Poll: The Successor To Harvest Moon?

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Is Stardew Valley a SUCCESSOR or NEW CONCEPT?

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  1. Stardew Valley is indeed a successor to Harvest Moon and has done good by the original idea.

  2. Stardew Valley is a brand new idea and has done good by taking more than one idea into a fusion.

  3. I can't decide (or don't want to).

  4. Stardew Valley is Stardew Valley and holds no resemblance to any other games whatsoever.

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  1. ExSOLDIER-J92

    ExSOLDIER-J92 Intergalactic Tourist

    The game "Stardew Valley" has become very popular in a matter of days after release (mostly because people see someone else play it and then begin copying them, but anyways). For many of us, we chose to play this game because it reminds us of Harvest Moon, a very similar (if not the original concept) game created a long time ago back during the days of Gameboy Color and N64.

    Harvest Moon was a game which gave you the chance to not only have fun working, but understand what it means to be a worker on a farm. Of course, Harvest Moon had many flaws, and yet at the same time, these flaws also made Harvest Moon one of the most amazing simulation games before our time. One of the biggest issues that existed in the Harvest Moon games was being able to ruin your game by failing to do any work on a daily basis, for this reason, the Harvest Moon game greatly simulated what would happen to a farm when "abandoned" to say the least.

    Now, many years later and after many games relating to Harvest Moon (including sequels and prequels), games such as Minecraft and Terraria have given us the chance to not only have a farm, but endure the hardships of having a farm ruined or possibly ruining it ourselves. With each new year, these games continue to become a top runner in the world of gaming (and generally for alternative reasons, such as battling and so on). Of course, keep in mind, these games (Minecraft & Terraria) weren't intended to be based entirely around farming, but did allow those interested to take part in the grandeur of farming and maintaining a property.

    With these games, comes a new appreciation (from a limited number of us) towards the simplicity and bliss and just enjoying a calm and zen-like gameplay. From these games comes the opportunity to not only have fun, but learn in the process of doing so.

    With all that being said, my question to you is this...

    ...is Stardew Valley a SUCCESSOR to the game that started it all...

    ...or, is Stardew Valley a whole new game and simply stands as a fusion between sandbox games like Minecraft & Terraria with games like Harvest Moon & FarmVille?

    (Notice: No, I don't like FarmVille, but I figured I'd include that for the Facebookers on here that do)
    • SmaugBaggins

      SmaugBaggins Existential Complex

      OK, no offence with what i am about to say but Star dew Valley Has not even a remote correlation with Minecraft or Terraria Ill give you they are all Indie Games but as far as where i feel like you where trying to go no.

      I will say that I never played a Harvest moon game i rember owning one but my sister played it on the N64, I will also say that The game is great for what it is and being in development for so long it was bound to atleast have a small following i never would have expected it to hit 1 Million Copies sold but that being said it did. I personally fell in love with the game and still play it, It is relaxing the community Is generally Kind and the developer is a amazing person
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      • Cider

        Cider Ketchup Robot

        I'd say it's a spiritual successor. Even ConcernedApe said he made it because of a lack of Harvest Moon clones despite it being a really beloved franchise and wanted something that can hold weight to the old Harvest Moon games.
        • ExSOLDIER-J92

          ExSOLDIER-J92 Intergalactic Tourist

          I see we shall be having a small argument (although neither of us is arguing), but I feel this game has a somewhat similar resemblance to Minecraft/Terraria, as it does contain many of the same elements.

          However, I see where you are coming from and I completely understand what you're saying. Fair enough, we shall hold this at a stalemate and agree to disagree.

          Also, yeah, I've been a long time player of Harvest Moon and after starting this, I bought a N64 just to play Harvest Moon again, it really brings back memories, I tell ya.

          Thank you for your comment.
          • ExSOLDIER-J92

            ExSOLDIER-J92 Intergalactic Tourist

            Indeed, indeed. It is actually refreshing to see someone appreciate the idea that Harvest Moon has and reinvent it. Of course, Harvest Moon will always hold a very (and I mean VERY) special place in my heart, but this game is just one level below it on the terms of place-holding.

            Thank you for your comment.
            • SmaugBaggins

              SmaugBaggins Existential Complex

              And although i respect your opinion I would like to state here is why I strongly believe you are wrong:
              • Minecraft/Terraria are Seed Generated, Have Vast Worlds and are not secluded to the Map with a identical layout everytime.
              • Minecraft is 3D and Terraria is 2D In both of them you go out and harvest blocks to build your house by hand not just decorate it.
              • I will admit both minecraft and terraria do have NPCs But the NPCs Dont have a backstory. The Fishing mechanic In Stardew is Unique to the Genre which does not even fall under sandbox.
              • Also the term Sandbox does not apply to this game, Sandbox game basically means Open-world game(though there can be some game dependent distinctions).
              • Also Scheduled Events for npcs dont exsist in Terraria or Minecraft.
              • Minecraft Is Voxle Based Graphic,

                So to conclude if you honestly want to compare Stardew to another game look to Rune Factory/Harvest Moon.
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              • ExSOLDIER-J92

                ExSOLDIER-J92 Intergalactic Tourist

                Fair enough, fair enough.
                • mrobake

                  mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                  Successor. I am an avid fan of harvest moon series, and there is just so much homage to the original game, except fighting monsters which totally are from other game such as Zelda, and abundance more of music.

                  Not to mention CA himself admitted likes playing harvest moon game, and get the inspiration of making a farming game from said game.
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                  • Zero Zet

                    Zero Zet Space Spelunker

                    Except it is from other successor/spinoff version of Harvest Moon series, called Rune Factory series.
                    So If Stardew Valley is a spiritual successor of anything, it is of Rune Factory rather than original Harvest Moon :lickitung:
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                    • SmaugBaggins

                      SmaugBaggins Existential Complex

                      Yep i find it funny i never played either game but love Stardew :p
                      • mrobake

                        mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                        I have never played rune factory, so i cannot comment on that.

