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    If any of you are like me, you listen to podcasts.

    Personally, I listen to a podcast for a large part of the day - if I'm riding my bike somewhere, doing household stuff, stuff like that. It's always awesome to discover podcasts you didn't know, so I thought I'd make this thread to share some of my personal favorites :)

    Gaming podcasts:

    Giant Bombcast: It's the Giant Bombcast! It's one of the greatest gaming podcasts in my opinion. It's a weekly podcast. I particularly like Dan Ryckert, one of the newer hosts. He has a knack for riling up people, and has awesome stories.

    The Podquisition is the podcast version(ish?) of the Jimquisition. It's hosted by none other than Jim Sterling (thank God for him), Laura Kate Dale and Gavin Dunne (aka Miracle of Sound). The dynamic between the three hosts is great, and I cannot recommend this podcast enough. (Some NSFW language)

    Idle Thumbs is a weekly podcast about gaming. Some of the hosts are part of Campo Santo, the developer that recently released Firewatch. It's a good podcast if you like to keep up to speed on video game happenings.

    Idle Weekend is an offshoot of the Idle Thumbs podcast. The main hosts are Danielle Riendeau and Rob Zacny, with guests from time to time. It's a neat gaming podcast that focuses less on current events, and more on other topics. The latest episode focused on cyberpunk!

    Storytelling podcasts:

    Lore is a podcast about the truth behind folklore and legends. It is hosted by horror author Aaron Mahnke, and is slightly shckground is a neat listen. If you like folklore and horror, definitely give this a shot!

    Myths and Legends is another podcast that takes a look at stories, legends and myths. It is less horror based than Lore, so if you're not into the spooky stuff, this could be for you. The website for the podcast seems to be down, so I've linked to their Twitter.

    Bizarre States is a podcast about spooky stuff like ghosts, demons and stuff like that, as well as about conspiracies. It is hosted by Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser, though not always both hosts at once. It's a really neat podcast, even if you're not totally into conspiracy stuff.

    The Dollop is a comedy podcast about American history. It is hosted by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. This is both a fascinating podcast, looking into the history of the US...And one of the absolutely funniest podcasts I've ever heard. You want to laugh until you cry? Some of these episodes can definitely help you do that. (Some NSFW language)

    Lou Reads the Internet is a podcast showcasing the best and worst of the internet. Lou reads from forums such as Something Awful, Reddit and various sex / drugs forums. (Some NSFW language, much NSFW/L content)

    Fiction podcasts:

    Welcome to Night Vale is a running "weird fiction" podcast. It is nominally a radio show hosted by a man named Cecil. Episodes come out twice a month, and feature a single track of indie music in addition to the overarching story. It's a really neat weird fiction podcast.

    The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a radio play podcast that sadly no longer is getting new episodes. It was produced as a stage show live, with different segments. These included Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars (a space cowboy bit), Beyond Belief (a comedy version of TV shows such as the Twilight Zone) , Captain Lazerbeam (a superhero bit) and many more. Though no new episodes are being made, all of it is still available for free download. My favorite segments are the ones mentioned in this paragraph - especially Beyond Belief, featuring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster. Each episode of the podcast is generally one segment - so it's possible to just download the segments you want to listen to :)

    Do you know any awesome podcasts you want to share? I'd love to hear about them :)
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    Two words. Fistshark Marketing.
    Fistshark marketing is a fiction podcast styled as meetings between some unscrupulous business executives. The executives discuss many topics, including the misbehaviour of celebrities they represent, the advertising of weird and terrible products, the weird hole in the wall in the break room that often leaks eldritch monstrosities, and how to further abuse Craig the intern. It's sometimes NSFW, so don't show your kids! Jim Sterling from the aformentioned podquisition is one of the stars.
    My favourite part is where Miley Cyrus tried to use live bats as a source of fuel for cars. c:

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