Pets Megathread.

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Do you love pets and think all these are useful ideas?

  1. No, this is a horrible idea. I'll turn you into goop.

  2. Yes, this is great, you are my best friend ever.

  3. Not "ALL", quit being so presumptuous, you nincompoop.

  1. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator Forum Moderator

    Though many of the below concepts may or may not have been discussed previously, this is our take on the subject, with various categories included, kicking it off with:

    ==Where Do I Learn About Pets::-

    EX.(Not really an example, this is how it happens. I just like putting that there at this

    You: La de daaaa~ Hunting Rowboat Tigerrrs~ This planet is weirrddd~:whistle:
    *Old Man Walks Onscreen*
    Old Man: *hurk* You there.:confused:
    You: Me? Who are you-:eek:
    Old Man: *Hurrrrrrrk* Take care of my pet...:x
    *Old Man Dies*:halo:
    You: Oh jesus f(Expletives removed for PG-Rating)-tapdancing buddhas. I don't want to be
    liable for this.D:

    At this point, the old man had died, leaving you a random non-rare small pet and several
    accessories used in the taming of pets.

    -Leash(Tool-1H): Used to keep your pets near you. Will drag pets if they cannot keep up,
    allowing you to tow them through the air. Flying while hauling a pet of medium size or
    greater will severely reduce your flying abilities.
    -Field Analyzer(Tool-1H): Allows you to analyze any entity in the field, showing its
    abilities, attributes, titles(Yes, natural entities can have titles, but it is very rare),
    -Taming Logs(Unique Item): Alright, this nutjob old guy was apparently some huge paragon
    among the monster taming crowd. These discs show the main methods of taming a pet, though,
    so perhaps you can just carry on his footsteps and become a real Pet-Catching Master.

    Taming Log:
    The main methods of catching a wild creature are very complex to go through, so here is
    some background on the field of monster stud-
    *Skips a few pages*:rolleyes:
    -So then, you analyze the target from behind some bushes for a few days, noting closely how
    it acts and what it eats-
    *Skips a ton of pages*:mad:
    -Two methods of catching wild creatures are Food Taming and Force Taming. Food Taming is
    done with foodstuffs that the wild creature normally enjoys, so you can catch most penguins
    with fish, etc. Force Taming is much riskier, and the pet will grow much slower than one
    caught by the alternative method. You simply beat the monster down until it is below a
    certain % of it's maximum vital state and catch it with a Energy Net or other similar
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  2. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator Forum Moderator

    ==Pet Abilities::-

    EX. You capture a fetching young Field Bunny, whom you have aptly named "Killdeath". He is
    your best friend in the world and he knows two abilities currently. Let us explain why this
    is and what they are.

    First off, he knows (HOP), simply because of his species(Bunny). This is his Species
    Ability. The reasoning for this is obvious. Any questions should be related to the Prime

    Secondly, he knows (BURROW), because of his adjective(Field). This is his Adjective
    Ability. One does not stand out in the open when space-raptors are looking to borrow your
    kidneys every 5 seconds.:sparta:

    Now, at this point you may think that he's finished. Done. At the peak of his game, so to
    say. You would be wrong, I'm afraid to say. Killdeath can learn one more ability!~:up:

    Tertiarily, he can know any number of other abilities, called Title Abilities. An example
    of this type of ability would be (DIVE), granted by the title of "Fishslayer". These titles
    would be hard to obtain, and would vary greatly based on what exactly you've been doing
    with your pet. Tailoring a pet to suit your needs is easy, just don't putz around planting
    flowers with your hunting pet.:cry:

    Please note that this title is somewhat permanent and can only be changed at a Mutation
    Array for a hefty fee. One can rack up many titles such as "Spelunker"(Gives off light),
    "Seeker"(Points out treasure and rare ore), and "Volatile"(Explodes gloriously when it
    touches anything).:ssssssssss:

    Killdeath the Fishslayer is ready to work, but are you~?
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  3. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator Forum Moderator

    ==Horrible Pet Mutants, and How They Work::-

    EX. You capture a DNA sample from a wild Wooly Rhino, and you manage to snag the (HORN)
    trait from it. You take your pet penguin, Spandex, and place him into the Mutation Array to
    combine the trait with him.