                        But i can feel much of harvest moon's gameplay mechanic, of which i am sure.
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                        • Ambaaargh

                          Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                          I cannot really add much cause I never got into the harvest moon games myself. But overall from what I've seen and read is that I tend to view Stardew Valley as one man's sort of love-letter to the games that inspired him. The influences are definitely there if you look, but at the same time there are a lot of elements that I think comes directly from their own creative dreams and desires. Which makes for an amazing result.
                          • Omnislash024

                            Omnislash024 Big Damn Hero

                            I was able to right away pick up the main gameplay to SDV simply because I am an experienced Harvest Moon player. There are small, subtle differences, but SDV is almost exactly a HM clone.
                            • lordofdragonss

                              lordofdragonss Void-Bound Voyager

                              I always saw it as a tribute... It borrows tons of ideas, adds some great new ones (multi crops, animals return to their shelters at night) and I'm sure will evolve in time in completly new game!
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                              • meatpardle

                                meatpardle Star Wrangler

                                Seems a bit of a warped poll, as it clearly isn't a brand new idea and it clearly does hold a resemblance to HM, so the fist option is the only realistic choice if you want to make one. Maybe the poll should differentiate between successor, influenced by, tribute to or copy?
                                • raelenas

                                  raelenas Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Idk, everyone says it's like the bokumono games but i REALLY don't feel it? It's just another farming sim game... Idk it sort of Bothers me because yea, it is more like rune factory, but honestly it's Very Different from both old and new bokumono games. The main similarity is just that? You harvest plants??? Like you own a farm because a family member dies..... I guess the Junimo sort of function like the harvest sprites, maybe? But it just feels so different. Not every farming game is like bokumono, I think people need to stop thinking like that in order for this genre to continue.... I would really love more farming sims (like this one!) that are Very Different from the bokumono series! But since so many people are like "This is like harvest moon!(bokumono)" people seem to keep creating similar stuff in the farming sim genre.... I love Stardew Valley for all the things it adds to the genre! And I get that CA thinks his game is similar to bokumono, but.... idk. I feel like comparing SDV to bokumono is like comparing apples n oranges, yea they're both fruit but they're also super duper different. It would be like comparing bokumono or SDV with farmville too. Like yea they both farm games but they function WAY differently. (im in no way saying sdv is like farmville tho, farmville was literally the worst way to attempt a farming sim)
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                                  • Indigo Rose

                                    Indigo Rose Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    It's a farming game where you run around using hand tools (which you can upgrade to give them more powerful charge-up abilities). The farm is completely run-down when you inherit it and you have to clear it of rocks, weeds, stumps and similar to use it. Your farm is situated close to a small, rural village, where you can get closer to the various villagers by talking to them daily and giving them gifts. The village holds various village-wide festivals that serve as the defining social events for the villagers. Getting your relationship high enough with various villagers lets you see event cutscenes that let you know more about them and give them some character development. Modern technology exists in the setting but has very little impact on the PCs life, and magical and fantastical elements also exist. Beyond farming crops, you can also raise animals, go fishing, go mining, forage for wild items, chop wood and cook various meals. You can get a horse which mostly serves to get around the map quicker. You mainly sell your produce by placing it in a 'shipping box' on your farm. There's a carpenter in town that lets you upgrade your house, which you will need to do to get married to one of the various marriage candidates and start a family. You can get a greenhouse that lets you grow any crop in any season. You have a stamina bar limiting your actions in a day. Besides sleeping, you can recover stamina by eating food or bathing in the public baths. You collapse if you run out of stamina or if you stay up too late at night. You can increase your maximum stamina by eating special, magical fruit.

                                    Don't get me wrong, I love Stardew Valley and I honestly think it's better than any of the recent harvest moon games, but it's very clearly heavily inspired by the harvest moon/bokujo monogatari series.
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                                    • MagicallyClueless

                                      MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                                      I'd rather say "inspired by" than successor, but I know that may be a bit nitpicky. With it saying successor, it just sounds like Stardew Valley is piggybacking off of other games' successes OR continuing a previously established universe, which I don't think it does. (My definition is probably wrong but I guess that's just my response when I first read this.) Inspired by, absolutely. SDV is a lot like other farming games we love like Harvest Moon of course, but I think SDV does a good job of adding WAY more to the formula and making it feel like a completely new game. And the best part is that it will continue improving and may add even more that causes it to stand out as a very unique title.
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                                      • Haebaragi

                                        Haebaragi Weight of the Sky

                                        Harvest Moon and Rune Factory won't be succeeded by Stardew Valley in my point of view.
                                        They are their own legacy and to me, Harvest Moon is the forefather of these types of Farming-Sim games.
                                        I can't explain it clearly, but it's like the Sony-Nintendo-Microsoft gaming trinity. They are all respected and have enjoyable games, but Nintendo is the big brother of the bunch.
                                        No matter how richer or bigger Sony and Microsoft get, Nintendo will always be their senior in terms of games, and cannot be succeeded by either two because it will always be its own standing.

                                        So that's kind of how I see Harvest Moon in comparison to Rune Factory, Stardew Valley, and all other similar types of games.
                                        • zoeevee

                                          zoeevee Zero Gravity Genie

                                          I would say it is a good blend of both. I played some Rune Factory and could not get as into it as I could HM because it was a little too combat focused. But it did a lot of things better than HM and I feel many of those improvements are in Stardew Valley. In my mind: Mechanic-wise SDV is Rune Factory inspired and Story-wise SDV is Harvest Moon inspired.

                                          But that's just my opinion and I know everyone has their own on this subject.
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