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RELEASED PenGUIn - Starbound Server GUI

Discussion in 'User Interface' started by Senerio, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Senerio

    Senerio Pangalactic Porcupine

    Send me the file at this location :

    After that you can try to delete it and retry.
  2. TGRaiden

    TGRaiden Intergalactic Tourist

    That worked. PenGUIn loaded up just like new.
  3. Senerio

    Senerio Pangalactic Porcupine

    You're welcome. Your file was totally broken for some reason. *shrug*
  4. dansalvato

    dansalvato Intergalactic Tourist

    I saw that another user had reported an issue with the GUI becoming unresponsive when they lock their computer. While this doesn't happen to me, today I connected to my PC via a remote TeamViewer session and experienced the same GUI lock-up. From the moment I started the remote session (and even after ending it), the GUI would not accept any mouse inputs anywhere, including in the title bar (eg. the window could not be dragged around). Strangely, Windows never detected the program as "Not Responding", either. The server continues to run while the GUI is locked up, but all visual elements in the GUI stop updating - the log and uptime do not advance, and the penguin sprite stops walking.

    When selecting "End Task" in the Windows Task Manager, I believe the GUI briefly unfroze for a short moment before being force quit.

    That's all the information I have on this issue - I hope it may provide some insight.

    Edit: I experienced another GUI lock-up after leaving my PC locked overnight (no TeamViewer involved this time). But I have some new information.

    If I right-click the program icon in the taskbar and select "Close Window", then the GUI gives me the dialog box "The server is still running. Do you want to stop it and exit?" While this dialog box is open, the GUI once again becomes responsive and the penguin starts walking (although it can't accept any inputs since the dialog box steals focus). If I click "No" on the dialog box, the dialog box goes away and the GUI becomes unresponsive again. Strange, right?
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  5. Senerio

    Senerio Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thanks for the detailed report. It is very strange indeed. I've never had that behavior happen in any other of my apps ever so once again I'm a bit clueless as to what's causing it. I'll give it another shot, maybe I'll stumble upon something.
  6. lucaspec72

    lucaspec72 Big Damn Hero

    Hey, for some odd reason the server executes the task for when a player connects when i just warp to somewhere else like for example from a planet to my ship... =|
  7. Senerio

    Senerio Pangalactic Porcupine

    I tried it and I'm not getting that problem. I'll need more info than that. What are your tasks like?
  8. lucaspec72

    lucaspec72 Big Damn Hero

    i've got two, the first one is a basic welcome message "say ^white;Bienvenue ^yellow;&player_name^white;, il y a ^orange;&count_players^blanc; joueur(s) en ligne en ce moment." (the colors are bugged when it creates a new line in the chat but that's not important) The second one is basicly the same thing, but it's just to tell when a admin connected. it's something in the lines of "say /!\ Attention, un admin vient d'arriver /!\" but i don't remember exactly. I also tested a bit and it only seems to happen when i warp to my ship, not when warping to the outpost or a planet. a last thing to point out would be that penGUIn seems to crash when using any remote control tool like AnyDesk or Teamviewer like some people already pointed out...

    So the task bug seems to only occur with some characters, strange... i'm gonna experiment a bit and try to find the reason it bugs. that crash when using remote control programs are also annoying =(
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