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    [​IMG] Welcome to Infernum: PW[​IMG]
    Read this post in order so it makes sense please!!!

    New Lore

    Those held in the city of Trifaria commonly call the outside world Infernum. No one knows why, it is like an unwritten law almost.

    A hole in the wall has finally let the people out of the slums, they enter a strange jungle with even stranger ruins. Those frozen know what some of the ruins were previously but those of this time have never even seen a church.

    To be continued...

    2024 was a time of change. The world was on the brink of great scientific discoveries, but then there was an ad. A strange group of inventors wanted to test out a new way of deep sleeping.

    One thousand years ago you and a couple thousand of other people went to a warehouse and signed up to be frozen in a capsule. It seemed silly but everyone had their reasons. Some knew the consequences, other just didn't care.

    Within that time a lot changed as one would expect. No one ever knew we would almost go completely backwards though. A new company called "Trifarious-Tech" emerged shortly after you were frozen. It took many of years till they could over run everything. They bypassed many laws and even started to branch off into different segments.

    Once they controlled, in essence, the world, they didn't stop there. Inventors produced Pocket Watches for every citizen, they acted as an identification card. They had every citizen right where they wanted them. They had the greatest army, the greatest leader, the greatest everything. Some are not pleased with this control, others benefited

    *Zeep Zeep Zeep* The capsules opened. one by one you got out. Some went to see their friends and families while others mourned the lose of those whose capsules were labeled "Dead". Some did not make it. Some capsules were stuck and those inside were still asleep. Others opened to early and they were already in the world.

    "Welcome to Trifaria. Trifarious-Techs capital nation." A voice boomed through an intercom. Birds nested in the ware house started to scatter about from the sudden noise. They scattered about. People took one more glance around. Everything was dirty, dusty,and full of webs. "Please head towards the door in the front and we will assign you an instructor." The intercom then turned off. From the inside off the ware house nothing had changed which was disappointing to a few but wait till they took a step out side.

    Pocket Watch Lore

    The Pocket Watch is a special device given to EVERY occupant of the city and those outside if the city that would like one.

    In order to retrieve your own pocket watch you must under go a surgical procedure. Plenty of people did not like this and there were some that found a way out of it but most people couldn't.

    A pocket watch not only tells you the time but even has a little button on the side along with a chain. During the surgical procedure the watch was tailored to your likes and personality, but this wasn't the best feature. When the button that sent a small needle into your finger was pressed, simply thinking about one of two things will dissolve the pocket watch into your blood stream and become a part of you, you will either transform into an animal fit for you, or you will be given a weapon entirely made out of your blood. (WHAT!!! SO MUCH FANTASY!!!!)

    It was science at its finest. Perfection some called it., but with great power like this there was rules.
    There is to be no use of your pocket watch outside in the public, only private use, telling the time and self defense was allowed. It was simple as this.

    The main reason for this strange and wonderful invention was to protect the citizens from invaders of the outside world, many citizens have never seen the outside world. Those that do are either dead or in Trifaria City jail.

    Chapter Goals and Things so Far~

    It time for everyone to get out of Trifaria and enter the new world, there is no goal, yet.


    Character Apps

    Pocket Watch: (What will your pocket watch look like? This must include a chain. BE CREATIVE!)
    Weapon: (This comes from your Pocket watch, EX: When activated my hand turns into a giant sledge hammer)
    Pocket Animal: (This also comes from your Pocket watch, EX: When activated I turn into a giant raven.)

    What did you do before you were frozen: (Keep in mind it was 2042 when you were frozen so it could be semi-futuristic)

    Jamison Marinova @Immortal Trance
    Kotoka @Immortal Trance (Yes, he now has plot!)
    Nova Clone @Immortal Trance

    Shodano - @FactoringZettaShonic
    Elise - @DustyScabbard
    Drake - @TĪ”ktik
    Flynn - @quitaren12
    Alexander - @Jaylor
    Aldora - @Miss Alkane
    Mark - @JesusBillyChrist

    Nova - @Miss Alkane
    Benjamin - @Jaylor
    John - @Apathy Applied

    Its been like a year since I made a RP don't judge, I got this all figured out... Kinda...

