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  1. Djinn

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    I think I did accept the invite - maybe the whole mod file is too big? The ones currently uploaded are just a fraction of the total content, after all...
  2. Mackinz

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    No, I don't think you have accepted the team invite.
  3. Djinn

    Djinn They're not goats, darnit!

    Ah, I didn't get a notification for that! Joined now - but still can't upload the whole file. Uploaded the .rar yesterday as you saw, but (as I should have probably expected) it doesn't split that into its component files. Thoughts?
  4. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    Here's what I would do.

    1) Clone the repo to your computer
    2) Change all necessary files in that downloaded repo
    3) Commit all the changes through the github client
  5. Djinn

    Djinn They're not goats, darnit!

    As far as my github client is concerned I uploaded something, but it's not showing up on the group page
  6. Mackinz

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    Anyway, I went through and updated the mod manually. I incorporated almost all of your changes, aside from the inclusion of dyeengine.object.patch since the Dye Mod author, MrMagical, has shown zero evidence of releasing an update for Dye Mod. I also moved and renamed the four old surfacebiome files that have apparently been forgotten about. Now they sit in /biomes/surface/, waiting to be converted from the __merge format to the patch format.
  7. Djinn

    Djinn They're not goats, darnit!

    Aha, looks like I figured out the culprit - I hadn't actually synced it, so it wasn't showing up. My edits show up under Peglaci-Rebirth/Peglaci; hopefully that didn't overwrite any of your stuff. I'll update to there directly as I change things, if I can figure out how to do it again!
    --- Post updated ---
    Also I updated the git with completely working armor and recipes for most objects. Weapons are going to be tough - it looks like I'm going to have to start from scratch, almost!
  8. Evis

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    Just a little encouragement, but me and a few others who RP the Peglaci race really appreciate the hardwork you're putting in!
  9. Djinn

    Djinn They're not goats, darnit!

    Much appreciated - while I've never played on Serenity I've caught snippets of the stories people have created over time. Really cool!

    In other news, made steps towards fixing weapons - may actually be doable! Baby steps.
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    oooo this is happening?!?! I loved this race!
  11. Djinn

    Djinn They're not goats, darnit!

    Yep, it's happening! The beautiful @sayter from Frackin' Universe actually ported over a few of my weapon assets, so I was able to port them BACK to the Peglaci! Ha HA! However, it's still completely broken and I'll have to redo a lot of stuff... but not everything. So far, the starter pistol, the Iron pistol, and the Steel Shotgun are all working more or less correctly, so it's just a matter of slowly working through the rest of them. Then I have to figure out how to balance the darn things - probably I'll give them values equivalent to the Novakid weapons, to keep them relatively balanced.

    Also, I just added the one thing people have been clamoring for since the very beginning.

    Yep, you guessed it.

    The one thing they've been missing for a long time...

    Customized sound effects for when they get hurt so they don't sound like monkeys! Now they sound like walruses!
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  12. Gratuitous Lurking

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    ...Yay for walruses?

    Ok, seriously, gonna get off arse today and spend the next 4 or so hours REALLY digging into the Protectorate and Outpost assets, look what need at least a basic description to work with. I also (eventually) want to rewrite the Queris logs I did in the old thread, basically turn them into random codexes you can find scattered in areas related. Stuff on Outcast Glitch found in Glitch villages, Apex Resistance logs in their camp, that sorta thing. The only other thing I can think of to add there would be maybe revamping the old Graduation log of that little bit of fanfics into the Protectorate lore. I'll see what I can do, either way I hope I can at least have a Mediafire link of progress sometime in the next 24-48 and not just look like a training wheel here :S
  13. killroy1100

    killroy1100 Void-Bound Voyager

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic now, but if someone like me (read, completely friggin' useless at any and all coding) wanted to help you guys out without dragging you all down as well, do any quick suggestions come to mind? Stuff along the lines of writing out lore or creating sprites, that kind of thing. I am new to modding Starbound, but if there's something that I can do for you all I would love to help out.
  14. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    ...I feel silly. Apparently Past-Djinn has done a lot of the newer item's descriptions already- guess they had been stored in the files for Starbound for ages and were included in Djinn's original draft for descriptions. Whoops.

