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    Anyone else find that, while they don't want to romance a certain villager, they'd love to see that villager get together with another one? Like, setting up Sebastian and Abigail, for example. Playing through the game and talking to villagers will reveal crushes, but nothing ever progresses beyond that. It would be cool if, once you've reached a certain level of friendship with the villagers, you could set them up on blind dates. Then maybe there could be a minigame where you do all you can to make the date go well? And include all single characters, like Clint, Pam, Marnie, etc. I dunno, I just think it would be a fun added dynamic :)
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      I think this would be a good idea, because it could add new children to the game? and that could provide a possible school group for Penny, or just kids in general. mostly it would be cute to see people hugging or hanging out together because couples
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        Because of the Marnie/Lewis 6 heart event, it's probably unlikely to be able to successfully match up everyone to their cannon crush. And what would you be doing during such a minigame? Obviously you can't directly control the NPCs' dialog, so it might be more like how strong of a mutual friend you are with both parties, as well as you, as the match maker, setting them up with an appropriate meal, music to dance to afterward, and, assuming the happy couple gets this far, suggesting a location for the first date. If this comes to be, I'd also like it to be influenced by daily luck.
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          I think there should be a way to have Gus and Pam hook up and have Clint and Emily hook up,
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            I think that depending on who you marry there should be quests for playing matchmaker, but like only so many options per NPC, and obviously some of them wouldn't be available depending on who you ended up marrying. The The matchmaking could only begin once you've gotten married (just so the programming won't get too complicated) and after you've reached at least eight hearts with that villager. The quests could also further develop the characters it involved, such as Abigail becoming the Wizard’s apprentice or Sam becoming more successful as a musician.

            To begin the matchmaking quest they'll randomly send you a letter asking you to meet them at a particular location in around the valley when you've got the time, as they have something important to ask your opinion on. When you go to the location the conversation will be triggered automatically and they will say that they've been thinking about their own life since your wedding and whether or not they should begin their own romance. They then tell you about three or two people they've been thinking a lot about possibly having a relationship with. The choices vary based on who you have married and obviously this scene will not take place at all if you've married that particular character.

            The player gets to choose between either the opposite sex partner that villager has at the Flower Dance (if not married to either one), a male NPC, or a female NPC. There is also a fourth option in which the player tells their friend to focus more on themselves and that they don't need someone else to be happy. Whichever you choose will be the match for the player, and they may have side quests relating to it throughout the rest of the game. If you have at least an 8 heart level with all the other bachelors/bachelorettes and you match them with their Flower Dance partner, then it will be random as to who sends you the letter to begin the matchmaking quest first. If you match them with their Flower Dance partner, then you will not receive a matchmaking quest from that character regardless of your heart status with them. If you have matched their Flower Dance partner with someone else, then that option will be gone as well.

            Here's Abigail as an example:

            Abigail asks you to meet her at the bus stop. She tells you that since she attended your wedding that she's decided to get serious about moving on with her life. She tells you that she received a letter delivered by an owl at her bedroom window one night from the Wizard, telling her that she's been chose to become his apprentice and learn magic. She tells you that she's excited about this as she feels that this is what she's meant to do, but that she still feels an emptiness. She's thought long and hard about it and thinks that maybe she needs someone to share this new life she's about to start with. She then tells you about the three (or two) people she's considering pursuing a relationship with: Sebastian who shares a lot of interests and has been her friend for years, a boy she met at the Night Market from a sea trader family who has been sending her letters for several years, and a girl from a neighboring town she games with online and shares her interest in the occult. She asks who you think she should choose, and you are presented with the following options:

            Option 1 (Not available if the player is married to her or has married this NPC) - Sebastian.

            Option 2 - Boy she met at the Night Market who we'll call "Ned".

            Option 3 - Online gamer girl who we’ll call "Nancy".

            Option 4 - No one.

            No matter which option you choose, Abigail will agree with you and thank you for your support. Afterwards, based on your choice, there may be another couple of scenes relating to them confessing their feelings to their match and them officially becoming a couple. Abigail will then move into the Wizard's Tower and so will her new boyfriend/girlfriend. The wizard will have chosen to train them both because together they have "a tremendous energy with limitless potential". Their rooms will be adjoining to the Wizard's library. Abigail will be there alone if option 4 is chosen. Both will send you gifts or request items for their magical studies. Abigail and, if chosen, Sebastian will still go into town on their marriage schedule and appear at festivals.

            What do you guys think?
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              I actually signed up to ask for something similar along those lines. :rofl:

              Should've known that somebody else already had this idea.

              I'm all for this idea. and I would also like for the Mayor and Marine to stop hiding their romance, and get married already. Maybe a questline where you get all the villagers to agree that they don't see anything wrong with the Mayor having a wife like Marine... and then the Mayor finally agrees to marry Marine.
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                Great minds think alike!

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