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    Assuming, of course, that Tiy and Redigit have agreed to share their first creation, we could possibly have the ultimate nostalgia planet.

    How to Get There

    There is a 1:100 chance of finding a strange "Angel Statue" relic on an inhabited world, which triggers a questline to determine its origin. You speak with the planet's elders, and they mention "a glowing meteor" carrying the statue that landed ages ago. The statue hasn't aged a day since landing, though the elders mention that "It doesn't do anything." They give you the location of the crater, which is populated by very different beasts than the planet's normal fauna. Flying maws with tons of eyes and floating heads made of the meteor's ore. The local flora is also twisted slightly, and the area is overall darker. At the center of the crater are four "black orb fragments." Once you collect the fragments and mine out the meteor ore, the strange monsters will stop appearing and the area will slowly return to normal. From here, you take the items back to the space station and your lab NPCs take them in for study, expressing interest in possibly repairing the smashed orb.

    After you visit another planet and complete its questline, you'll get an urgent message from your lab about the orb: they reassembled it... but then it summoned a slew of horrible creatures and several slain crew members rose again to join their ranks. You have to destroy several "Zombies," "Flying Maws," "Spitting Maws," and "Possessed EVA Suits," then get close enough to the orb to destroy it once more. The orb shatters into dust, but taps into the station computers briefly before whatever will it possessed vanishes, as if attempting to find its world of origin, or use the station to get there. You now have "Terraria" as one of your possible destinations.

    Biomes of Terraria

    Landing Site, the Barrier Village
    Green trees, harmless slimes, adorable bunnies, and a seemingly invincible little man calling himself the Guide. He could have any of the various names Terraria's name generator would give him. He mentions that it's been a long, long time since anyone new came to Terraria, that no hero has been present for ages. To the west there is a tower of blue brick, blocking out the rest of the world. In the distant background, you can see a blue wall, connected to the tower and blocking out the western region. Living in the village are more familiar faces: an Arms Dealer, a Demolitionist, a Nurse, and a Merchant, though they won't sell anything to you, stating they need all their supplies to protect eachother. A Mechanic wanders around the little town during the day, inspecting the buildings and the defense mechanisms on the towers. A little shrine surrounds a single grave, with a statue of a Wizard placed over the tombstone. Asking about it will reveal that said Wizard gave his life to seal away the little village from the ever-encroaching Corruption. Asking the Guide further will prompt the comment, "Terraria's magic sort of died with him." The NPCs will make comments on any energy weapons you may have in your inventory, saying they seem almost like magic.

    The Corruption
    In the absence of a hero, the blight of the Corruption has devoured the western half of Terraria. Beyond the Warding Wall near the landing site, the world is twisted and evil. But among the beasts we know and loathe from the game we all left behind for this one, Goblins also wander the wastes, ignored by the abominations as allies.

    Goblin Village
    In the far west, the Goblins have taken over, bending the Corruption to their will and creating buildings. Ebonstone brick structures and drinking ponds filled with corrupt fish dot the landscape. The goblins are initially not hostile, and while in their village, the Corruption's monsters will not attack unless provoked. The Goblin Tinkerer, welcomed back into the village, can be seen wandering about. Speaking to him can start one side of the Terraria questline.

    The Clean Lands
    Terraria as it originally was. The eastern section of the world remains untouched thanks to the Warding Wall. The underground is also largely untouched, though the Warding Wall reaches deep into the earth, all the way down to the Underworld.

    The Underworld
    The fiends of the Underworld hold no allegiance with either side, and are hostile to all. However, you can do a few small quests that will make the demons friendly to you, and convince them to offer up the deepest treasures of Terraria. A massive shrine containing the remains of the Wall of Flesh can be found under the Corruption zone.

    The Dungeon
    On the eastern end of the Clean Lands, blocking off access to the Hallow, is the familiar crypt of Skeletron. The Clothier has made the ground floor his home. His eyes are again red, but he is in control. If spoken to, he'll warn you against entering his vault (but will not stop you) and mention that he is the last thing standing between the Corruption and "her," blocking access to the Hallow and preventing the Goblins from corrupting it, should they ever manage to push through the Warding Wall. Within the dungeon are many of the ancient relics of Terraria, though the magical weapons have no energy and are only useful as trophies.

