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Bug/Issue Penny's bugs about quote, walking and talking.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Maneineu, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Maneineu

    Maneineu Space Hobo

    One Autumn night, she didn't come home and I can't find her anywhere, and the next day when I was trying to talk with her in town, the cursor won't change into chat bubble and no response to my right-click, this didn't happen in buildings and my own house, the next day I tried giving her bouquet, she accepted and quote as usual, but after we kissed she then walk without moving her legs. I tried uninstalling and reinstall the game the bug is still there, I guess the savefile was already corrupted. The problem is still there.

    Then, about the quote issue. One day in bed after the Luau, when I talk to her, she made the quote "I just buying something." and this bug never happened then.

    Today after 11:00pm she still not home, I found her near Marnie's, still can't chat with her.

    My system is macOS

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