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Would anyone be interested in me drawing a comic/manga of my character and her exploits?

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  1. Tatsuhoshi

    Tatsuhoshi Tentacle Wrangler

    Petalbiter.jpg My first character made in Starbound was so awesome that I just had to draw her. This is actually the character that was made the first time I clicked on Floran, but I didn't like the name, so had to cycle through a few before it gave me this name.

    I intend to make an inked and coloured version of her shortly, once it's warm enough for me to feel my fingers properly. (Stupid Winter). There are a couple of errors that need to be fixed on this image, but I'll take care of that during inking.
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  2. Tatsuhoshi

    Tatsuhoshi Tentacle Wrangler

    So, I posted this pic on the Starbound Community forums on Steam also. I logged in this morning to see if there was anything new on the thread and for some reason, my pic got banned there.
  3. Sir Slush

    Sir Slush Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ehm, I think it's because the way the picture is drawn, it looks like she's not wearing anything below her waist. I'd make it a bit more clear that she is, then re-upload it.
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  4. Gubudugu

    Gubudugu Astral Cartographer

    it's also the name of my first character LOL
  5. Tatsuhoshi

    Tatsuhoshi Tentacle Wrangler

    So, here is the inked version of the pic. Anyone is free to download it and colour, so long as credit is given where do for whatever. Working on the colour version now. Petalbiter-inked.jpg
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  6. blueDice

    blueDice Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Can you make my character for a picture, please?

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