WIP peachitto - portraits redone (12/41 villagers) - newest: Emily - v 1.1 compatible!

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  1. peachitto

    peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    hello! i have never posted here before, much less made a thread. i hope i am doing this correctly...
    i have been remaking portraits for fun; if anyone is interested i decided to post them here. i am trying to keep characters similar, but not always the exact same design (based on my tastes).

    I am planning on doing more. I want to do them all but sometimes it is slow progress and might not happen. i will update as i finish more.
    and just in case, i want to say i do not wish to do requests right now. i need to finish my initial task first~


    there are individual downloads as well as an "all" file i will keep updated. there are also older/alternate versions available for some characters.


    install by placing the xnb files into your Stardew Valley/Content/Portraits folder. you must extract from the RAR if you choose to download the "all" file!
    make sure to have a backup in case you change your mind. please let me know of any problems if you choose to use my mod.



    Abigail, Emily, Haley, Leah, Maru, Penny




    Caroline, Jas, Marnie, Pam, Vincent

    (extract this to your Stardew Valley/Content/Portraits folder)


    UPDATE: i have updated/made alternates of some of my initial designs; if you would like to use the older/alternate versions i have placed them all together here. this includes:
    - alternate Emily with no freckles or accessories
    - older version of Leah
    - alternate version of Pam with longer hair
    - older version of Penny (also has no necklace)

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    • Barami

      Barami Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Love your style. I'll definitely be using these portraits. Can't wait to see how you handle the bachelors!
      • peachitto

        peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        thank you so much! i hope you like the rest that i do. i'm unsure of what i want for the bachelors myself. the most difficult for me will probably be Alex.

        the first post is now updated with Sam and Emily!
        • comfysaur

          comfysaur Orbital Explorer

          You work is gorgeous, especially your Haley, great work!
          • peachitto

            peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            wow, sorry for such a late response. but thank you!! i'm so happy to hear it!

            i've added Jas and Vincent to the first post! they (Jas actually) took me a long time to decide what i wanted. hopefully i can make some more a bit faster this time. maybe...
            i'm almost done with the people i wanted to change the most (Haley, Sam, Emily, Jas, Vincent...) except for Caroline.
            • peachitto

              peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              sorry to double post; as far as i know i am allowed?

              just wanted to say i added Caroline to the first post. i'm not really sure who i want to do next. i haven't played the game too much lately so i guess i've really slowed down. heh...
              possibly looking at finishing out the bachlorettes and then bachelors. i started on Maru but i have no idea what i want for her hair...

              didn't wanna unnecessarily bump again, so i'll add here that i've added Maru to the first post.
              if i make more i guess i'll triple post later?
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              • SquashMongler

                SquashMongler Void-Bound Voyager

                One of the prettiest Haley's out there. C: I can't wait to see the others! +Watch'd
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                • SasuraUchiha

                  SasuraUchiha Cosmic Narwhal

                  Oooh! Maru is really cute <3
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                  • Hiragirin

                    Hiragirin Void-Bound Voyager

                    You have a beautiful style, it looks almost celestial.
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                    • peachitto

                      peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      soooo, long time no update!

                      here's what's been added/updated:
                      - Maru's Hospital Sprites (oops - Maru's download is now a rar with both included)
                      - Penny
                      - changes to Emily (removed sleeves), Haley (minor facial tweaks), Leah (facial tweaks)

                      all images and downloads have been updated to reflect this. there is a download available in the first post for the older versions of Emily and Leah.

                      (now, will i ever make more??)

                      Pam is now added to the first post!
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                      • HiHaHi123

                        HiHaHi123 Orbital Explorer

                        Thank you so much!
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                        • peachitto

                          peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          another update:
                          - Marnie added to the first post
                          minor facial changes to Abigail, Sam, Vincent
                          - at some point i changed the blushing on several people; not sure of who i did it to or when i even did it, but yeah!

                          oh and at some point i'll probably edit most people's overworld sprites, seeing how i completely changed Marnie's outfit. but not yet!
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                          • chansine

                            chansine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            thank you so much! these are way cute
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                            • Kee

                              Kee Void-Bound Voyager

                              @peachitto is it possible to get a handsome shane? I really like shane and would like to marry him but his character isn't that appealing can you make him more handsome? Would it also be possible to get another version of Sam again with a more different hairstyle? Less wild as in the original game? xD Would make a lot of jumps if possible :3 thanks... I would like to make my owns but Idk how people can draw and make the character look more pixel looking than smooth xD
                              • peachitto

                                peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                updated for version 1.1!
                                - Emily has been completely redone
                                (and is 1.1 compatible), and has 2 versions available (one without freckles or accessories)
                                - Penny has been given updated shading on her hair to make her consistent, and i added a necklace (the old version is available still if you don't like the necklace, but it still has the old hair shading)
                                - Maru's hospital sprites have been made 1.1 compatible (though i don't know what that last sprite is used for?)
                                - Pam has been updated to have shorter hair and i slightly tweaked her happy and angry expressions (it was bugging me; though the old version is still available)

                                sorry for the delaying in making these 1.1 compatible (what little there are...)

                                and i would like to look at Shane soon, but i'm not sure what would make him handsome? i don't know if what i like would be "handsome!" but when i get to him i'll try not to make him too dumpy.
                                i can do another version of Sam that has hair similar to his original. just kind of sticking up and not in his face?
                                at any rate i really need to do more of the bachelors...!
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                                • tiffy961

                                  tiffy961 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  Marnie is so adorable! Oh gosh. I love this
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                                  • dollbae

                                    dollbae Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    cant wait for all of them
                                    • Liquessen

                                      Liquessen Intergalactic Tourist

                                      I really like this style! Though personally I'd have liked to see Marnie and Haley looking a mite older. Personal opinion! I love them anyway :) Will be watching for the full batch!
                                      • Hana'

                                        Hana' Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I took your maru and haley they are stunning !
                                        • furbyq

                                          furbyq Big Damn Hero

                                          Your portraits are so nice I can't even get over it. Emily and Maru are such cuties! I just snagged Pam because I didn't already have a replacement for her but I'll probably be back for more! :D

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