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    I would like everyone to meet the Kwi!

    And here are a few random Kwi!

    Actual in game footage!*
    *not actually in game

    Kwi customization options:

    Armor tiers 1-5

    Some furniture and interacty type sprites:

    Now for a well written* explanation of who they are
    *not well written

    -Meet the Kwi!
    The Kwi are a race of sentient birdlike people. Omnivorous, they prefer several light meals continuously to any large meal. Their hair was once feathers as their birdlike attribute suggests but are now fluffy instead. Nonetheless they use this hair to keep themselves warm in their preferred cold climates. Their chub is also due to the hair, since the hair had always served to warm them greatly and as a deterrent to being eaten (more hair than meat) they simply built their clothes to go around the huge tufts. For added warmth of course. Usually quite amiable amidst friends, they tend to be careful under all new acquaintances. their natural curiosity leads them to quickly befriend anyone they deem trustworthy. Interestingly the Kwi tend to ignore the looks of any creature no matter how dirty or foul, after all why fight?

    They were one of the lowest forms of life on the food chain at their ancestral home world, so they grew clever and know how to stay hidden! Communities would form up around good hiding spots, whether it was in a hollowed out tree or in a ditch little villages began popping up. Their planet was, simply put, unpleasantly cold and they chose to live in the coldest regions. Their were fewer predators to worry about there. While hiding was a must they soon looked to structures to provide a form of physical defense as well. Many Kwi thus became carpenters and stone masons. Being forced to use any object from bones to stones Kwi became quite the handyman and a master of the quick-fix. So much so in fact, that they are still seen as such to this day! If your chief engineer isn't a Kwi then there is always one somewhere else on board. Getting off their planet wasn't so much a cultural success, more likely than not they would still not be off of their planet if a certain mishap hadn't occurred. Pirates attempted to steal the carcass of one of the beasts the Kwi feared. The Kwi however were on the spot and scavenging bones and bits of half chewed wall from the beast and were brought on board as well. Before the Pirates could have guessed the enormous corpse was covered with the Kwi. Curiosity and silence being one of the Kwi's major survival tactics, had made the Kwi calmly and carefully stroll through the entire battleship and incidentally had them in the armory. Fully equipped with more fire power (and snug warmth) than they could have ever known they walked into the control room and accidentally, though very kindly, scared the pirates into surrendering. One major galactic incident involving several Military Battle cruisers later and the Kwi had not only defeated the galaxy's most feared band of Pirates but became honorary members of the Intergalactic Society.

    The Kwi prefer going unnoticed, any fight is a fight to be avoided. However should a fight begin they prefer meeting their opponents face to face. Oddly they don't hide in the shadows, they walk by in a rather unnoticeable manner. Which is truly odd as they are quite large. Some say it is a pheromone used to cloud predators vision. The Kwi insist everyone else isn't paying enough attention. The will never attack a foe head on. Oddly their preferred weapon is a battle hammer, slow and steady wins the race, but a surprise hammer to the face tends to stop the racer dead in their tracks. However a Kwi with a projectile weapon is not unheard of, they know how important artillery can be. Usually these are saved for dangerous beasts. Not all creatures should be approached with a hammer. Still if they are to use a projectile they prefer small lithe quiet firearms to avoid being noticed. When the big guns are used it is often artillery from quite a distance to remain concealed even with a powerful force. These are saved for dangerous beasts that probably should never have been in the first place. Whether bringing up the rear with long range or artillery, to being up front with a battle hammer the Kwi would still rather be somewhere else.

    Their crops are hardy and designed to live in cold regions, like themselves. As such the Kwi have an easy enough time with food in cold barren wastes as their crops serve as the majority of their diet. After all the cold regions have fewer predators because of fewer prey.

    Let me introduce you to some new food sensations of the Kwi!
    (from top left, to bottom right, like a book :D)

    Ieberry: Don't let this eyeball shaped berry decieve you, it actually tastes like a spicy sweet potato. Same texture too. Use it as a potato replacement or to scare children, you horrible person.

    Frost Carota: A deliciously minty carrot type plant, eat the blue root structure, not the leaves! It makes for a delicious candy base.

    Sharp Squash: A purple sword shaped veggie. Caution It can be used as a lethal weapon, so be sure you cook it right! The correct technique involves mashing or boiling!

