Please maker bobbers too stackable

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pangaearocks, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Pangaearocks

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    With the introduction of patch 1.4, it's possible to stack 'big' items like kegs and so forth. But it does not work to stack fishing bobbers (and probably other types). This would be great for when I go for a whole day of fishing, where one can go through 2-3 of these. Would be much preferred to have these only take up one inventory space instead of 2-3. Actually even more so post-1.4, since it's possible to get iridium fish in addition to typically only gold once you reach a high fishing level. Which of course means more problems to fit everything in the 36 inventory spaces, given that at least 10 are taken up for tools and stone, wood etc.
    • One More Day

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      The various tackles, such as bobbers, cannot be stacked because unlike, say, kegs, they degrade with use, and the amount of wear on each individual tackle needs to be separately tracked. Stacking them would risk losing the wear. Also, the value of a unique tackle now decreases with every single use
      • Pangaearocks

        Pangaearocks Big Damn Hero

        I was talking about new tackles, as I either craft or buy several, where this wouldn't be an issue. But I can see why this added complexity means it's easier to just not make them stackable at all. It's inconvenient, though, hence the request.

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