Please let the day conclude despite actions of main caracter such as going to sleep early

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    This is a design issue, and falls somewhere between a bug and a suggestion.

    Awesome game and stuff.. I have it on switch, and iOS, First started in version 1.3, and am now on version 1.4. I realise some of these issues are fixed with mods on PC, but on the switch these fixes are impossible (as far as I know) and I'd like to highlight them to ConcernedApe for a possible fix.

    Just for clarity, I have 11m gold and married in year 7 on first game, currently on 1.x million gold in year three, reached level 100 in skull cavern and have access to casino, have 9 prismatic shards and 13 junimo huts with 3000+ plants (coffee beans) and this on the switch, no mods or hacks or save file modifications.

    i'm on my 3rd play-through and I have some things I want to highlight as possible fixes to the game:

    Most of it centers around the Junimos, and takes the theme of "When i'm not there, the world doesn't exist."

    • Junimo routine doesn't kick in until you leave your house: Someone said on reddit that they decided to decorate the house, and didn't leave the house until 9pm, at which point the Junimos jumped around and went inside their huts.

    • Whenever I go to skull cavern with a totem straight from bed, I see the same as above.

    • When I decide to skip a day and "sleep in" - nothing happens on the farm.

    • If I go to sleep halfway through a Junimos harvest, that's where the day stops, nothing happens after.

    • The algorithm for selecting which Junimo goes to which crop can do with some improvement. The Junimo huts that finish last seems to have all the available Junimos running to the same crop to harvest each time.

    • When an event happens, I am too late to attend it after X amount of daytime, I don't know when the entry time for the event expires, but logic states that the entry time should be until 10 since that's ehen you return home, only to have to finish the harvest halfway before you pass out?

    • When I have a full harvest waiting and there's an event that starts at 9am, I have two choices:
      • Harvest along with the junimos to finish early in which case I get the harvest done, but miss the event. - or -

      • go to the event, only to return at 10pm, finding that the junimos stopped when i left (the entire farm stops)

      • Both of these are not ideal
    Basically there are a lot of scenarios where there is a consistency issue where the day does not run its course, and all processes related to farm functioning stop the moment you go to sleep.

    None of these Junimo behaviours were when it was raining or otherwise in some condition where they are not supposed to function.

    All of these issues are easily reproducible and consistent.

    Thanks for your time and consideration and keep up the good work!
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