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PC Stardew - Dialogue bug when giving gifts

Discussion in 'Support' started by bambi210122, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. bambi210122

    bambi210122 Space Hobo

    Over the last couple weeks I've noticed a bug in single-player mode on Windows. (haven't checked in multiplayer)

    When I give some people a gift instead of getting the normal dialogue response I'll get the textbox that basically says "You've already given Lewis a gift today" or "You've already given Lewis two gifts this week. That's enough." even if I haven't given that person any gifts since the last Sunday ticked over or in that day. The gift will also disappear from my inventory.

    I've noticed that this tends to happen more when the gift is more likely to be neutral or disliked, it rarely happens when I give someone a loved or liked gift.

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