead, since that seemed like, really romantic?? I cheated and checked the wiki and I haven't gotten the shock event, which would ostensibly be less romantic, and I had six hearts not eight...), but at least so far it seems a little uneven.
                              • grand ssspace hunter

                                grand ssspace hunter Void-Bound Voyager

                                at first i couldnt decide between Abgail and Sebastian for goth reasons, but i really like Leah and Maru, and also im sort of tempted to go for Elliott. i guess theres no rush tho, and i'm trying to avoid using the wiki too much so itll take ages for me to get enough hearts for anyone
                                • spring_onions

                                  spring_onions Master Chief

                                  Married Leah because I like her reason for moving to Stardew Valley.
                                  Didn't care much for Haley because she's a valley girl and I don't like her, Penny was too depressing and she's always sulking somewhere (we're good friends though, 8 hearts), Maru and Abby didn't appeal to me just because.
                                  • Haebaragi

                                    Haebaragi Weight of the Sky

                                    I was kinda secretly hoping the Wizard or Dwarf would be secret Marriage candidates.

                                    Like in other Harvest Moon games where Kappa, Harvest Goddess, Harvest King (I lost my shit when I found out about him) were marriageable under certain difficult-to-meet circumstances.
                                    • yeaimemi

                                      yeaimemi Space Spelunker

                                      Hands down Elliot... :3 just cos he reminds me of this guy & ooo lala haha
                                      • Xecck

                                        Xecck Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        Just out of curiosity, did anybody try same sex marriage yet? >.<
                                        • Indigo Rose

                                          Indigo Rose Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          Pretty sure lots of people have. I'm married to Abby, and we recently adopted a daughter.
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