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    And it would have been ok if I still lived where it was 115 every day. But no, I had to go and move to the mountains where it's currently 22 degrees. (that's degrees, not Celsius) And it's not even 6pm.
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    Sadly I don't have current pictures with me right now however I have pup pictures of one of my dogs

    I have two egyptian pharaoh hounds
    They both like to bark... a lot...
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    IMG_20150225_113215.jpg IMG_20150502_085734.jpg IMG_20151019_094106.jpg

    The first one includes 4 of the 7 kittens that I found in my shed October of last year.

    The second image is one of the two that I kept, Pudge, who is my bro-cat. If I present him with a fist, he bumps it with his head. If my roommate makes me mad, Pudge will pee on his bed for me. Bro-cat.

    The third and final image is my dog Blaze. I rescued him from an abusive home and now spoil him relentlessly.

    I might add some more later.
  4. rhomboid

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    ... 8]

    my two babies marigold and pixie, respectively
    this picture is accurate to marigold's personality
    this is marigold pretending to be sophisticated
    this is josh's sister's cat whose name i forget (and will subsequently remember upon hitting "post" and be too lazy to edit it)
    this is my friend anna's dog owen... rip.
  5. rhomboid

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    it's spades.
  6. Sham

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    They are all fantastic. Pixie reminds me of a cat I had when I was a child.

    I'll have to share more once I have a chance to move pictures over from my tablet.
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  7. Tamorr

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    A lot of lovely pets shown here... Now only if I had a picture I could show a pet that would outlive my family I. Unfortunately my parents have the pictures at the moment. I'll have to see if I can get one or a few, cause I know we have one.

    If you are wondering it is a blue fronted amazon parrot that loves to tease the doggies we have, as well a fluffy dance of happiness when excited to see someone he has grown up with. We had him since like he was a few years old, I think.

    We mainly have had dotsons and cocker spaniels. Not sure on the spelling. Although those are sadly gone. I think they are on their 3rd dotson, and have a half beagle half hound doggy now. Such a lively one he is.

    Had a cat once, but... well that was a long time ago. Over a decade. Miss her I do, but things happens.

    We even had a finch that survived several earthquakes that happened in the 80s. Herman was a brave one, and lived quite a life. Then was time we moved a lot. Had many birds mainly then, as they were the simpliest to transport across the states. Not all took too kindly to that though. Even had love birds at one time. Not such a lovely couple, but what would you expect from brother sister under the same roof. :zzz:

    One of the love birds actually loved my parrot though. It was quite apparent.

    Most the pets I had were mainly living at my parents house, so that is where they stay in another state all together. Enjoyed having them around while I was over there. :nuruhappy:
  8. Alexander Hamilton

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    Here is my dog Erny
    Her is my dog Bert
  9. Tela The Floran

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    Here's my little pup-pup.

    Her name's Sookie. She's a greyhound mix and she's really friendly. Most of her day consists of sleeping on the couch, by the back door (as shown here), or on her favorite chair in the dining room. I don't know if this is true for anyone else that meets her, but she lets me hold her, hug her, kiss her, and put her up to my face. And she doesn't growl at all. Sometimes when I go up to her on the couch, she rolls over on her back so I can rub her belly. <3 She does have a really loud bark though, so if something scares her (like a squirrel in the backyard), she'll go apeshit and begin barking constantly. I believe she does like people though; she's never bitten anyone, except when she was a puppy, but that's to be expected. I love this dog. c:
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    Got a dog named Tygo, a parrot named Rio, an unnamed parakeet, and an unnamed bunny, along with a pond in the front yard and one in the back yard!
    I have many pictures, and none of them are particularly good!

    This here is Tygo, showing the telltale signs of old age. This picture was made 2 years ago. We've had him for... 10 years? 11?
    We got him from an old colleague of my mom, because she had young kids and Tygo was a little too energetic and hyperactive to be around them.
    And when I say "hyperactive" I mean that, on the first day when I met him over at their house, he came jumping over a couch and nearly knocked me down. Over time, he became calmer, probably because we took him for long walks and such so he could expend his energy.
    Now, he has no more energy left. He's getting old, his energy is depleted and his bones are getting weary. It's just a matter of months now. Ah well, he had a good life.

    Yarr me mateys, this birdie here be Rio. I can't tell you much about his origin - my mother bought him as present for my dad before my time, and well. It might not have been the best gift.
    He started with a liking towards my dad and a disliking towards my mom, then it switched right round, and now he hates them both with a passion. Me and my brother can handle him just fine, but he'll try to attack our parents. So he's basically locked in a cage when they're around.
    Besides that he does not talk, he does yell from time to time, and he likes peanuts. Which is a problem, since I like them too.
    (source of my avatar on the forums and on Steam.)


    She died a couple months to a year ago (I can't quite remember).

    These two came from a friend of my brother who couldn't take care of them anymore. Originally called "Cutie" and "Beauty", we basically did away with the names and they became the brown and the black one.
    She has/they had a nice mansion in the back yard, which sometimes also houses some mice. Can't tell you much about them. Shy in their cage, shy on the grass, tame in the house (or maybe terrified).
    Give/gave no crap about the dog, happily jumping over him, sitting on top of him, and in general ignoring him.

    This here is whom I refer to as "Littlebird". Nameless because we couldn't unanimously agree on one.
    She came from a patient of my mother (she does care at home for the elderly) who couldn't take care of the bird anymore (or often apparently not even remember she owned it). We've had her for a couple months now, and she's slowly but surely getting used to being part of a more active, attention giving family. Can't tell you much about her. Minds that you touch her, but doesn't really bite (more bark than bite.), has a liking for destruction, often destroying food rather than actually eating it. Craps a lot.
    She's on the dog's pillow.
    Every animal, and I mean every animal, has claimed the dog's spot at least once.

    This here pond has fish in it. That's all I can say. I don't know what fish as I'm not a fish expert. Should ask a Hylotl about that, maybe I can learn something.
    Don't have a picture of the front yard pond.

    That'd be all we have right now.
    We've also had more fish, aquariums, we've had a rabbit before the current one (or used to be two) who passed away of old age, and we had a cat that passed away shortly after the dog came into the home. Not sure why. I would say old age, but since he refused to eat the couple of days before he passed away...

    And that's not even including the pets we've had that I cannot remember. Supposedly that adds about 5 cats to the list. My parents were cat people, I guess.
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    Oh? Well since this thread is a thing, here is my cat.
  12. BigEaredKittens

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    The cats of me life!
    S7301032.JPG S7301065.JPG

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