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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Chiro, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Another aspiring novice-intermediate Starbound modder here, been spending the last couple of evenings solely on searching far and wide for some kind of knowledge on this subject, and trying things out on my own, but it seems i've finally reached my wits end, so here goes:

    Is there any reasonable way of temporarily adjusting a player characters render configuration within the game? Specifically, i'm trying to make wearable items, that would make the players arms longer, and their shoulders higher, and wider apart, when worn. I already had some luck with making a custom .lua status effect that is applied temporarily when wearing the item, to change the CollisionPolys (using mcontroller.controlParameters) for a better physical representation, but the actual arm/hand offsets i just can't figure out.

    And no, merely changing the sprites isn't enough either, in this case, as your arm joints would still be in the wrong positions, and you'd be holding onto any items with your elbows, unless i can adjust the hand position defined in humanoid.config.

    I also gave rescaling the sprites with an image operation a quick go, but yeah, not exactly the effect i was looking for, either, as you might imagine.

    Also somewhat related, is there an efficient method of making the player character invisible, yet keeping their clothing visible? So pretty much the exact opposite of the 'nude' status effect. Would again help immensely with more customized body proportions, since you wouldn't need to cover every single pixel of your base character.

    I had some luck with comparing the colors used by the base character sprites, and making a directive to replace the colors with fully transparent ones, but of course, all of that falls apart the instant anything you are wearing/have in your hand happens to use a color that's already being used by your character sprites. Not to mention it conflicting with any other image effects being applied.

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