    • Never, ever, ever, ever OOC in IC, Only I can when its the end of a chapter and provide, a recap so don't even try it!
    • Sexy time should never go in IC take it privately, OOC counts as well (This is included in RP rules but needs to be restated!)
    • If I see any sort of god modding or "Pretending" to be me I will warn you once and that's it! (No force fields and all that.)
    • Its OK to curse, but do not over use it or you will be warned.
    • No racial slurs, nor hatred should be expressed towards anybody, if I see any of this you will be killed off. No if and or booties
    • Arguments should be settles privately and if can't be resolved please alert me on the issue
    • Try to be descriptive! Unless you are just chatting please make it look better then a 10 year olds writing.
    • OOC should never go too off topic, there is a 4 post limit before you will be warned.
    • If I missed anything be sure to tell me and it will be added/resolved right away. ALWAYS ask me anything if something confuses you!
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    Argh, this looks cool but I'm already in one rp and waiting for my character to be accepted in another one. I knew I should have waited before applying for that second one, maybe I'll cancel on that one.
  3. Immortal Trance

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    By all means you don't have to cancel! My RP isn't that special. The lore is a bit everywhere but it will make sense once the RP starts.
  4. Garbacca

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    Okay, but I just noticed that the experiment started in 2024, so would that mean that you could only be a human?
  5. Immortal Trance

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    Sadly yes...
  6. Garbacca

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    Eh, still looks cool. I may join, but I'll probably wait for awhile just in case anything else pops up since I'm not doing more than three RPs at a time.
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  7. Immortal Trance

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    its fine, take your time :)
  8. DustyScabbard

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    So, does this take place in the Starbound universe? I understand that everyone must be human because it's set on Earth, but during Starbound Earth is destroyed in the future. Maybe that hasn't happened yet? Also, in the OP, it seems like Trif-Tech is founded after everyone is placed inside the capsules. This would mean none of the people in cryo-sleep would have a pocket watch, correct? I'm sure that you meant for Trif-Tech to have funded the experiment, but it looks misleading. How many people are you expecting to run with? Overall I think this is a fascinating idea, and I might have a character submission up here later, after considering if I can juggle three different RPs and once.
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    This does not take place in the star bound universe, I mean it could if you wanted it too but not yet, might implement something starboundish if you would like.

    And yes, the people who were frozen do not have Pocket Watches yet. Trifarious was not around till after they were frozen but they owned the rights for the experiment and had it continued.

    as for who funded the experiment, your not to far off but I can't say anything yet.

    I would hope to get at least 3-4 but I have ways of implementing other people later, this could include making characters who were not frozen OR characters who were frozen but were released early.

    I hope I cleared up a few things and don't be afraid to ask ANYTHING else.

    Yay! I hope you come on by! I haven't ran an RP ever since "Century Fallen" which went down after we got to page 927 on another site!
  10. DustyScabbard

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    Ah, so you're allowing for characters to come from the pods and the outside, then. I assume that means the sleepers do not need to fill out the Pocket Watch section of the application, unless being linked to a watch is mandatory once they all escape to the outside world. And your previous endeavor does seem to provide credentials for what you can provide to the players. I'm sure it will go well, whether I sign up or not. I realized the night Penguin Syndicate will also distract me from pursuing another persona.
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    The sleepers will eventually be forced to get a watch so it would be easier to fill out the watch part now.

    I've never done a RP like this though,Century Fallen was more medieval future type of thing. Like Skyrim I guess so it was a bit easier to control. While this one is modern fantasy, fantasy Rps are hard but I figured I needed the practice since I'm still trying to find a new website since the last one was taken down.

    And by all means if you can't balance all your current jobs then don't join cause I don't want to burden you at all!
  12. The Squid

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    Wow, there's so many new RPs popping up that I want to join. But the last time I was in more than one RP it didn't work. I'll keep an eye on this because it looks pretty interesting.
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    If you are afraid to join a RP for fear of it not working out, then that is ok ^-^b

    I gotta sleep now! I'll be back soon!
  14. DustyScabbard

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    Alright, I was wondering how playing a watchless character would disable him in that world. And don't worry about me, this is all about time management. Untold won't have Dusty at every moment, I don't know how long Amnesia will last, and school work is always iffy. So, we'll both just have to wait and see!
  15. Diamond Dog

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    Name: Shodano Mardo
    Age: 23
    Personality: Hates about everyone because reasons, will quickly stab someone in the back
    Appearance: Orange jumpsuit and black spiky hair. pale skin.
    Pocket Watch: 120px-Dead_Ringer_Chain.png
    Weapon: Two daggers.
    Pocket Animal: A normal sized crow.
    What did you do before you were frozen: Escape from some weird labratory.
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  16. Immortal Trance

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    Wow thought this would be abandoned, your accepted!
  17. Diamond Dog

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    I like the concept so i gotta try to keep it alive!
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  18. Immortal Trance

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    Thanks, its confusing to put into words but I tried. We just gotta get 1 or 2 more to join.
  19. Diamond Dog

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    i posted it on mah status!
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  20. Immortal Trance

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    THANK YOU!!!

    If you have any questions you can just ask!

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