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Suggestion Please move the End Turn

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DisturbedHLC, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. DisturbedHLC

    DisturbedHLC Seal Broken

    Just a quick suggestion from the time I've spent playing so far. The End Turn Button is at the very top of the menu every time you click anywhere. I've already ended multiple turns on accident with no confirmation by trying to click a unit to check its movement range and instead accidentally clicking on the terrain then ending turn by mistake. Please please please move End Turn or give a confirmation for it.
    • matchet

      matchet Master Chief

      After tons of hours, I've found myself kinda trained to not to skip turn by fastclicking/fastbuttoning, but it sometimes unintentionally keeps happening for me.
      So, yes. The button has to be moved, or else adding a confirmation pop up would solve this
      • PragmaticAntithesis

        PragmaticAntithesis Space Hobo

        This seems like a better solution, and what I'd rather see implemented.
        • R1LY

          R1LY Void-Bound Voyager

          Hi, I come here just to complain about this and a few other little things, but THIS is my biggest itch with the game, I'm loving it but yeah, pls, move the end turn button, a confirmation pop up doesn't sounds bad either as long as we can't miss click the confirmation too
          • Boospengi

            Boospengi Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Seconding this. I would rather not lose 20-30 minutes of battle progress over a misinput and accidentally selecting a blank tile when trying to attack in place with ranged units.
            • DisturbedHLC

              DisturbedHLC Seal Broken

              Just replying to say I literally just lost a battle because of this... again. Trying to check movement range on a unit, misclicked and ended turn instead.
              • Fawxkitteh

                Fawxkitteh Phantasmal Quasar

                Yo, I was just coming to suggest this.
                Advanced Wars, which I assume was inspiration, fixes this by moving the end turn button to the bottom of the menu.
                I usually end up selecting a space and then pressing up to go to end turn.
                I do not think a confirmation is the best solution because you have to remember that this is something you're going to be doing frequently.
                3 button presses will be quicker than 4, and having the directional input requirement already prevents someone from accidentally double tapping a space and losing the whole match.

                Another feature that could help that Advanced Wars has is being able to save mid-battle, linked to each game mode so you don't have to worry too much about multiple saves and a whole new interface for that.
                  Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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                • DisturbedHLC

                  DisturbedHLC Seal Broken

                  Just replying to say I just lost another battle a minute ago to end turn when trying to move a unit. Hope this gets changed eventually :(
                  • Cpt-Night

                    Cpt-Night Seal Broken

                    One more voice adding to this. Got wiped out in Ceasers second side quest by accidently ending my turn trying to move the first unit on my turn. My suggestion is the end of turn should be o nthe bottom of the menu when you select a title, and do not allow the menu to skip top to bottom or back by going above the top or bellow the bottom. This would be the simplest fix. And it should be done soon if mid match saves are not going to be usd. If you want to prevent save summing you best make sure it's tough to make game altering decisions by accident.
                    • Blind13

                      Blind13 Space Hobo

                      I think instead there should be a way to change the way your menu is however you want it and add a confirmation button if you want to, because with more flexibility it could have people change the layout of the menu however they want.

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