    Eygweed: Discard the white flower pod, it will cause a headaches and an Upset stomach (worse side effects can occur). Instead the leaves are wonderful as Jam or a sweetener base and the roots act as a delicious meal time supplement. Ingesting too much at one time is not recommed.

    Gastric Carota: A strange plant. A fresh one is green and juicy. Never eat the fresh ones! They are filled with chemicals designed specifically to cause a creature eating it to immediatly regurgitate it. Instead leave them dry int the sun, or rot in the dark. Either way it will shrivel up and turn black at which point it is completely safe to eat! If dried crack it open like a large nut and server with sauces for dipping no work required! If left to rot, add it into soup or other cooked food (past boiling at least)

    Grockonuts: Think Walnuts except tangier! Crack open the tough shell and enjoy them raw, or bake them into various tasty treats!

    Delicious Red Dot: Indescribably delicious.

    -Buildings and furniture
    In ancient times the Kwi would simply make burrows in the ground. Nowadays they build burrows into the ground lined with strong stonework and a large stone shield to protect the opening. Often times many families will share one large burrow, making something like a village. To ensure safety though, they build tunnels to nearby burrows. In case the worst should happen they aren't trapped. This is roughly the equivalent of a Kwi city. The Kwi prefer stone work over any other material for their houses. Stone is strong after all and not as many creatures tend to enjoy eating stone. Many of the creatures do however prefer metal. Wood however is something they adore, but cannot easily obtain in their little pieces of frozen paradise. Therefore everyday structures are made of stone and even jewels. The truly spectacular furniture is made of wood. You see every family of Kwi digs deep into the earth. So what surface dwellers may consider rare and valuable they consider common knickknacks. Making for quite a reversal between wood and precious gems. As a little aside many find that Kwi homes are often quite chilly. It is not unusual for them to be around sub zero in temperature. Who in their right mind would burn something as rare and valuable as trees or wood? Luckily with the inclusion of newer technologies, they have found alternate heat sources and prefer to keep their homes at a balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The Kwi are abnormally kind and equally friendly. True they will almost always avoid confrontations or new meetings, their curiosity acts as a fine balance meaning a large meeting with unknown people is a fascinating thing. The reason for the kindness is quite simple. They live in confined areas with many other families. So their sense of community is very strong. You need to care and be considerate of everyone else. Not only because they live so close to one another, but because they all take part in protecting their homes. Should one house start leaking or have any other problem many from the community will join in helping them. Therefore in the long run befriending the Kwi is always a good idea. As far as entertainment goes the Kwi are very simple. They prefer reading, solving puzzles, snacking, music and being alive. Musically they have no instruments instead they have focused on singing and have become quite exceptional at A cappella and making all sorts of noises. They tend to get excited over little things so they have a more positive attitude in even the worst situation. People find it either annoying or infectious.

    The Kwi have their own little take on technology. They prefer a lot of their older ways due to the fact that electronics have a hard time functioning in their cold regions. Guns are simple, even when they look bigger usually the functioning parts are small. The large extra plating actually being used to keep the inner workings from freezing. Personal or entertainment technology is more or less nonexistent. For example they rarely have personal computers and introducing them to one is usually a painful trial of patience for everyone other than the Kwi. Every tiny minute thing needs to be taught to them and questions and statements like "where did the thing I was just reading go?", "what does the red X do?", "I think the computer has a virus there is this odd blinking line in the text." are quite common. Books therefore are still quite prevalent. Kwi novels and history can all be found in books. Their history is rather dull and boring, often times merely being an almanac of the weather. The novels though tend to always be flights of fancy and sometimes abstract. Most likely this helps them from boredom in their big stone holes in the ground they call home. As said earlier the Kwi most likely would not be off of their planet had no one intervened. Therefore much of their technology is borrowed. Techniques for wiring and electrical currents and engineering all learned from other cultures. They excel at these things seeing them as little more than an enjoyable puzzle. Things they do create are often simple and precise in their functions. Do note however that a Kwi spacecraft has no autopilot and to learn to control and maintain one their is a helpful guide stored in the glove box. The guide is usually a few thousand pages or so in various volumes to help refine your search. Luckily for the Kwi they learn best by experience and are reasonably fast learners. They are also fast readers, so handing them a manual not of their own writing won't bother them too much. As home defense goes where once the enormous predators were seen as an issue they are now seen as an excellent repellant to many unwanted guests. So a few laser fences added to the stone walls and shields and they have an enormous bloodthirsty guard dog type beast.