    On the bright side, with a bit of Notepad+ copypasting, the Queris Log codexes are going strong. There''s a few of them I'm able to add with little to no changes, and a few I'm modifying to fit with new lore and mindsets on the race (especially Avian and the old Graduation one, which I'm building to be included in the tutorial or ship locker for a Peglaci) The goal for now is to try and get at least 1 for every default faction in the game- aka Grounded, Kluex Followers, Hivemind and Self-Aware Glitch, Minikong and Resistance, Floran tribes and Hunters, Humans, Hylotl, and Novakid, plus one for the NPC only Fenerox, Penguin, Alpaca, Frogg and Argaran. Depending on the final implementation, maybe we'd be able to figure out a way to do mod races, but for now they are not a concern.

    Currently, codewise I got Graduation, Floran Tribals, and the Apex and Minikong complete with the colonymanual cover. They aren't packaged to test yet, but I wanna wait till I get at least the playable races done for that. I could experiment with and make a cover for the codexes while I'm at it though... maybe when I'm tired of writing...
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  15. killroy1100

    killroy1100 Void-Bound Voyager

    Wow, glad to hear it's going even better than expected! Lol. Well, if comes up I'd still love to help out, but either way fuckyeahupdatedpeglaciomfg! :up:
  16. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    Good news, everyone!

    Currently I'm working on the five non-playable race codexes and one special little codex that's tied into the storyline a little bit as well, after which I'll probably sprite up a unique codex cover for the Queris logs and then pack em in a ZIP to link to here. I figured it'd be cool to share what I got now for proofreading and thematic matching, though, if you're curious, check out the spoilers below!

    As usual, these are admittedly self-insert stories, taken from the mindset of my Peglaci character Queris Snowsight. Feel free to critique and comment as you will.

    Graduation - Protectorate and Peacekeeper Lore Connector

    At last, my training as a Peacekeeper has concluded, and I am now certified to keep law and order in the stars beyond.

    Queris Snowsight, Peglaci Peacekeeper. Has a nice ring to it.

    Even better, we've recently made contact with another spacefaring group, known as the Protectorate. I'm going to be part of a group of Peacekeepers sent to Earth to learn more about the species there, and perhaps also be inaugurated into the Protectorate as well! This is a historical achievement for my kind, and yet...

    This is to be the first time I've ever been off Pegala soil, and for all I know, it's also to be the last time I'm ever in orbit around it... I've never seen any of the stars this close before, and my experience with other races is so unknown to me. Not helped by the fact that as a Peacekeeper, every single one of those glowing dots is part of my jurisdiction. It's a monumental task to think of.

    Thoughts like such makes one wonder why there is so few Peacekeepers in comparison. Still, I will do my sworn duty, assisting and protecting the various species out there wherever I can.


    I've been on Earth for a couple of months now, and I hate to admit it, but I've been rather miserable. Pegala's always had a tolerable chill to it, but nothing in my wardrobe can really handle the constant beat of the sun during the day. We've had to stuff ice in front of fans in order to chill our dormitory faster on hot days. I can only hope that this situation gets better during the planet's winter.

    The exams for the Protectorate, while grueling mentally, seem to be quite easy to deal with, especially so soon after becoming a Peacekeeper and the marches and combat training that came with that. I'm kind of concerned at how little preparation in combat the Protectorate puts into it's recruits, but different styles of learning and sharing knowledge and all that.

    Soon, the Peacekeeper envoys will be graduating from the Protectorate as well, with our own Matter Manipulators... They are truly wondrous devices to see in action, and I can't wait to get ahold of one!

    Floran Tribals - Meant for Floran Villages

    ...Oh my god. I found a race that's almost completely invisible!

    Ok, maybe not that bad, but the Floran race is extremely well camouflaged against the jungle worlds they inhabit. I was walking along, minding my own business, when I suddenly had some of the natives pop out and ask me what I was doing with so many... stabbies?.

