Pixelstomp Robotic Companions: Pals for Life!

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    Pixelstomp Robotic Companions
    ~Pals for Life~

    Here at Pixelstomp Robotic Companions, our job is to bring you your perfect friend. He'll do what you want, when you want, talk to you, help you, and do whatever else you might need.
    Our robots follow classic Glitch designs; our factory team has been specially trained by Glitch Engineers to ensure quality.
    To create a robot, all you have to do is leave a reply telling us what you want your robot to do, what its personality will be like, and what kind of purposes will you use it for?
    Our bots have five main purposes: Assistance, [non-sexual] companion, [sexual] companion, exploration, and combat.

    Assistance - Our assistance bots are here to help in any way they can. After a hard day of fighting monsters, you're too tired to make supper; just have your Pixelstomp do it for you!
    [Non-Sexual] Companion - This friend will be there for you any time you need it. If your father was lost to a four-dimensional space whale and you need somebody to talk to, this Pixelstomp will be the thing to go to!
    [Sexual] Companion - After that Avian dumped you for not worshiping Kluex, and you need a new partner, order this type of Pixelstomp! Crafted for your sexual desires, they are built to provide a relaxing experience tailored to your style.
    Exploration - This bot will help you explore new planets. It can create maps instantly, quickly set up an outpost, gather food, translate villagers' speech [Disclaimer: Agaran Language Not Included], and more!
    Combat - This Pixelstomp Robot will aid you against your foes. Knowledgeable of over one thousand different weapon types and over one million fighting styles, from customer favorite "kill it with fire" to stealthy assassination, these fellas will surely cripple your enemies.

    Our current version is Pixelstomp 1.0, which comes in male or female choice, will be upgraded soon.
    1.0 is suited for all 5 purposes, but soon combat/exploration specific versions will be released.

    Assistance Robot - 5,000 Pix
    Non-Sexual Companion - 10,000 Pix
    Sexual Companion - 10,000 Pix
    Exploration Robot - 30,000 Pix
    Combat Robot - 35,000 Pix

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  2. SivCorp

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    We at Siv Corp are always looking for more advanced bots for our purposes.

    We will take 2 each of the Exploration and Combat varieties. Testing will commence on them at once, and we will report any defects we find to you promptly. If no problems are found, we may order more, many more.

    Here is payment in solid state voxels. (130,000pxl)
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    "Why of course! Any customer feedback would be appreciated for PixelStomp!"
    Laker pulls up a data-pad and punches in an order.
    "Well, you could wait here in the lobby and one of our PixelStomp Service Robots could provide any refreshments or snacks, or you could head on over to the factory area and watch the PixelStomp robot creation happen live."
    Laker takes the voxels, and heads over to his office.
  4. Dave Combine

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    (( You might want to be careful with that whole sexual companion thing. Stuff could get... awkward. ))
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  5. SivCorp

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    I would like to see the assembly, yes. I will promptly see your factory complex, thank you!
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