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Closed playtest relating to beta release

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Tarkus, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Tactix

    Tactix Master Chief

    GTA V is out, that should do you :D
  2. enemarius86

    enemarius86 Cosmic Narwhal

    That depends on how lucky you are:rofl::rofl::rofl:
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  3. Alexsey

    Alexsey Void-Bound Voyager

    Just wait dat game :). Also anybody can play in :redpanda:.
  4. totallybob

    totallybob Big Damn Hero

    Its never coming out.

    They took all of our money and they're just buying time with updates so they can find a good chance to run away with it.
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  5. zulfikar

    zulfikar Void-Bound Voyager

    LOL...like one of those donation companies that vanish once they collect enough.

    I bet they will release around October or December.
  6. FenixHero

    FenixHero Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Bad thing about being in October is that GTA 5 goes online Oct 1st and so does the Terraria 1.2 patch. Those are going to keep people busy for a long time and unfortunately the development has been taking so long (especially since there have already been pre-orders) that the hype for Starbound has died down....A LOT! They shouldn't have put out pre-orders if they weren't ready to release a beta soon after.
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  7. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    For the people who keep going on about how much you want the game, and how much you don't want it "Polished".

    A game without polish is a raw game itself, does not have the mini features that most games don't put the time and effort into. Starbound does, making it much more valued, wanted and unique. That's not something you should take away.

    Also, I assume the time frame was changed because of the Devs not knowing how big this was going to be. Let's face it, I didn't expect the Pre orders to reach almost 2 Million buys. That's 83 thousand backers. Jesus Christ we could arm a war with that amount. That's alot of people.

    I want this game to be spectacular, because that is what it deserves to be. This is a dream come true to a vast majority of us, who had only thought this kind of thing up in our minds. The ability to explore a never ending and diverse solar system is not something to be taken lightly, all the while putting the little things that change the game play dramatically simply because the Devs think we deserve it.

    Wait for the BETA, and the Release.
    For one, that's all you can do and complaining about it will just worry the Devs, not help anyone or do anything to the time-frame, and secondly, the wait will be a small difference in proportion to the countless adventures you have the ability to have on this game.

    omfgdogs.gif <3
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  8. Darkhog

    Darkhog Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You don't seem to realize that Starbound can be polished over time. For start, raw game would be fair IMHO. Then it can get more content like Minecraft, Terraria, Blockscape, Blockland, StarMade and I'm pretty sure all other sandbox games I don't know about got.
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  9. FenixHero

    FenixHero Subatomic Cosmonaut

    There's also Cube World which is still in Alpha but people can play. There isn't a whole lot of content but I've spent hours on that game! There was also a game breaking bug where under certain circumstances everyone on the server would take continuous damage until they die until the server was restarted but it was alpha so we accepted it and dealt with it. So as long as Starbound fixes the issue of character save data loss I think everyone would be happy with an "as is" build of the game.
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  10. Darkhog

    Darkhog Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I've quit Cube World, because the computer is a cheating bastard there - I've usually be dead in first few minutes of play as there are no enemies that can be killed with lvl1 character.
  11. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    I agree with this. Cube world is a stupid buy unless you feel like waiting 5 months between each update. I don't know what's taking them so long to update it but I'm just so annoyed at how they're doing such a bad job of it.

    Cant really compare Cube World to Starbound though, as Cube World is in a different league, so BETA it's not funny, while Starbound is playable in comparison, but to prevent any feeling like Cube World it's best if you just wait. I want the euphoric feeling if dopamine rushing through my body and spine when I hear the magnificent music track and feel the beautiful world I had managed to find. That Polish is the difference in my opinion.

    As I said before, no use making the deevs stressed out over something they just want perfect.
  12. NightFire

    NightFire Parsec Taste Tester

    Not to keep throwing this off topic further but is Wollay still even alive? Because I mean the forums are ALWAYS down and like you said he RARLEY updates it

    He really needs some interns... Or he needs to get some employees because as we can see just him and his wife aint cutting it

    (He also needs to make wizards and witches less OP)
  13. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain


    And it's not too bad to get off topic considering the topic is slightly aggravating anyways. Baha, but I guess I'm done in this thread anyway. Thanks for the conversation ;)
  14. RedDire

    RedDire Cosmic Narwhal

    You're giving me a goddamn seizure.

    Anyway, I guess I'll say my goodbyes to Starbound 'till Q3 2014. I'll be busy with Watch Dogs, GTA V, AC Black Flag, PS4 in general, etc.
    Seriously, I've little hype for this game anymore.
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  15. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    The BETA is coming out in 2013. That's an absolute promise, from what this thread states: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/current-dev-responses-general.30039/

    Read away if you wish.

    I still have hype for this game because I understand the problems that have risen in the making. The moving house, budget cuts, blahblahblah.

    I understand they have procrastinated. Doing things that don't need to be in the game just yet, but it still makes it a nice game, and the majority of those things were stuff that the public suggested.
  16. RedDire

    RedDire Cosmic Narwhal

  17. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    Ah, I assumed that you saying you'd be playing it in 2014 was because it was actually coming out then. Apologies.
  18. Arkax

    Arkax Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    >Beta release on 2013
    >31 december of 2013 at 23:59
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  19. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    Okay, even with my stubborn butthurt and want for people to quit stressing the Devs, if they do this I will EAT. THEIR. BABIES. Tina.JPG His names Fleshstick by the by...the by.
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  20. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    The best thing about this is that my PS3 has been broken for a month :D.
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