[Poll] Who did you marry/plan to marry?

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Who did you marry/plan to marry?

  1. Alex

  2. Elliot

  3. Harvey

  4. Sam

  5. Sebastian

  6. Abigail

  7. Haley

  8. Leah

  9. Maru

  10. Penny

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  1. Yusuke Urameshi

    Yusuke Urameshi Space Kumquat

    I'm expecting a lot of Abigails and Sebastians..and that's O.K.
    If you have had multiple playthroughs, pick your favorite.
    I would have added Shane but there wasn't any more room in the poll. :(
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    • Maiden's Tear

      Maiden's Tear Pangalactic Porcupine

      I would have planned to marry Robin from the start of the game but she was married and I wasn't able to figure out murder yet >.>
      Picked Penny in the end and have 2 children, Rebecca and James via Adoption :nuruflirt:.
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      • lordvalecortez

        lordvalecortez Void-Bound Voyager

        Haha, I'm the same. Working on the kids. We got married late, fall 10 of second year.
        • Pyrii

          Pyrii Existential Complex

          I'm still choosing. I haven't played much since release, been switching obsessions a lot but want to get back into Stardew. Now I know that Maru is a nurse I'm much more drawn to her.
          • Pururin

            Pururin Space Spelunker

            Sebastian X3
            • Deleth

              Deleth Space Penguin Leader

              Nobody loves Maru... and she deserves it for those pants!
              • Thorin

                Thorin Pangalactic Porcupine

                For now Penny, second play Abigail.
                • JustiFaiz

                  JustiFaiz Void-Bound Voyager

                  Shane was my ultimate first choice, but alas my dreams were crushed when I found out he wasn't an option. So I ended up marrying Seb, still worth it because he's cute.

                  But mark my words if Shane becomes a marriage candidate I am making a new file right quick.
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                  • lolyeahgames

                    lolyeahgames Void-Bound Voyager

                    Leah. I kind of feel like a serial killer because I know her daily routine. I know where she goes at which times, and I know what time her door is unlocked. Honestly I'm just waiting for the cut scene where I murder her.
                    • Halford

                      Halford Seal Broken

                      Married Alex 'cause I couldn't marry Shane. I was actually going for Harvey first, but that moustache...well.
                      • grandlinegirl

                        grandlinegirl Void-Bound Voyager

                        I'm going for Harvey or Elliott. I'm romancing them both right now until I decide! Leaning towards Harvey, though.
                        • Yoichikuroma

                          Yoichikuroma Void-Bound Voyager

                          going to marry robin, got heartbroken when i got to know that she already married :(
                          so now i'm going for penny
                          • Sarc

                            Sarc Intergalactic Tourist

                            Maru gets no love at all lol.

                            I have no idea who to marry. In fall of the first year right now and have almost everyone in the town at 4+ with most marriage candidates being at 7+

                            Who sucks the least when you're married? I initially wanted abigail until I read somewhere she ends up losing all of her personality.

                            So now I might want to pick Penny just to save her from her mom. And Pam has actually been my top friend since the start of the game.
                            • Tamorr

                              Tamorr Supernova

                              First one is going to be Leah... I have plans to have other characters, but that will be in due time. :nurutease:
                              • lilyeverlasting

                                lilyeverlasting Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                It's a tie between Abigail and Maru. Whoever I get to 10 hearts first
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                                • oath2order

                                  oath2order Parsec Taste Tester

                                  What's with everyone and Abigail

                                  Also Sam.
                                  • Nazja

                                    Nazja Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    Penny. If I had married a guy, I would have gone for Alex.

                                    Haley also seems like a fun person, so maybe next time?
                                    • sunbean

                                      sunbean Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Shaaaaane *flails*

                                      I think I'm going with Maru, she's really cute!
                                      • Deleth

                                        Deleth Space Penguin Leader

                                        So apparently the only two votes for Maru seem to be from girls who didn't get their first choice, seriously she's so unpopular it hurts just as Elliot is. I'd put it down to her choice of attire, which is hideous coupled with her being rather, ugly.
                                        • Jagore

                                          Jagore Big Damn Hero

                                          I went for Sam, apparently hes unpopular. :p

                                          I liked how he was upbeat and nice even with no hearts. Though I later found things I didnt like about him and discovered the greatness that is Sebastian. Restarted my whole farm to go with Sebastian.

                                          Eliot seems more unpopular then even I thought.

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