Pok-Took, Fuzzy Ursine Natives

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    The Pok-Took, A Spacefarer's Guide
    A simple people, the Pok-Took are a sentient race of fuzzy, ursine-like humanoids. Lazy and indolent, the Pok-Took can be frightful when agitated and pose significant danger to hostile spacefarers. Though they are typically a ground-dwelling species, some isolated tribes have been known to build their burrows into the boughs of larger flora, or to dig into softer soils and lair underground. They can be distinguished from other bear-like creatures by their consistent upright stance, and incredibly thick and luxuriously furry pelts.​
    One notable feature of the Pok-Took is their affinity for static electricity. For the prepared spacefarer this affinity can be turned to use as the Pok-Took are more than willing to recharge the odd empty battery for a few shiny objects. For those looking to harvest their opulent pelts or 'acquire' a particular technological oddity they may have in their possession, this affinity can be deadly, as a Bumbling Horde of angered Pok-Took can not only drain a battery in a matter of seconds, but also deliver a nasty shock. Even more terrifying, in sufficient numbers, the Pok-Took will latch together and form a much larger and significantly more dangerous creature known as a Bumbler.​
    One should always endeavor to be observant on planets the Pok-Took are known to inhabit. While sleeping, these creatures curl into a small ball of fluff that can be difficult to see. A stray blaster shot may harm these individuals, turning the entire tribe against the unwary explorer.​
    The Pok-Took are a tribal species, usually congregating in groups of 8 to 15, with anywhere from 2 to 6 cubs accompanying the tribe at a time. The Pok-Took are an omnivorous species, and will happily devour both local flora and fauna that is smaller in size. Though they rarely hunt larger prey, the Pok-Took are more than willing to scavenge kills made by larger predators, dragging the meat back to their small burrows to eat in peace.​

    Pok-Took Shaman
    Each tribe nominates a Shaman to lead their people. While the shaman possesses no extraordinary powers, it is the most likely to have more powerful gear than the other Pok-Took as a result of tribute given to it. Shamans tend to distinguish themselves through the use of natural dyes and jewelry composed of converted trinkets.​

    On occasion the Pok-Took will also lair with their larger cousins, the Pok-Pohok. From time to time, a Pok-Took will grow to enormous size, becoming both physically powerful and resilient compared to their smaller brethren. This rate varies from tribe to tribe and planet to planet, but on average a particular tribe will have no more than 1-4 Pok-Pohok living amongst them.​

    Bumbling Horde
    The Bumbling Horde is a natural congregation of agitated Pok-Took. Magnifying the electrical output of each participating Pok-Took substantially, a Bumbling Horde poses significant danger to the aggressive or unprepared spacefarer. We highly suggest placating these angry creatures swiftly with shiny objects or trinkets, should you be unfortunate enough to provoke them!

    Bumblers are a terrifying mass of incredibly angry and agitated Pok-Took. Seething with electrical energy, each blow of their mighty fists carries enough electricity to severely impair an unprotected explorer. Furthermore, so powerful is their electrical charge that they can create arcs of electricity out to several yards, shocking foes that are beyond their already lengthy reach.

    Pok-Took Fuzzball

    Occasionally, the Pok-Took are followed by bits of animated hair, remnants of their pelts that have clumped together and charged with the latent electricity of the ursine creatures. While it is debatable whether these have achieved any sort of sentience, the Pok-Took treat them as a sort of pet, and it is not uncommon to see a single individual followed by 2 to 4 of these small simulacra.​
    Pok-Took in Combat

    Individually, the Pok-Took are a cowardly race. When attacked or harmed, they'd rather turn tail and flee gathering any nearby tribe members as they go. That said, they are a tool using species and if cornered will retaliate with whatever weapons they might have at hand. Typically, these are spears or nets (being about the extent of what they can create themselves), but on planets with abandoned technology the Pok-Took have been seen wielding blasters and other more technologically advanced items.

    In groups the Pok-Took become exponentially more dangerous. Their fur is incredibly dense and fuzzy, and is an excellent generator of static electricity. When six or more fleeing individuals gather, they will form a Bumbling Horde and turn on their attackers. During this process, the Pok-Took generate a startling amount of electrical energy that can very quickly drain the unwary explorer's battery and deliver a startlingly painful shock. Any Pok-Took in the vicinity will attempt to join the horde, to assist in repelling any nearby foes.

    In greater numbers, the Bumbling Horde undergoes a frightening transformation. The burgeoning electrical energies pull the Pok-Took together into a single, fuzzy, rage-filled mass commonly known as a Bumbler. While clumsy, this monstrosity packs a heavy punch, and generates an even larger electrical charge than the Pok-Took or Bumbling Horde individually, which it can release in arcs at range. A spacefarer unfortunate enough to provoke the formation of a Bumbler is well-advised to leave planetside through whatever means available with haste. Fortunately, only Pok-Took are capable of creating a Bumbler. Their larger cousins, the Pok-Pohok are simply too large to absorb easily into this shape.
    Additionally, tribes with resident Pok-Pohok will be joined by these brutish cousins. While individually powerful, the Pok-Pohok will not hesitate to use their smaller cousins as a weapon, pelting foes with electrically-charged living ammunition.​
    Pok-Took Culture