    -Intergalactic standing and war
    The Kwi live in a nice isolated bubble. Their homes are holes on the ground in areas where other races would consider frozen wastes with deadly creatures. They gladly trade away their precious materials for wood. So they don't need to be tricked for those, helping keep bandits and raiders away. Or at least friendlier. They mind their own business and are more focused as a small community as opposed to a large intergalactic empire. Though family ties keep the communities knit together they don't see conquest as a main activity or the concept of a Kwi empire. Kwi also make terrible slaves, they are incredibly passive aggressive. When forced they will horribly butcher projects that they don't want any part of. The Kwi have a large tolerance for pain as their planets often provide quite enough of that. Therefore torturing a Kwi is useless as they will most likely expire before you can even produce any sign of discomfort. The Kwi have nothing they won't give that others would want to take. If someone said they were at war with the Kwi the Kwi would simply say those people were probably just upset over a small misunderstanding. A Kwi threat often extends to a message, often handwritten, explaining why they are upset with suggestions on what the offenders can do to better themselves. The Kwi when in battle from a forced encounter often have battle cries such as: "if you ate healthier you wouldn't be out of breath!" or "I really think you should consider more armor, specifically your legs!" or "You may want to consider a diet as to maintain your body weight and avoid serious health risks!" A Kwi foe does not try to be taken seriously and hope that their opponents go away. Their opponents often find their fluffy passive aggressive Kwi as a joke. Their opponents often get punched in their faces and disarmed. Their opponents also often receive get well soon cards with every Kwi in the community's name scribbled on the inside. No hard feelings after all. Should a misfortune befall the Kwi they are very forgive and forget. If it is a persistent thing they will move and let those wishing to do harm search in cold frozen wastelands looking for signs of Kwi that do not want to be found. Which is incredibly difficult.

    -Personal standings with individual races
    (I dunno yet, my internet is still more or less reliable garbage :D)

    Okay :D I'm pretty scatter brained so I probably said things several times and the sections probably don't really hold well, but I tried! The reason why I suggest them is for more than anything to diversify the playable races, not just by name or face, but by shape and size as well! Sadly I know how unlikely it is for them to implement them considering every uniquely structured race would have to have their own set of armor sprites effectively doubling the amount of sprites needed. Still I can hope and dream :D

    As one last note I would like to share my first drawing of the Kwi I made a while ago! You can really see the resemblance between the little sprite and him :giggle:
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    ok, this just f*cking epic
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    :D I'm so glad you liked it! I hope others will too, mostly because I wanna not be a human :> I'd be fine as a Throg too :D Just something, different! You know?
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    Meh, bird-person aren't really my thing. Now.. if we could play as ponies...

    Also, nice describing about the background history and whatnot
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    Love it. Kiwi people is an amazing idea. Maybe you can get them to play rugby...
    (Kiwi are the official animals of rugby)
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    Ponies doesn't have hands or something to grab with, they got hooves.
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    Just wanted to let everyone who cares know I made a female Kwi, which means I made a Kwi with boobies :p (well cause, like, usually birds just have the female be all not fun colors, which is BS :<)
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    alright to the guy above me unicorns have magic horns NUFF SAID anyways i like the bird person idea just not a kiwi person i know but if it had like a human shaped body with like a large bird head and they would like take more damage but could jump higher and runner faster i think that would be cool :p
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    Well, in human form they do. :s
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    Well thats not a pony :S

    Unless you mean like a shapeshifting race...
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    Or just for the looks
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    ill like the idea of kwi :ninja:
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    Spacefawx why are you liking this :D it's nothing special :)
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    This is an amazing idea I realy hope it gets added to the game!
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    Kwi? Kikwi?

    Trolling aside, it looks neat, what a delicious idea! On an unrelated note, how do they taste deep fried and seasoned in eleven herbs and spices? You know... hypothetically...
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    c: I'm glad so many people are enjoying it! I'm going to occasionally add additional pictures and things to keep it interesting :D so if you see I made a post it means something new is added to the first post! No matter how small :giggle:
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    Sidenote I had no idea what this was so I had to search it. Now I know what I need to play :D
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    Kwi obviously jump exactly like Super Mario
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    I assume they're based on Kiwis? These things have be in the game!
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    Wow nice thought out idea if only i could draw anything i might make a tree race but i cant so i dont
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