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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Gratuitous Lurking, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Warboss_Spriggs

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    This. So much this. Three different files, and there is nothing to indicate which one is the one you need, or if you need all of them.
  2. GonDragon

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    Hi! How is the update going? Is anyone in charge of it?

    This race was one of the few I liked, and I would like it to be updated to 1.3 (here and on steam)... so... I can help in any way?

    I'm not an artist, so I can't create new assets for the mod, but if this "rebirth" has a GitHub, I could fork it, fix the scripting and the JSON that isn't working on 1.3 (if there any), and then push an update.
  3. GonDragon

    GonDragon Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hi again! I forked the github and worked a little on the race. I haven't much time, so it's not 100% ready to go, but I mostly fixed some of the major issues.

    If anyone want to test it, this is my fork:

    The folder of the updated mod is "Peglaci - Rebirth".

    Edit: I think that everything is mostly done. Only left to remove some of the "dev" features, like starting with every armor in the locker.
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  4. Resonat

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    This coming to the steam workshop?
  5. Gratuitous Lurking

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    Gotta get it more or less done, but I'd be willing to host it on Steam if needbe. Admittedly development over on the Discord has been rather silent, guessing Cryptic has been dealing with life. Honestly, still wouldn't mind a spriter to do some sprite cleanup though.

    As a reminder, the Discord is and the github can be accessed from there.
  6. CrypticXenon

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    I took around 3 months off for personal reasons. I am somewhat back, I'd like to fix the weapons. @GonDragon if you'd like to two heads are better than one. We could work out merging changes into one branch.
  7. GonDragon

    GonDragon Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, that would be nice. I already merge most of your changes in my branch, except the weapons and armors, as I got them from other source. I got the weapons from the Github of Luthor614 (I think he is Djinn), and for what I see, he got most weapons from it's reworked versions on FU (I think that because the weapons go until Tier 10 in melee and fist).

    Most weapons seems to work (I didn't even tested half of them), and the ones that not, didn't look hard to fix. But I think that some balance could be done (and also, enhance a little the visuals of the particle effects).

    So, what you want to do? We go with the FU guns, or we should come back to the old until-tier-7 weapons and fix them?

    Edit: Also, I see that your repo has more Ranged weapons than the mine. Maybe mix the melee and fist weapons from my repo, with the ranged in yours?
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  8. OctoSHarkTasaurus

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    Is this gonna come to the steam workshop? I run it through traditional modding, but it's annoying to have to reinstall it every patch.
  9. GonDragon

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    Hi people! We are proud to anounce that we reach to our First Peglaci Stable Release. Everything should work as intended and be really stable.

    But, to be 100% sure of that, we decided to start with an Open Beta Testing of the mod, you cand download the last release from our github. Here, download the first beta release. Also, we may (or may not?) open a small starbound server in a near future, for some online testing.

    This beta has the intention of search for any hidden bug and, also, to recibe some feedback on the ranged guns (They may need some balancing). We are generally at the Peglaci Discord Server, so please, send us any bug report / feature request / suggestion in there. After some time of testing, the mod will probably be posted oficially here, and on Steam Workshop.

    The Peglaci Rebirth Project (oficial name undefined yet) is a community driven revival of the well known race mod, Peglaci. That means anyone can join us and help with the maintaince of the mod. An as we have on mind not only maintain, but also expand the mod, any helping hand will be well recibed.

    Some of the positions that you can fill if you want to help us:
    • Programmer. If you know LUA, JSON and how Starbound interact with its files, you can do a lot of things.
    • Pixel Artist. Because without new assets, the amount of things we can do are limited.
    • Concept Artist. Designin new assets, effects, weapons, abilities, etc. It's a lot easier with a visual reference. Even lore writing could benefit from it!
    • Lore Maker. The amount of lore left by Djinn it's limited. To expand in missions and history, we will need some lore as a context, and as codex entries.
    • Map Maker. Missions, encounters, dungeons, microdungeons, villages. We need people that can build cool things... and if the can learn how to use Tiled, is even better!
    • Mision Designer. Building a cool structure is one thing, but create a coherent, good looking and balanced mission, it's another. Know how to use Tiled is not a must, but is a very good plus.
    • Beta Tester. Because someone has to test the crazy things. =P
    • And much more! You don't need to fill one particular rol or be very involved to help. Any small suggestion or bug report it's really helpfull, even just talk about the mod with others about the mod.

    So again, please join us on Discord for more information and any bug report / feature request / suggestion.
  10. CrypticXenon

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    It will be released to chucklefish forums as well as through steam, currently still in testing phases before a solid release.
  11. olsenitis

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    nice could you post it on steam when your done
  12. SyberThaHuskii

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    I cant mod, but I would be more than willing to help in any possible way I can :nuruhappy:
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  15. Luthor614

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    Really glad to see some folks taking up the torch on this gem :)
  16. Lance867

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    Help. When I open the game with the mod installed and this things, it doesnt load, and it crashes... I really want this mod, can somebody help? xD
  17. DrPvtSkittles

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    Check your log file. Its called starbound.log (no numbers)
    You can paste it here using

    ( I personally haven't played this mod, but it may be not up to date).
  18. Roland Weiss

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    If you want a working version of the mod, your best option is to get the Steam Workshop version. That one seems to run without issue.

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