WIP Pokédew Valley - Pokémon retextures

Discussion in 'Mods' started by ninjatulio, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Would it be possible to use the Tauros to replace the black cow?
    • oscariut

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      I would like to play as a lopunny, you could add a lopunny's hair, an accesory to make the nose and the eyebrows and a lopunny's body. I would love it.

      Obviously for girl character
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      • SakuMo

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        Would it be possible to use shiny versions to differentiate between the different types of cows/chickens?
        • General_Durandal

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          If someone is going to turn all the monsters into a pokemon,
          here are my thoughts on what they should be.

          Slimes = Grimers
          Large slimes = Muks
          Bat = Zubats
          Bugs = Ladyba
          Grub = Weedle
          Grub Cocoon = Kakuna
          Cave Fly = Beedrill
          Rockcrab = Dwebble
          Duggy= Diglet
          Stone Golem = Graveler
          Frost Bat = Golbat
          Dust Spirit = Spiritomb
          Ghost = Gastly
          Skeleton = Cubones and/or Marowaks.
          Lava Bat = Crobat
          Lava Crab = Crustle
          Shadow Brute = Haunter
          Void Spirit = Gengar
          Metal Head = Golem
          Squid Kid = Darumaka
          Big Slime = Muk
          Mummy = Cofagrigus
          Serpent = Yanma
          Armored Bug = Unknown
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          • DoodleUrKaboodle

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            I made an account on here JUST so I can support and contribute ideas to this, it's magnificent!!!!

            The white chickens being Piplup would be great! It'd be so cute, I don't care how "nonsensible" it would be!
            It would be great if Brown cows were Tauros in addition to the White Cows being Miltank!! That'd be so great! I'm so excitedd!!
            The pig could be a Spoink, I would settle for anything with the pig honestly, I don't much like the original design of Stardew Valley's pig.

            I was wondering if you could make an Arcanine option for the dog. Arcanine is my favorite pokemon and never gets the recognition it should.
            Same with perhaps a Persian option for Meowth if you have the cat.

            Could you maybe make a Psyduck for a duck replacement? That fits perfectly in my opinion.
            I LOVEE the mareep!!! <3 I am so excited for the Buneary rabbits, I hope you make them!

            Slime could be ditto, different colors wouldn't be too strange since ditto is a transforming pokemon, so you could do the Slime Hutch and make it a "Ditto Hutch" and ♪collect them all!!

            PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make some Beedrill or other bug pokemon for the insect enemies in the mines, you guys are so great!! I'm so excited to try out what you've done already. You have my support!!
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              If you didn't notice the OP abandoned this thread
              • rextart666

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                there is already a Buneary mod! check the past messages!
                • DoodleUrKaboodle

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                  So I found animal folders and the like under Content, do I just toss them into the Content folder or Place them in the Animal folder? (I know literally nothing about this)
                  • DoodleUrKaboodle

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                    :( I didn't know... Thanks
                    • LittleNerdyOTAKU

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                      If you're replacing animal textures, like the cow texture, you can either go into the animal folder and drag the new cow.xnb in to replace the original, or you can drag the animal folder into the content folder and it will merge the folders together and replace the old files with the new files.
                      • rextart666

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                      • chawk1115

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                        Thank you Protanna for making my dream come true of having a pet Growlithe.
                        • beerey

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                          Which achievement unlocks Dawn's hat? I got all hats but dawn. there're only difficult achievements left, I wanna know which achievement unlocks it. Thanks
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                          • bulbaswat

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                            This looks cool, I just got the game yesterday and the first thing I did was make a dog to mightyena mod. I have yet to test it, but if it works I'll post it on these forums I guess. I don't know if it's any good, or if there are any others that like mightyena that much, but I'll definitely try to post it.
                            • Ceiis

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                              Love the Meowth and Zubat.

                              Thanks for making this. It's a must have for pokemon fans. ^_^
                              • fdg21

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                                could someone make,pursian, skitty, delicaty, purlion andthe evolve form of it for a cat replacement also having legendaries to ride on like lugia, suicune, entei and raiko would be epic

                                mounts aka horse could be any pokemon that can be ridden would be cool too
                                • Byoonbyoon

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                                  Awesome mod. Just wanted to register to let you know that the Serpents that come at you in the skull cavern bear an uncanny resemblance to both Rayquaza and/or Whiscash, if you decide that's a direction you want to extend. Keep up the great work :)
                                  • Nightscaled

                                    Nightscaled Tentacle Wrangler

                                    I'm working on a Flareon cat retexture at the minute... The damn floofy tail is getting on my nerves! Lol!

                                    Here's the sample so far: [​IMG]
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