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    I would love if the children finally grew up. I have finally reached the stage where the kids are toddlers and it really bothers me that it was left at this stage. It is a feeling of incompletion and I hope you will finish this part of the story soon! I have some suggestions for it.

    In order to make room for the kids, please add another house upgrade to add two kids rooms to the home. They could grow to elementary age and have their own toys. One room could be where the child's room is now and have one added on the other side of the upstairs where the stairs lead to a hallway with one door on each side.

    I'd like the kids to have at least three more stages: elementary age, teenager, and adult.

    At the elementary stage, the child could start school where they talk about their days at school and could leave for a few hours to go hang out with the woman who teaches the other kids.

    There could be a quest to build a school in the town as well

    When the kid grows up to be a teenager, they could have some of the same personality traits as their parents. Such as Sebastian's child could be a gamer and be rebellious. Cutscenes could include trying to talk to them but them locking the door and going back to the computer. Another one you could catch them smoking and have to pick how to handle it ("When I was a teenager..." "WHAT ARE YOU DOING") or something to that message which could make or break the relationship.

    Eventually the kid could move to the city or take over the farm when reaching adulthood. People in the town could age and eventually your character could die (or not)

    The town could be added on and new NPC's could be available. Houses, a school, or a new professional shop (maybe a tailor) could be put north by the train tracks or added in the forest.

    I love your game and I look forward to all the updates!

    Thank you for reading
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    • Xamerzan

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      I always thought it'd be awesome to have our kids grow up and become their own characters in the game. Hopefully we'll see something like this soon.

      I think there should be an event (maybe when our kids are old enough) that Penny would want to start a legit school for kids. She already tutors Jas and Vincent, and it's clear that she loves children and would love nothing more than to help them learn... so why not have it so you can help with the creation of a new school (which would mean a new building), or at least make the Library become a sort of temporary school until Penny can get the funds to have you or other residents (Robin) build a schoolhouse for her? This way this can serve as a temporary money-sink for us late-game players to help someone start something helpful for the community.

      I think there'd be some room for serious character development for Penny with this idea, and I can't see this affecting the relationship if you decided to make Penny your spouse. :)
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        I really do like having different personalities for the kids. Right now they feel so bland without purpose, meaning, nor personal attachment. I want our parenting to be able to influence their personalities so that they are not set in stone by your spouce's. Maybe even randomized tendencies.

        Building a school sounds like a great idea and plot point for Penny. :)

        I wonder if the adult children could move into town as actual NPCs with their own schedules and dialogues. It's be a lot of coding but I think well worth it in the long run.
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        • NasikaSakura

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          Another recent post just mentioned converting the rundown Joja Mart building into a school for Penny. I think combining these two suggestions suit perfectly. :)

          Reference "The Old Joja Building" by DaimoMac
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            It'll be nice if they'd grow up but I think it'll be extremely weird if our children grew to be older than Vincent and Jas. :s

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