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Per-run customizable item availability

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by zanon, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. zanon

    zanon Astral Cartographer

    This suggestion comes from bouncing around ideas in discussions involving artifacts, difficulty and so forth. During game creation, there would be an option to customize what items would actually be available in that run, bringing up a compact item screen where the icons could be selected/unselected. For that run then only those items could drop or would be available for Command (perhaps this feature could be implemented alongside the suggestion to make Command obey unlocks rather then show everything).

    It seems like this would open a large amount of flexibility in regards to difficulty and the feel of each game, with many of the complaints regarding "cheap" combos or "useless" items going away purely by virtue of letting people choose. Someone could have a run with Glass for example, making for very high damage output, but have no Infusions allowed. Or there could be pure speed runs, or all sorts of crazy others by carefully tailoring item drops. This could also enable games that were sort of "partial" Command: there'd still be variability, boss items and some randomness, but the exact degree of randomness could be restricted.
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    • Aquillion

      Aquillion Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      I'd suggest making this an artifact, just for consistency (since it would be playing a "non-normal" game; and that would let it be an unlockable.) Presumably, if you selected this artifact, then when you start the game it'd first take you to a screen where you pick which of your unlocked artifacts you want to have available in this playthrough.

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