    You are greeted with a pop-up screen displaying your pet as he is, on a grid of pixels. You
    now have the option of where to put the horn on him. You can put it wherever you like, but
    he'll look like a real tool with a horn on his buttocks.:geek:

    You can view all of the pet's animations to fine-tune the placement of the horn for each
    frame, but the head will probably stay in roughly the same position, I would hope, unless
    he is really into House Music or something kinky like that.:rofl:

    After you are done, Spandex now has a shiny new horn and gets +10 to base damage. Drinks
    all around!~:coffee:
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  4. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator Forum Moderator

    ==Do Pets Have To Run Around Naked?

    The short answer is, well, no.

    The long answer is that there are several things that you can dress your pet up in to make
    them look more dapper. I do apologize, but top hats and monocles are not available as of

    ==Armor::- The mainstay of any combat-related pet is their armor. Sometimes this is the
    only thing between them and becoming a pile of goop in your hands and you going like:
    "Noooooooo, Bartholomew the Shadow Deer, whyyyyyyyy~??".:saywhat:

    =Examples of Armors:
    -Thermal Neutralization Weave, for fire resistance
    -Gravity Neutralizer Suit, for hopping like you're a BOUSS.

    ==Weapon::- The second mainstay of a combat-related pet is, obviously, their weapon. Now
    you may ask: "Why does my 7-foot tall Space Bear named 'Obelisk-of-pain-killing-you-dead'
    need a weapon?". You are a silly person and should stop asking questions. Go eat some
    pudding instead, or something else your small brain can handle...:cookie:

    =Examples of Weapons:
    -Unobtanium Claws, which increase the drop rate of rare items on enemies that are attacked.
    This is ironic because of how much time you spent making these claws...
    -Laser Eyes, which allow the pet to use a ranged laser attack in addition to their normal
    reprotoire of attacks.

    ==Accessory::- The third... Oh wait nevermind, these aren't even combat-related for the
    most part... Anyways, these are also useful for various other effects. Try them out~!

    =Examples of Accessories:
    -Speed Implants, for making them run faster like KENYANS.
    -Backpacks, for making them able to stow your illegal experiments for you and for getting
    deported back to KENYA.
    -Reflex Boosters, for giving them an extra chance to dodge incoming attacks. Don't be all
    like: "That's totally combat-related, you liar". I'll turn you into goop.

    Contributors(IRC names):

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  5. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    Im hoping i can have a female feral Dragon. You know...cuz its not technically slavery on my planet if its a primitave almost barberic kind right? Theres nothing wrong with that....If it is. I can change our laws. I am the Dragon King after all. But seriously, can I haz my Dragon pet? (female and feral, so to speak?) Didnt Fus "Rho" Da say she was gonna add them?
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  6. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator Forum Moderator

    Fus "Rho" Da? :fusrodah:

    I'm unsure, but I fully support the addition of dragon pets. Our idea was that you could only capture small pets with any reasonable level of difficulty, so you'd have to raise it from a wee baby dragon and have it grow up all nice and strong.

    EDIT: It is a bad thing that I can't get through this post without laughing?
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  7. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    (Actully Thats why im here!) Anyway...I, Dragon KING Brutor, would kindly request that you do not use such language as "wee baby". As over the course of a few *cough* billion *cough* years, we Dragons have grown in size. I am now 1500m tall and 5800m long...So "wee" is somthing my Dracolings would take offense too. Thank you for understanding. (If you havnt noticed. I am a hardcore role-player at times. In this case, I was know as Dragon Lord Murky. I am now Dragon King Brutor. Also the fus rho da thing im gonna post again on here profile page :D)
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  8. Yuri Kircovich

    Yuri Kircovich Phantasmal Quasar

    NO TOP HATS AND MONOCLES!?!?! What has this future come to?!?!