    The Hallow
    In the far east, beyond Skeletron's Vault, there is still happiness, and light. A land of peaceful colors. The Hallow's native creatures are not initially hostile to you, though Wraiths and Possessed Armors do lurk about during the night. Living within a large tree is the Dryad. She weeps for Terraria's current state, and will ask you for your help. She is the beginning of one side of Terraria's main questline.


    You can go one of two ways with Terraria. You can either side with the Goblins, and finish the job of completely corrupting Terraria. You can side with the people of Terraria and push the Corruption back to the far west, containing the Goblins and keeping the Hallow in check as well. Or you can side with the Dryad and the Clothier, who wish to Hallow the world and free it from Darkness. The demons of the Underworld also have a few quests you can do for them that will make them less hostile to you.

    I'm still working on all the details, but it would be awesome to go back to Terraria one last time. I'll update this with the quests and other random events as I devise them.
  2. Offline

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    That actually sounds pretty cool. I'd like Starbound to have something to callback on Terraria, but with that, Starbound would be too much of a sequel, I think... Which it isn't.
  3. shadow1928

    shadow1928 Void-Bound Voyager

    i think it would be nice as just an easter egg in the game
  4. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    I think it would be good as an easter egg...or maybe a parody of terraria...but I don't think there should be many similarities past that.
  5. Doctor Whooves

    Doctor Whooves Starship Captain

    While this is very well thought out, an entire planet and quest line revolving around Terraria is a bit much. And it is kind of suggesting that Terraria is some old and abandoned game, while it is still full of life and lots of people will continue playing it.
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  6. Irrelephant

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    Uhh.....Doctor Whooves? I am not a bronie...but I think I love you...10th doctor ftw
  7. doused

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    i agree with this idea. it would be pretty interesting to see.
  8. Waspor

    Waspor Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I want something like this, it would be awesome.
  9. Snowy_Night

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    It would be nice bt I would much rather have an angel statue which does nothing as a call back to Terraria than an entire planet.
  10. Omnom18

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    There would be too many legal issues - even though Tiy (and Blue apparently) were part of Re-Logic, they don't have rights to the Terraria licence anymore now they're with ChuckleFish and I doubt Red would be so willing to hand over the rights to a game that - as far as I am aware - is solely his now.

    A reference to Terraria probably won't sprout so much legal dispute - though maybe not an Angel Statue. I would say a Demon Statue instead - again a reference to the OP's wishes with the West of the proposed planet Corrupt - with the text "Still does nothing." or something similar. It's not a bad idea though.
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  11. GigaNova

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    I think it sounds realy neat to have a planet in Terraria theme.

    But, i dont think its gonna be implented, since they wanted to leave Terraria and move further.
  12. Zoraculus

    Zoraculus Smile Guy

    Yeah, copyright could possibly cause problems here, so maybe an easter egg, maybe a futuristic Angel Statue, in it's description "Another dimension, still doesn't work".
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  13. Snowy_Night

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    How about the worst mech in the game is called the AS0001 and looks kind of like an angel.
  14. Iterum

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    Interesting idea, although I'd like to keep Terraria and Starbound separate. As much as I like Terraria, I wouldn't want to see a huge list of "EYE OF CTHULU PLZ." "... skeletron lol!1" "eater of wulrds >.<" posts/suggestions. And then there's the issue with copyright. :p
  15. Cederz

    Cederz Void-Bound Voyager

    well thought idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be awesome if this was added to the game
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  16. GermanJesus

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    Very cool idea. I would love to see an homage to one of the greatest games of 2011, as would many others.
  17. RedRain

    RedRain Void-Bound Voyager

    I think just an angel statue that says "after 1000's of years, it STILL does nothing"
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  18. Shotgun Steve

    Shotgun Steve Zero Gravity Genie

    I just want a little goblin shed on such a planet.

    Inside is a goblin.

    All it will say is "who are you, go away."

    That's it. I'd genuinely be satisfied with an angsty goblin.
  19. Chann

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    I love to see a Terraria Cameo planet it would bring lovely memories back
  20. Starheaven07

    Starheaven07 Pyxis Tube

    It would be great to have some kind of Terraria shoutout, however this idea would take up too much development time for an Easter Egg, and as stated previously this is a completely different game. However, I support the idea of this as a modded-in world.

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