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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Zeoinx, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Zeoinx

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    So with the addition of blocks that let you rebuild NPC ships, space stations, etc. along with Energy Barriers that allow you to enter and exit their ships via mechs, or with certain mods, shuttlecraft, I feel like the player character is getting the raw end of the deal. Other additions to the game, such as the ability to manually fly our ships anywhere in the current "planetary zone" I feel a hanger bay, and full on ability to modify our ships would be a much useful system. With the hanger bays, we could actually fly up to one of our friends ships, jump out of the ship via the hanger, either in mech, jetpack, etc, and enter our friends ships that way. Not only would this be more in line with the apparent rest of the universe lore (Ally NPC Ships, Hostile NPC ships) But it would also create a better PVP Environment, no longer could players be cheap and just go "Welp, I am losing this fight, TP away to god mode space ship"

    Not only would this be more immersive, but it would also create a new way ships can interact on missions or planets. LANDING ON THE SURFACE... land and just hop out your airlock.

    I would love to create a giant base, and actually LAND my poor spaceship on the planet. Im sure a power down would give the engine and energy supply a much needed rest. Real spaceships even in sci fi need to land eventually, even Star Destroyers need to go into space docks for power down and maintenance.

    As far as actually customizing the ship, features such as room size, room types would not go amiss. I personally play as a human, I like the ships overall design, but I see other race's ships that have a few features I would like. Such as the top of the Florian Ships during one of the upgrades with the "Greenhouse" looking area. I think that part of the ship is epic, and I feel adds a lot to the ship in design, as well as how it salvages parts of other races ships to add to it. What I dont like, is the vines and what not surrounding it everywhere, so I dont just switch lore ships to it. Same with the ships layouts, I might not want my ships to expand like it does each and every play through, I might want to expand straight up and down, recreate the mothership from Homeworld for instance, with this, it would be possible. Customization with the ships would add a lot to this game, especially with starbound being so "customize able" via building and such.
  2. Ainzoal

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    I disagree. At that point it would be worthless to have the stations at all. The station is your customizable heaven. End of story
  3. Zeoinx

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    Even the stations are not really THAT customizible, especially with the limiting to just the inside blocks.
  4. SickSix

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    I just watched a video where a guy made a custom room outside the stock station wall, is that not correct?

    Also. I do think the player ships should at least have a Mech bay now. That would be much more immersive.

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