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    For several months (with a bit of time off-and-on) I've been building on a single barren planet. I've terraformed it in several places, but not completely, so that I can have a variety of biomes all throughout. I'm coming close to finishing it, and have only a few more things left to build, so I'll create more screenshots for this thread as my laziness allows.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 12.22.59 PM.png
    The first thing I built on Piscium Formation V, because it was originally going to be a planet for testing dungeons. The objective is to rescue the NPC from the cell below the tower on the left. To do that, you'll need to fight through the dark knights and their evil king to find the switch allowing you access into the dungeon.

    Cave Top.png
    Cave Bottom.png

    Here's the deep hole just outside of town, which probably contains a hundred OSHA violations. The bottom isn't done yet, I plan to create a lava-themed dungeon down there.

    Town.png Town Church.png

    The town itself, which probably contains slightly fewer OSHA violations. For some reason the merchant that lives in that building with the garden on top is camera shy today.

    Stables.png Stables Below.png

    And to the west of the church is the stables, where nobody lives, because it still smells like fluffalo. Never mind the big red button on the wall, that's definitely not going to open up a secret passageway.

    Saloon.png Westin Town.png

    To the west of the cave that is certainly not a secret passageway, is the wild west! The sheriff is the only person in town right now, so crime is down 100%. Good job, sheriff!

    Embarking Point.png

    Go past the furnace that keeps the lights on in the saloon, and you'll come to a few platforms taking you up to a waiting room for the office where you can speak with the person managing boat rides across the small ocean. Nobody is here right now, and judging by that empty bottle of Apex wine they might have quit.

    [More screenshots coming soon]
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