    Oh, and if you didn't get that from what I just said. We NEED those. No proper gentleman is complete without his Top Hat and Monocle.
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  9. NinjaNick

    NinjaNick Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Lovin' the idea of a "mule pet" that gives more inventory slots for those deep ventures underground. Another interesting pet ability would be one that turns solar light into extra electricity to use later. (A battery/electric type pet.)
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  10. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator Forum Moderator

    I re-read this thread today, and I'm not sure how it died, :rofl:
  11. Yuri Kircovich

    Yuri Kircovich Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, me too. It's awesome, and sooo in-depth too! I miss you guise :( I need to get back on the IRC
  12. DeadlyLuvdisc

    DeadlyLuvdisc Oxygen Tank

    I'm still hoping that I can capture any mob that is under a certain size, rather than being restricted to only specific "pet" mobs.
    And hopefully it has all the same AI, movement, and attacks that it normally has, plus following me when there are no hostile mobs around.
    If I wanted to change the abilities of a pet, the easiest way would be a gene splicer that takes random traits from both monsters put inside.
    I'd rather not have to grind for title abilities or anything like that. I'd rather not spend tons of time or effort getting attached to one pet.
    For the same reason, I am really fond of the idea of having equipment for pets, but I doubt I'd be strongly against it either.
    I'd really like to be able to replace old pets with new ones I find on higher threat level planets, so I can experience more variety.

    I am hoping that the mob AI is divided into specific traits, some of which I plan to form into a list in my thread here:
    That was what I liked-- The way a creature could have species and adjective traits, though I hope they can have more than three.
  13. Ingwaz

    Ingwaz Big Damn Hero

    Is this something that is either being implemented or seriously considered for implementation?

    I loved your dialogue for the events. i regularly had to control my laughter.
    but seriously, I would love a pet system like this and it would make the pets so much more useful than just a simple pet who may be usable for combat.
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  14. Epicface

    Epicface Giant Laser Beams

    But this is so freaking awesome :OOOOOOOOOO
    I hope its like this in game, i never gave this stuff much thought :D
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  15. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    you might want to list the ability of adjectives and animal types
    for example a Lava Komodo Named Riptide
    For having the adjective Lava Riptide would deal fire damage when attacked and maybe have a fire breath attack.
    And for having the animal type of Komodo He would have a poisonous bite attack
    you don't have to do it like this, I'm just asking for you to list what adjectives and animal types would add to your pet.
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  16. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    Dragons! We adapt to the land! Cept Red Dragons...
    Treasure lovin, girl stealin, playa makin, village pilligen, mofos can stay where they are...
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  17. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    I can agreed with that, however the best dragons are those Blue Dragons, the live in those deserts and make mirages to fool those silly humans
  18. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    I myslef am..or...used to be...a Green Dragon...
    I like Blue Dragons...
    cept they shoot lightining...
    Not exactly the best way to greet the King...
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  19. Dwagon

    Dwagon Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I'll have you know we don't grab just any "girl" we find. Princesses are a fine commodity, and highly valued; not any regular fair-looking bimbo will do.
    "Treasure" isn't merely just loot for the pile, some of us prefer natural works of beauty (uncut gems, vein samples of tasty ores, pearls) to the brutalist ingots and circles of metal.
    Finally, I put a lot effort into my siege-craft; refined into an art form. Because it's more than just "Burn, Smash, n Grab" for me. When the puny plebeians run terrified from their homes, I make sure they see the precision and grace of my work.

    ON TOPIC: I see no problem with raising a pet in such a manner.
    There's still a sort of quaint charm to raising a fighting beast of war (no matter how cute it may look).
    Or it could just be that I have played entirely too much Nethack, and just love to laugh as my War Kitten slays everything for me.
  20. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    Oh, sorry Dwa...didn't see ya there...
    MOST Red Dragons...
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