Pirate spaceships invasions

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should there be space pirate invasions?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. soulsword3

    soulsword3 Void-Bound Voyager

    Well,most spaceships are only there for you to take somethings in the game,they don't do anything outside of just,being there,they stand a challenge,but no danger(if you know what I mean),It would be awesome if they could come in and try sack your ship,it woul be cool,imagine you and your crew just travelling around the universe until some space pirates came and attacked your ship,then you start defending your ship,it would be awesome.
    If you lost,depending on the difficulty you're in.If you're in the easiest mode,the space pirates would take nothing,they would only damage your ship,and you would only be able to fix it with core fragments or some item that would be made specially for it(let's say an item that's made out of core fragments that you could buy on the outpost or craft it to fix your ship,this Item wouldn't be buyable on other dificulties,just to add the challenge)again,they would take nothing,so they're just a bunch of trolls actually.In the Casual mode,now they are different,they would take your gold,maybe they would take some items(perhaps based on value) and they would damage your ship AND your teleporter,so in this way,it gets a little bit more challenging,however you would have mobility over your solar system maybe,so you COULD go to the outpost,but the core fragments necessary for you to fix the teleporter should be less in quantity,or the materials should be easier to get,so you would focus on it.In the Hardcore mode,you're probably dead so there's not even a chance that you would survive,and seeing that,there should probably be a way that you could escape them,I dunno,going to another planet maybe,or to another station so that you could get reinforcement and they would help you.
    I don't know,it seems cool to me
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