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    Ok I took quite a looooong break from the game. You added a ton of cool stuff-

    But here is something that I don't like most from all the changes you made:

    systems, planet types and weather.

    I know quite some time ago we ranted about not able to see the weather and how hard it was to find a suitable planet to live in the fully randomised Universe.

    But now its totaly broing the other way around, because eahc planet type looks too equal, by weather, sub biomes and threts, which makes exploring the galaxy very boring, and given the quadrillions of possiblities of planets the game cna has, thats quite sad.


    I don't like the star defining the planets in it. While it maks it easier to find a specific kind of planet within the system map it lowers the ability to find a specific planet with a specific star color, which previoulsy was possible in a full rnadomised way. If any distance of a planet to the star should define together with the star the planetary type.
    It just creates some mixes we could prviously have not to be possible anymore. sad.


    Weather is now ALWAYS the same for each planet type. I would like to see every planet having a random selection of a few weather conditions. Like also snow on lush , also meteor shower, glowing rain and snow. But the current state makes the weather radar rather pointless because it's the same for each tyte at any time. This is extremely boring and while the previous system you had made finding a specific planet low on chance, it now makes specific planets and conditions not available anymore. Bye bye beloved snow planet with glowing rain and blizzards and snow. very sad and disappointing. Currently the only thing randomised seems to be big and normal meteors on lifeless, voclanic, dead and magma planets.

    Planetary threats are now also bound to the planetary type. EXTREMELY disappoiting and boring, because I liked that I could find hard mobs on each planet. Surely the game progression demands no low threat volcano planets, but I think it would be very nice if threats ould have a minimum setting so that a lush planet can go from harmless to extreme, while Oceanic planets will go from moderate until extreme, but never go below moderate.


    are also bound to type, there are no lush planets of large size. I liked the old starterplanet backgrounds they onyl exist on lush now, but I will never have a large planet of this type. sad.

    Please randomise weather conditions, by making every planet having a possible subset of weather so it can get Y of X conditions dependend on the planetary type.
    Please randomise threats again to be possible upwards for all types of planets.
    Please randomise planetary sizes again (for lush planets).

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