Plz Add Exersize (realistic, growable) Based Stats + others

Discussion in 'Other' started by G-Mac, Mar 10, 2016.

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    My Idea was not really to add an RPG system to the game, because you are not magically gaining stats by doing the same simple task over an over again (even though the gain is configurable), but was to instead be similar by adding or changing different actions that are available already (like fighting( with different weapon skills), farming, running, jumping, swimming,and crafting) or not (like climbing) that give you, over time, increases in certain stats like strength, speed, endurance (including stamina), and the like. This would be well paired with a hunger, thirst, or temperature system or things related to those to give it more of a need and reason, instead of it only being used for combat enhancement. So it would be a good additional feature to add in with the return of those systems. I was also thinking that you could create the ability to have limits but only so that they could be raised with some use of Tech or a secondary use of an upgrade module once changed in some way (like a combo with cell-material in a special bionic combiner). You could call it a Junk DNA Utilization Module or what ever you guys decide, it would be the biological version of an upgrade module. You could also use it on pets to increase their max stats if you add stats to them too (which I hope you will do (I am asking). It would help make each pet special and irreplaceable (that means you may want to add a pet recovery system, for a fee of course) (Oh, and a way to delete saved pet recovery data in game if you really don't want it any more (SAD)). You could even add a configurable option for most (creatures (edit) having stats or not, including yourself, NPC's, and pets. (To prevent unbalanced game-play have all or nothing, if you guys think that's good). Thanks for considering my ideas :nuruhappy: I think your game will develop very well, so good luck (even if not needed).(edit 2) you may want to also add different stat development speeds for different races giving people a deeper preference for a certain race, at least in some small way. Also, the same should apply to different creatures and NPC's as well if you think so too; at least the premade creatures should have different defined stat increase rates)
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    nope sorry stats-leveling-skills don't belong in starbound its not that kind of game

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