    In some regards, the Floran seemed... relaxed around me. As they too are primarily a carnivorous species, though in some regards, the Floran seemed to think that we were mostly in the primitive stages, as they droned on and on about wanting to compare hunting rituals. One track mind much?

    Still, interesting of note, was I managed to locate some details of a hive of Cannibals in the area. Sadly not much, as it was from one Floran who seemed dumbstruck with grief ('One of your nasssty friends ate my cocconkin!' it was screaming as it attempted to accost me with a knife...) but still, I must be careful around here if they are in the area.

    Much like the Glitch and Avian, the Florans are extremely primitive in outward appearance, in fact even moreso than the other two. Most Floran buildings seem to be built out of giant trees, with a few houses made out of thatch and bamboo around the bases. Every building seems to have at least one decoration made of a previous hunting, and many of the more grand structure have many such trophies on display.

    As I went to leave, one of the Florans tried to invite me to dinner. I politely declined and hastily made my retreat.

    The Grounded - Avian Grounded Villages and Airships

    If a race with only one primary religion rejects that religion, does that deserve another major title beyond atheist?

    I snark, but the Grounded movement does seem to be a bit more than just a rejection of the beliefs of Kluex. In fact, it seems to also be a massive technological and cultural push as well, opening new ideas and concepts that match the expansion of the stars the Avians have done as of late.

    I've met those that called themselves Grounded in all sorts of places- communes and villages set up in various planets, flying along airships, even some of the Protectorate, where they and some of the worshippers of Kluex can put aside the general animosity they show each other to better others.

    Kinda excited to see where this all goes, but we won't know for sure until the Grounded and Kluex worshippers are forced to come to a head- religious expression, isolation, and belief, versus modernization and acceptance of sciences from outside sources.

    Hivemind Glitch - Glitch Villages and Castles

    I ran into my first fully-developed settlement today in my travels, and wouldn't you know it, it was one of the Glitch's surprisingly old-fashioned abodes. Minus a slight misunderstanding with the guards about the nature of my wrist blades, I managed to get a lot of conversation with the Hivemind Glitch in the area.

    Surprisingly enough, they seemed rather courteous about my appearance. Apparently there is many similarities between the Peglaci biology and Glitch sensor arrays, and there was a few that seemed to be quite eager to joke about my physiology, and I even got in a conversation about the potential of some Giants ruins nearby (alas, this lead was cold...)

    There was a few though that seemed to think I was showing animosity to them though... I am assuming that a Peacekeeper before me had a much rougher time with the locals, and I personally wish to know which one so I can write a formal complaint for affecting the locals so.

    In general, the basic Glitch robots I've ran into seem entirely locked in the simulation they've been in ever since discovery. I'm concerned a little at the fact, but we'll see how this develops...

    Star Refugees - Human Villages/Dungeons

    The loss of earth to the Humans was possibly the biggest blow any species could have ever had. To have lived your entire life on such a large, varied planet such as that one, only to have had it ripped asunder in the blink of an eye so violently...

    And yet, the humans seem to be some of the most well-adjusted species I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Credit where it's due, they are highly adaptable and excellent at improvising, and the great exile from the planet, for some of them, has been some of the greatest things to happen to them.

    Unfortunately, without the Protectorate in place to watch out for many of them, and with human militias grouping up and treating any xenos contact as a threat, I fear that in some cases this event has also brought out the worse in this race as well. Time will tell us for certain if the humans will remain stalwart allies or threatening foes.

    I do still mourn the near-dissolving of the Protectorate however. I hope that more Protectorate graduates or near-graduates band together and keep fulfilling their goals, it would do all the universe a great favor.

    Oceanic Meditation - Hylotl Villages/Dungeons

    I finally managed to run into some of the Hylotl the other day. I've met a few during my training with the Protectorate, but to say that most of them didn't wish to speak to me would be a bit of an understatement...

