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RELEASED Phase Shift Module v1.32 (p1.2)

Become intangible and ghost through the universe.

  1. Medic12

    Medic12 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The Quest doesn't show up after fixing the FTL drive...
  2. KazanaAoi

    KazanaAoi Phantasmal Quasar

    Likewise, Quest is missing from the outpost the entire way down the quest line. Checked after repairing engine, after repairing FTL, and after every single ship upgrade. Nothin. :( Saw mention of a change to how quests work in another mods page, Mayhap thats the issue?
  3. Wellbott

    Wellbott Existential Complex

  4. Sinael D'Overom

    Sinael D'Overom Big Damn Hero

    Can't get this tech from Elliott. He doesen't say anything, there is nothing at his vendor and nothing neew in the tech menu.
  5. HSneak

    HSneak Void-Bound Voyager

    Works great :D

    Can you please make it toggle by double tapping DOWN ?
  6. Wellbott

    Wellbott Existential Complex

  7. Wellbott

    Wellbott Existential Complex

  8. Wellbott

    Wellbott Existential Complex

  9. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    What Is "G" supposed to do? It doesn't do anything for me..
  10. erubian warlord

    erubian warlord Big Damn Hero

    can you put out a version that "WILL" let me through protected blocks the one on the workshop stopped working right after its latest update
  11. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    /settileprotection 0 false

    this will let you through protected blocks
  12. Shadox2.0

    Shadox2.0 Spaceman Spiff

    idk if its a bug related to the game itself or the mod or only cuz a lag but , for example when you fly against a protected wall and you have a little lag of the game (maybe terrain loading lag) you can pass throug some of them , and after the lag you have in phase mod without be able to get out (cuz its proetected) and press tech key dont turn us in normal mode anymore , it happen me in floran boss mission and hyolt mission (only 2 time since i use the mod so its very rare) , but i can get out while beam up (exit the mission).

    But IMO its a game side problem , not from the mod but i give the info.

    Anyways thx for your mod , a must have for builder , and help a lot for work with WEdit.

    Edit : i've notice we can't use dash tech while in phase mod now , it was planned ?
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2016
  13. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    BUG: The module automatically turns off when using the empowerment power on the Protectorate Broadsword
  14. Shadox2.0

    Shadox2.0 Spaceman Spiff

    if you mean when you release the power wave its normal cuz it drain all the energy bar at once.
  15. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    oh thx, I did not realize that.. (I have a energy regen build)
  16. Shadox2.0

    Shadox2.0 Spaceman Spiff

    No problem , i like the protector sword too but too weak after some time (with a command i've get a broadsword with 5xdmg , and with the fusion weapon mod i've make a custom broadsword :
  17. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    whoa, what command is that? I do have that mod, the creator has not made an update with support for the empowerment alt transfer yet..
    (I was going to use empowerment on one of my stronger swords)
  18. Shadox2.0

    Shadox2.0 Spaceman Spiff

    /spawntreasure goodWeapon 'level'

    the max seem be 50 , you'll have sometime have an unique weapon with this command but you can use "uniqueWeapon" but they have fix stats so for ex broadsword have like 32 dmg max or 36 , so you'll use a green or blue rarity weapon for reach 50-60 with fusion weapon mod.

    Also super spin slash is fun to use when you are in admin mode.
  19. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    fusion weapon mod increases the damage of the weapon? I thought it just copies the stats of the stronger weapon if their stats are close and lowers the damage when they have a big difference
  20. Shadox2.0

    Shadox2.0 Spaceman Spiff

    the mod dont increase damage , i speawn a strong weap with the command and with the mod i keep stats and i choice skin.

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