    The Pok-Took are not, overall, an incredibly creative race. They do not produce textiles, pottery, or anything else that could be considered a trade good. While they may decorate nearby walls with cave paintings, they otherwise do not record history in any other meaningful fashion. Despite these traits, they are competent scavengers and capable of repurposing abandoned buildings, technology, and ruins to their purposes.​
    Pok-Took tend to build simple hovels out of native materials, though they are not above squatting in a downed spacecraft or digging holes into the ground to survive. Because of their size, these holes tend to keep them safe from all but the smallest of predators.​
    Pok-Took Trade
    Although it is noted above that the Pok-Took are not a creative race, their inherent affinity for electricity allows them to be surprisingly beneficial for the prepared spacefarer. For the price of no more than a few small beads, berries, or other foodstuffs, the Pok-Took will gladly recharge an empty battery. Because they lack a common, easily translated language, trade with the Pok-Took must be completed non-verbally (usually by placing a battery where one of them can examine it, followed by providing payment). If the Pok-Took is uninterested in the trade, they will simply return the battery without charging it, so it is suggested that the prepared explorer carry a few small trinkets on his or her person in the event they happen upon one of these tribes.​
    Alternatively, the more ruthless spacefarer can sell and trade the pelts of these creatures for significant sums. Interestingly, the pelt of a Pok-Took has some ability to retain an electrical charge after it has been collected, and those charged pelts taken from a Bumbling Horde will often suffice in place of batteries or battery components if broken down by the appropriate machinery. Bumblers, being even more condensed, will often leave behind electrically charged cores. These plasmic cores are highly valuable because of their rarity, but perhaps of more use in the powering of heavier machines. It can also be quite useful for laboratories as it is composed of highly contained and controlled electrical forces.​
    Pok-Took Variants
    For a non-spacefaring race, the Pok-Took have managed to spread a surprising distance throughout the galaxy (likely by stowing away on various unsuspecting ships). This has, in many circumstances, necessitated certain changes to their physiology in order to thrive in these new environments. Pok-Took can be found in nearly any environment, on nearly any planet.

    A variant that developed on arctic worlds, the Sno-Took's pelt is thicker and retains warmth better than that of their temperate cousins. It is not uncommon for Sno-Took to build tiny igloos or ice caves for habitation, though shelters are usually too small for the average-sized spacefarer.

    Fek-Took developed on harsh, feral planets. While other Pok-Took tend towards a cowardly mien, Fek-Took are active predators that hunt in packs. They have no compunctions about swarming larger creatures in order to bring them down, and possess natural attacks that are much more effective than their standard cousins. Interestingly, Fek-Took do not build lairs or tunnels, but suspend themselves vertically from cliffsides and native flora.

    The Flik-Took are a fiery variant of the standard Pok-Took. Their internal temperatures have normalized to the intense heat of volcanic planets or those too close to their own sun, and as a result their hair is constantly alight. As a particularly unpleasant side effect, the Flik-Took almost always smell like burning hair.

    Much like their cousins, the Rok-Took burrow in to the earth to create their lairs. However, on planets with high gravity or stone content, or those where the generations ago Pok-Took have simply dug extremely far into the crust of the planet, the Rok-Took hold sway. Their fuzzy exterior hair is prone to matting, a trait encouraged by the Rok-Took who will rub rock dust salves into their fur to create a rough, rocky exterior shell. This makes them all but invisible in their lairs while resting, and this guide heavily suggests you inspect a boulder before deciding to sit upon it!

    Aquatic variants of the Pok-Took, the Slp-Took have rubbery tendrils instead of hair, though they are just as capable of generating electrical forces as their cousins. Further, the ends of these tendrils have bio-luminescent pods at the end, providing them with a natural illumination.

    Plun-Took inhabit the dense forest planets of the universe, where plantlife is plentiful. It is theorized that this variant began when the Pok-Took developed a symbiotic relationship with local vines and tendrils, which has since developed into a fully compatible single entity. The leaves of the Plun-Took, rather than being a separate creature, belong to the individual providing it with a built-in means of photosynthesis. It has been suggested that these Took may even bear fruit, though none have been observed in the wild.
    The Pok-Took are, generally, an inoffensive race. On planets with aggressive wildlife, this is not a trait that encourages survivability. The Hik-Took are a natural evolution towards solving this particular issue. Outfitted with thick spikes composed of hardened keratin, attacking these ursine creatures is a thorny proposition even while they are at rest!

    Flgh-Took are a distinct, and hideous, variant that has developed on the alien tentacle planets of the universe. Sprouting thick, rubbery tentacles, the Flgh-Took have lost much of their ursine appearance and fuzz. Don't be fooled! The Flgh-Took, for all of their disgusting appearance, still possess the generally harmless and non-aggressive nature of their cousins.

    Other Possibilities
    As it's been noted that the Pok-Took spread across the universe by hitching a ride on unknowing spacecraft, who's to say that they won't do the same to yours? Getting these squatters out of your hold, as they 'scavenge' your resources might be a task in and of itself, much less getting them down on a habitable planet. Maybe one of your NPCs would prefer that you keep the Pok-Took and let them develop into a stable society on your homeworld?
    Rare Spawn?​
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