    Probably doesn't help that apparently many of them live underwater. The few I met had a small home on the surface of an ocean planet, a mix of guard post and meditation point for them. I decided to spend the day sitting in and observing their rituals, if only for a break from my exploration.

    Many of the Hylotl seem to focus on meditation and inner focus for their warriors, and often I'd notice one quietly resting near the waves, sitting and eyes closed as they listened to the surf. The few times I did see weapon practice being done, it was mostly with wooden props, or occasionally naked blade to bamboo or smaller plants, no live blades clashing in practice.

    By what I learned, much of this martial training only appeared during the Floran Wars, and any training with weapons wasn't strong before outlying colonies met more hostile wildlife. Considering how the Hyloth/Floran War went, why am I not surprised?

    Still, there is a certain grace and delicate beauty in how the Hylotl prep for combat. A part of me wonders if I can convince one to stick around on my adventures so I can get a better example of some of these drills in action.

    The Followers of Kluex - Avian Temple Dungeons

    While some of us Peglaci wished to worship the Giants as gods, many of our kin took their words to heart to not elevate them to that level. As a result, researching on various religions that cross the stars is kind of hard to me. I don't 'get' religions as well as other races, what with my life mostly followed by the sciences and the teachings of the Giants.

    With that said, there does seem to be some interesting parallel with the primary religion of the Avians, allso know as the followers of Kluex. Led by Stargazers, these figures help to lead the faithful through the religion, though I have noted that like many religions, there is a few fragmented sects of it, some being more hostile and xenophobic, while others a bit more flexible in the beliefs, and others that are formed with even weirder thoughts and practices.

    Still, the core belief that all these sects are from is a curious tale: Endless and timeless entities, born with wings in another plane, only to grow arrogant and be cast from the sight of their god and stripped of these wings. These beliefs resonate from all sects, from those that do trials of faith by leaping from great heights, to those that argue if the biological hints of wings from previous fossils break or give credence to the Kluex worship.

    Hell, the only interest I have as a Peglaci looking in on these debates come in the form of the crystals the followers covet, and that both them and the Grounded use for everything- the Avolite gemstones. Mainly, at least until I can get ahold of some to study, they remind me so much of Giant technology...

    Apex and Minikong - Apex Villages and Dungeons

    I was always taught to avoid trying to say anything too mean-spirited about another when I could help it. In this case, this race guide is over.

    Alas, I can't just do it that way. At the very least the Peacekeepers need to be aware of just how bad the Apex situation is.

    I am a personal fan of various race's thesis's on touchy subjects, and thus I tend to find myself reading a lot of ideology from the Human, Hylotl, Avian, and Floran sections of my dataslate. One of the most recent ones I read was from the Humans, a story called 'Fahrenheit 451' detailing an oppressive, totalitarian government who controls all form of information in and out.

    I think the first warning sign of the Apex was the fact that they didn't even have a section under my usual spot in the databanks. A race with no separate mindsets? How could that be?

    The truth of the matter is much sadder, and much more concerning.

    First off, there is no sense of privacy in a Apex settlement. The Minikong, the military group of the Apex, are EVERYWHERE. Even moreso if you are a offworlder like me. I felt like they were trying to shepherd me around, force me into areas of the open. It was outright oppressing, far unlike the adventuring thus far I was facing with even the Hivemind Glitch.

    Secondly, the inhabitants themselves. Many were outright mean-spirited, constantly trying to stir up trouble with remarks about how other races cared nothing about us, or were outright trying to instigate wars. It felt like they were using me as a outlet for their own problems, or at the very least they cared not for what the Peacekeepers were or what they stood for.

    There's even a resistance group! During my stay, several of the Apex revolutionaries stormed the Minikong barracks, to the point where I saw the Minikong deploying MECHS to counter them! This place is madness! It's worse than even the many thesises I read about such a situation, and I swear this could not get any worse-

    ...Wait. Apparently the Apex make blankets out of US?!?

    If I ever find this mysterious 'Big Ape', I plan to have a few choice words with him. Preferably with a Eclair Railgun X. Never in my time as a Peacekeeper have I ever felt so much untamed hatred for a singular entity, but in this regards I don't think I am alone.

    The Minikong has much, MUCH to answer for.

    Solar Wanderers - Novakid... Do they even have a dungeon or village? Anyone?

    The Novakid are a perplexity to me. Not only is the biology they demonstrate an example of completely alien to anything close to what we know, but also the sheer amount of questions they raise about the universe as a whole.

    For those of my kin and fellow Peacemakers who never ran into them before, the Novakid are amazingly genius tinkers and inventors, made of plasma fluids encased in a outer shell. This brilliance, unfortunately, is tempered with a free spirit so untamed and wild that they will stop in the middle of a great, wondrous project due to boredom and never pick it up again.

    One wonders if there was ever a Novakid who dared to focus, only to greatly enhance the galactic sciences by centuries, if not millennia... Could their composition be the biggest thing holding them back?

    La Resistance Lives On! - Apex Resistance Camps

    Considering my other correspondence on the Minikong situation, I am sure that many of you are tempted to go storming against the Minikong yourself and strike down the miserable lie of a system that is operating here.

    To all Protectorate and Peacekeepers reading the copies of my log I'm storing around, DO NOT attempt open combat with the Minikong. They hold no qualms of using civilian sectors as collateral damage, and despite my opinions of much of the Apex population, our goal is to REDUCE casualties here.

    Instead, I urge you try and discover the Apex Resistance fighters scattered through the galaxy. While some resistance bases are located in Apex cities, if we are to assist them, I suggest instead locate isolated ones on other planets.

    This is useful for two reasons: First, attempting to make direct contact with the Resistance in the lair of the Minikong will put the rebels and yourself in jeopardy, as they are always watching outsiders like us, even if you do not think so.

    The second reason, of course, is that we should show the rebels that they are doing the right thing standing up against the totalitarian policies of Big Ape and the bullying tactics of the Minikong. Show them the Protectorate and the Peacekeepers have their backs and support.

    Prove to them that they matter, as sentient species, and that we live up to our names of protecting the innocent and punish the guilty.

    Programming Error - Glitch Villages and Dungeons

    My experience with the Glitch began with running into some of them at the Protectorate. At first, I thought they were service automatons, and rather curious ones, but after that shameful first contact, I quite grew to like the company, verbal tick and all.

    It's always a bit jarring to run into the Glitch still locked in programming after meeting those that have broken out. Those who are no longer stuck in whatever simulation constitutes much of Glitch life are some of the most compassionate people I've ever met, and brilliant mechanics to boot.

    Hell, I've ran into quite a lot of writing by the self-aware that share similar, and rightful questions, by a race who was manufactured and not born naturally through evolution or grand design. Who built them? What was their purpose? Why has the simulation stagnated to medievil technology? Why do some of them 'break out' of the simulation? Was the chance for some of them to realize it PART of the simulation?

    It's such a shame that many of the self-aware are lost thanks to the suspicions and fears of the ones stuck in simulation mode, some of the most advanced thinkers of our time could have been lost by ignorant blades and jeers.

    Tell me what you think! Now to think how a Peglaci would consider the Fenerox beyond just cute...
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    First of all was that an Assassins Creed reference, or did I spend too much time in AC2? Second, isn't it "Miniknog"? Or are they interchangeable? I've seen it both ways...
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    You could Remark on how they state their feelings and emotions in a similar sense to the Glitch. Not much to go on I'm afraid, but I'm no writer like yourself.
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    Oh hey fam? Rebooting for the steam assets? I'm on a mac figuring out unpacking again. Love y'all let me know if I can gimp anything up. Lore Writing now hey? I'm definitely down, I am currently (03;36) building a D&D character but I would love to help with this process. I have the full starbound assets unpacked, as well as the old ship mods that inspired the decks of our beloved vessels. Sounds like we need to sprite an escape scene version of the Peglaci pods :3
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    If there is work left to be done I'd be happy to help contribute, find me on github as IsaacHart

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